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Price: 2.750.000€

20049 Machinery for Upholstery and Wind Power Energy Industry – Murcia



This company carries out tailored made machine design and development  mainly for the Upholstery sector and the Eolic Wind Power Energy sector. Their technical solutions bring innovation and technology that involve handling and packing heavy loads.

These machines will significantly reduce the process time, by implementing better planning and control of production. This will increase  staff´s health and safety. The first application of their technology was for the upholstery and the sofa manufacturing industry. 

During the last years the company recognized the importance of the upcoming “Wind Power Energy” sector. Therefore they have already performed 3 new designs for this “ Wind Industry”  with great projection to the future.


Their activity began in the year 2000 by professionals from the upholstery industry.  In 2004 the activity was restructured into a “Sociedad Limitada” ( Ltd) 

The business concept is based on subcontracting manufacturers that carry out the fabrication of their tailor made prototypes. This business concept always maintained the principle of keeping fixed costs such as staff, premises, inventory as low as possible by focusing only on rentability and benefits. This concept also allows to avoid investment in production lines by external funding.


  • 2000 the activity started and the commercial brand was registered.
  • 2004 the autonomous activity was restructured under a “Sociedad Limitada”(Ltd)
  • They gained the Award for their design of an assembly line for sofas
  • Subcontracting 3 new manufacturing workshops 
  • 2008 a supplier-agreement is made with an important international “ Wind Power Energy C°” for all its plants worldwide 
  • 2009 They are accepted as a preferred supplier for IKEA.
  • Participation in trade fairs POLAND, CHINA, FRANCE, GERMANY, SPAIN, etc.
  • Development of automatic cutting lines for “ Wind Power,”
  • Development of dynamic warehouse aerial conveyors.
  • Granted ISO 9001 certification
  • 2020 a new brand is created.


The company creates tailored digital solutions to connect information and fabrication processes with the staff. Solutions that reduce operational costs, increase productivity and offer better returns.


Their designs for this industry  result in a reduction of the assembly time with an average of 3 to 8 hours, a strong increase in productivity as it allows to manage  a wide variety of models at the same time offering great ergonomics of work.

They specialize in:

  • Transport systems and assembly lines
  • Integral cushion filling system
  • Automatic packing line for sofas
  • Special tailor made machinery
  • Air conveyor for transport and distribution of components
  • Distribution of sofas- Logistic platform

The range of motorized feeders applies for:

  •   dry fiber, pre-impregnated material, or both.
  •   widths of 50 “or 100”.
  •   rolls up to 1,500 kg.
  •   single-layer or multi-layer.

Collection systems:

  •   Tables with conveyor belts synchronized up to 25 meters, wide 50 “or 100”.
  •   Wrapping arms.

Self-aligning cutting systems:

  •   Automatic threading.
  •   Multi-layer.
  •   Cutting on tapestry.

Currently they work in partnership with a multinational provider the “Wind Industry” market, who is leader of the European, Asian and American installations.


The company brands and logos are already officially registered. One of their unique and “never seen” designs is currently in the process of patenting worldwide.


Quality, management certifications and specific licenses are awarded by the

public administrations (ISO 9001). Licenses for the manufacture of custom machinery for upholstery and “wind power”


The company is housed in an industrial premise on lease basis at 850 euro/month


Many important companies count themselves as satisfied customers : national companies as well as companies in France, Poland, Canada.


Important companies in Spain as well as in Portugal, India, China, Germany, Canada, India, Mexico, Poland were extremely satisfied with the time saving solutions of their designs.


Over the last years this company achieved turnovers between 1,2 to 2,1 million Euros, reaching extremely high  EBITDA -benefits.


Due to sudden illness of the owner this highly professional, though easy to run company, with extremely high revenues, is listed at the realistic (EBITDA multiple) price of 2.750.000 euro – premises are rented at 850 euro/month

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