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Price: 1.750.000€

20035 Manufacturer Fillers & Mixers & Plants for Paint and Coating Industry – Tarragona/Spain



Founded in 1929 by the “pater familias” of the actual owner, this company has always been serving various industrial fields. Being a family business, it has evolved to a modern factory since then. Always adapting to  the market needs they design very specific machinery for the paint and coating industry using their very own technology.

Their philosophy of continuous improvement forced them to keep working continuously, using materials and components of high quality. For 40 years, their main products are destined at the paint industry.

 During years of experience they have worked in many different fields of this industry, developing different machinery and process plants.

Over the years this company has built a solid reputation nationwide as an experienced supplier of filling machines for industrial liquid products. Their machines – specialized for the paint and coatings industry- are market leader on the Spanish market. Outstanding for their reliability, fast format changes and short cleaning times.



The Company mainly designs and manufactures gravimetric filling machines, both semi- and full automatic.

Clients can choose one of above depending on the type of product, the packaging type, the desired degree of automation and the requested filling speeds.

In addition to simple, semi-automatic machines, the company offers full automatic lines with automatic feeding of the empty packaging, filling systems, lid dispensers and lid closing equipment. 

Some examples:

  • Half automatic weight filling machines.
  • Half automatic volumetric filling machines.
  • Automatic weight filling machines.
  • Automatic gravimetric filling machines.
  • Other filling machines.
  • Pre-owned, fully reconditioned filling machines

They design and manufacture ribbon mixers to prepare different types of products.

Robust and functional design allows feeding of raw materials.

Depending on customer requirements and the product type their mixers are available in different sizes and in different materials (stainless steel, anti wear, etc)


 The range of manufacturing tanks are designed to be highly versatile allowing the production of low and high viscosity products due to the combination of three systems; mixing, dispersion and homogenization.

The combination of the three types of mixing shortens the process and substantially reduces energy consumption.


The company builds pump and filtration equipment for packaging as well as transfers of all kinds for products such as: –

Plastic paints and similar

  • Water-based paints with abrasive charges
  • Solvent-based products
  • Catalysts and products that can’t be in contact with the air
  • Paints for road marking

Depending on the requirements the pumps are available in different materials and in IP54 or ATEX versions.

With rotary pistons
Magnetic drive pumps

Self cleaning and available in different materials and capacities reaching up to 30.000 l/hour. 

Both With mesh/ With bag


The range of filling machines with massic flowmeter are designed to provide fast and accurate filling, without losing the flexibility that characterizes their lines.

Their machines are designed to cover a wide range of packages and products, with quick and easy adaptation to different packaging formats.

All packaging may include a roller conveyor for accumulating filled containers.

Fillers with mass flow meter for containers from 0.125 to 5 l


Their main core and is designing and manufacturing automated plants for storage, transportation and dispensing of solids and liquids. Depending on the manufacturing requirements and the type of product they offer different solutions to the customer.

Basically they distinguish two types of plants; With weighing of solids and liquids on the manufacturing machine or weighing of powders on a hopper and liquid using flow meters.

Solids storage: Silos for storage of powder with a special design that provides a regular and constant dosification. 

  • Liquid storage: Tanks for liquid products, depending on the customer needs.
  • Transport of solids: Mechanical transportation with screw conveyors or low density pneumatic transport.
  • Liquids transport: By most suitable pumps and pipes to each product.
  • Dosing: on scale or directly on the manufacturing machine.
  • Manufacturingpaints and similar or pastes and powders.
  • Pumping and filtration: Equipment for pumping and filtration.
  • Filling:  They have a wide range of gravimetric and non gravimentric filling equipment.


This company supplies the largest and most important paint and varnish factories in Spain, either in the decoration sector as in the industrial such as automotion paint factories or factories in liquid plastic.


Although their products, mainly custom made to specific requirements of each industrial client, are state-of -the-art- and manufactured to the highest standards, the actual owner never sought to expand towards international markets.

Considering that there is only ONE competitor on the market with similar products it can be very easy to evaluate expansion not only on the European market but worldwide not to forget the emerging of the South American market .


This company is located in a lovely historic town inland of the Province of Tarragona.

Although only half an our drive from the golden beaches and busy city of Tarragona.

The industrial building with a total surface of 1.003 m2 on 2 levels is fully equipped and installed to manufacture the above described devices , machinery and custom built plants.

Actually this building is owned privately by the CEO of the company but can be purchased separately at 485.000 euro.


Actually the company counts with

  • CEO
  • General manager
  • 4 fully trained Technicians


This very professional company realizes a turnover of approx 800.000 euro with a 10 % EBITDA


Due to the retirement age of the actual owner this highly professional company, one of its kind and actual market leader in Spain

is offered at the price of 1.750.000 euro included stock, machinery, know-how, data base of regular clients


Possibility to purchase the real-estate/premises at 485.000€

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