Property in Murcia

20066 Residence for the elderly – Province Murcia

INTRODUCTION This professional fully licensed residential center offers comprehensive care to the elderly since 1993. Their utmost personal service is...Read More→

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20049 Machinery for Upholstery and Wind Power Energy Industry – Murcia

INTRODUCTION This company carries out tailored made machine design and development  mainly for the Upholstery sector and the Eolic Wind...Read More→


20044. Pastry Factory Production salty pies and wide variety of sweet pastries-Murcia Spain

INTRODUCTION This very successful factory is specialised in the production and distribution of bakery and confectionery products. Dedicated to the...Read More→


3032 - Logistic mediary operating throughout Spain

This agency mediates between (large) companies in need of a specific transport and independent transport companies desiring to accept this...Read More→

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