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21084 On-Line Shops Swimming Pools, Spa´s & Accessories present in Spain, France Portugal- Barcelona



This company is dedicated to the online sale of swimming pools, saunas, spas and accessories to individuals. Currently, its main sales channels are various web pages aimed at the Spanish public, a version in Portuguese focused on the Portuguese public and another version in French for the French client. At the same time, it also uses the Amazon Marketplace for sales in Europe. On the Amazon Marketplace, the company has a store in Spain, France and Germany.

In addition to the pool sector, the company has also started its journey in the air conditioning sector in general. For this purpose, it created a different online shop, similar to the swimming pool shops, focused on the online sale of heating and air conditioning items.

The catalog includes around 10,000 references, from approximately 200 different suppliers. The sales model is mainly based on triangular operations known as drop -shipping. In addition to this drop- shipping model, the company owns some stock, a selection of specific references. Currently, the company is developing and implementing improvements for the logistics coordination of its own stock items.



The company was incorporated as a limited company in 2013.

Its highly trained team has allowed them to grow at a dizzying rate in terms of revenue volume. The turnover has been increasing year after year and its expansion at European level is increasingly broad and consolidated.

  1. Main milestones from its foundation to today

In February 2011 the online store was published. At that time the operation was formed exclusively by its two founding partners.

In September 2013 the limited company was established. From that moment on, the store experienced a growth that led to become one of the main online sales channels in the sector as of 2014.

It could be considered that since 2016 they are the number one store in Spain of this particular  sector.

Since 2019, it would also become the pool store with the best positioning in Portugal.

In January 2019 another online store was born, specialized in air conditioning.

Currently, the company has 16 workers and operates from its offices located in a town of the province of Barcelona.



This company’s headquarters are situated on the outskirts of Barcelona, the cosmopolitan capital of the Catalonia region in Spain, which is known for its art and architecture, the fantastic church of the Sagrada Familia and other modernist landmarks. The economy of Catalonia, based mainly on the secondary (industrial) and tertiary (services) sectors, constitutes around 19% of the economy of Spain. Its GDP per capita is above the average for the European Union.



The company counts with a staff of 14 professionals, distributed in various departments.

  • Bookkeeping
  • Operations
  • Commercial
  • Post – Sales
  • Logistics
  • Programming 
  • Informatics
  • Design
  • SEO

The company also collaborate on a regular basis with external services such as 

  • Logistics – Drop- Shipping
  • Accounting
  • Technical services – although the major technical post sales services are carried out by the manufacturer



This successful company is official partner of various prestigious brands such as 

  • Astralpool 
  • Piscinas Toi
  • Poolstar
  • InternationalcoverPool
  • Zodiac 
  • Intex 
  • Bestway 

And many more. Counting on a total of 50 professional brands



The registered office and tax address of the company is in a Town of the Province of Barcelona

The company makes use of its premises on a rental basis. In these facilities we find the offices where the management, accounting and sales services are concentrated. 

It is in said headquarters where the company carries out its commercial activity.

The company enjoys a strategic location, close to the various main communication routes that allow quick access to both the important population centers near Barcelona, ​​Vallés and Baix Llobregat. Also, to other markets such as those of Spain, France and Portugal through the nearby and important communication channels both at land, air or sea level.



  • Steel pools sold 2020 – 971 units
  • PVC pools coming 2020 – 1451 units
  • Wooden pools sold 2020 – 75 units
  • Heat pumps sold 2020 – 282 units
  • Pool Heaters sold 2020 – 207 units
  • Thermal blanket and covers sold 2020 – 2288 units
  • Pool Cleaners sold 2020 – 1345 units
  • Pool Filters sold 2020 – 860 units
  • Filtration pumps sold 2020 – 290 units
  • We can attach the official list of units sold from the main manufacturers.



The potential customer of these online stores is the entire market of end consumers who purchase products for their swimming pools through the Internet. Those are customers who govern their purchase decision basically by the prices of the products that in most cases have already been consulted on other competing websites.

Currently, the company has a database of 43,083 clients.



The main source of traffic for these online stores is based on organic positioning on Google. As shown in charts from Semrush and Statcounter.

Very important to consider is that the stores are in a prime position relative to the competition.

Therefore, the company counts on SEO professionals who ensure that the stores are in the best positions of Google.




www. PORTUGUESE Portugal
www.xxxxxxxx. Com (acclimatization products) SPANISH SPAIN



The undeniable strengths of this company are:

  1. The goods are shipped directly from the manufacturer to the final consumer
  2. little or no stock
  3. All monies are collected before the goods are ordered from the manufacturer and shipped to the end user
  4. no pre-financing required


– Trained and specialized human team.

– Little dependence on bank financing.

– Young and dynamic staff.

– High adaptability to market prices.



The growth strategies for the next few years would be:

– Creation of an online store in Germany

– Creation of more web portals with different commercial names in the countries where they already have a presence.

– Creation of one or more own product brands to sell from their stores.

– Creation of their own logistics center for the storage and shipment of their products.

– Creation of B2B to supply their products and logistics services to other vendors in the sector.

– Explore new sales channels through possible marketplaces.


This highly professional company increased its 2019 turnover by 1,5 million euros in 2020 and achieved a total figure of 3.900.000 euro, with an EBITDA around 15 %

Obviously the company did not suffer the negative economic effects of the COVID Pandemic.



After these undeniable successes and hard work, the owners have decided to lead a quieter life and to sell this company. 

At the Price of:  4.450.000 euro 

Including various online shops, present in different countries, stock, know-how, trained staff, contracts with suppliers, contracts with drop-shipping companies, client’s database, marketing strategies etc 

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