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21119 Road Assistance specialized in heavy vehicles – Autonomous Region Valencia- Province of Castellón



This business is dedicated to the rescue and roadside assistance of heavy vehicles in the truck and bus sector linked to the transport of goods and passengers

Available 24 hours a day and 365 days/year


The province of Castellón includes the most northern territory of the Valencian Community, a region known under the tourism brand of Castellón, over the course of which stretches 120 kilometers of coast, including superb beaches and beautiful coves.

The region of Castellón bombards the visitor with a vast array of sensations: the pure aroma of the orange blossom which gives the area its name; the pleasing freshness of the sea breeze; the soft touch of the endless, warm, fine and sandy beaches; or the beauty of the wild coves which bathe in the tranquil waters of the Mediterranean sea.

Thanks to its strategic location between Barcelona and Valencia city, this region enjoys a thriving economy.

No wonder many Northern Europeans are looking to settle in this area enjoying the moderate microclimate both in winter and summer.


The actual owner founded the company in 1999 in the province of Valencia extending the activities to the province of Castellón in 2004.


Leaning on many years of experience in the sector, the company is specialized, in roadside assistance and mechanical aid for all types of buses or trucks that have suffered any type of accident or damage. Any heavy transport vehicle will be attended regardless of the weight, capacity, or condition.

The business holds high technology equipment, towing trucks with sufficient towing capacity to deal with all types of accidents, also platforms of all sizes, specific gondolas for buses of great height, special cranes for road rescue and even rescue in underground garages.

They are experienced in removing vehicles from garages and tunnels, lifting overturned buses in places with difficult to access and reincorporating them into service.

Their staff is extensively trained technically for the execution of rescues after accidents or breakdowns. They count on professional machinists, expert drivers in the handling and operation of all kinds of cranes and lifting machinery.

In the office a highly trained staff will manage correct telephone attention and administration of emergency services.

The business applies a methodology of teamwork, coordinated from all aspects, where customers always find an answer to their concerns.

The aim is to provide a full service with efficiency and security, taking care of all the details in jobs that require full responsibility.


At present there are 3 permanent staff members and one temporary employee.

Two of them are mechanical drivers and the other 2 work in administration.


Located on a prestigious Industrial Park with good access to roads and highways.

The business is situated in a warehouse of 400 square meters building on 450 m2 plot.

The building is divided in 400 m2 as dedicated workshop and garage for the vehicles and 20 m2 office plus 30 m2 kitchen and staff refectory/resting area.

The premises are also prepared to wash and clean heavy vehicles with specialized pressure equipment.


– Iveco 480 HP CRANE – 40 TNS. With towing shovels

– TUG Volvo 610 HP. With self loader

– Iveco 480 Tractor Unit

– Tractor Unit MAN 480

– Gondola with capacity to load 2 tractors

– Open Trailer

– Mercedes VITO = VAN installed as workshop equipped with compressor and all the necessary tools for temporary repairs on the road.


The business manages a portfolio of more than 1.300 clients and agreements with

*    City cleaning and garbage collectors company

  • City urban bus line company
  • Regional bus line company
  • Large road transport companies, professionals of the delivery services and individuals
  • Passenger Transportation Bus companies
  • Airport Shuttles


The business in its exhaustive study of the roads and routes foreseeing the degree of accidents, considering the relevant insurance and permits for each operation.

Therefore, the business is fully licensed and insured.

Obviously they are up to date and attentive to campaigns of control and surveillance of trucks and vans by the “Guardia Civil” ( State Police) and by  the regional and local police controlling vehicles and trucks for speed control, driving hours, board documents, regulatory weight and so on.


The business activity has been reduced due to the illness of the owner.

Although they could easily extend their activity by concluding agreements with insurance companies and thus extending their services to private customers.


This business offers a nice income to a family and is offered at the price of




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