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20047 Hotel 14 rooms,“BIB Gourmand Michelin” Restaurant+Venue -Teruel



The Hotel is located in a recovered building from the late 19th century.  Originally it housed an inn for travelers who arrived by train. Most of these holiday makers were in search of the innumerable advantages of a cool and dry climate beneficial to their health.


In 2006 the 500 m2 building was purchased on a 18.000 m2 plot.  The edifice was rehabilitated and the hotel business started with a 14-room hotel and a restaurant. The continuous investments, the expansion and improvement of the facilities have not stopped in the last 5 years and today the business is a benchmark in the province both in terms of gastronomy and events. It is a  family company managed by parents and their children. After the parents’ retirement in 2019, the children took over the company.


This Rural Hotel is situated in a small municipality in the Gúdar-Javalambre region, in the province of Teruel. 

It is located at the foot of the Javalambre mountain range, 23 km from Teruel capital and halfway between said city and Sarrión. This Javalambre Region consists of 24 municipalities, a territory that links the province of Teruel with that of Castellón and Valencia.

Located at an altitude of 1.118 m, this is the largest municipal area in the region, with a surface of almost 300 km2, which includes a good part of Alto de Javalambre and which extends to the Mijares River. 

Within its limits arises the highest point in the Teruel province at 2.020 m where the ski slopes of the well known “ Javalambre Ski Resort”  start.

With its capital in Mora de Rubielos, the region is the main truffle (tuber melanosporum) producing area, which makes the black diamond one of the main attractions of this territory. 

Anyone who dreams of “back to nature”, surrounded by a picturesque environment, authentic villages that breathe the ancient history of Spain and friendly neighbors will be enchanted by the province of Teruel.( situated between Madrid and Valencia)

The province is characterized by a mountainous geography and a particularly dry climate. The economy mainly consists of the cultivation of cereals and tourism. Moreover, the sale of raw ham “Jamon Serrano” is also important, with its own “denominación de origen” (designation of origin).


Javalambre region offers a wide variety of excursions and sightseeing, as it has an interesting historical past. Visitors can explore the city of Mora de Rubielos , famous for its architectural patrimony with its 14th century Castle of the Fernández Heredia family.

Manzanera and Camarena have thermal waters and the region abounds in deep-rooted traditions, including pilgrimages to shrines, folk dances and bull festivals. The region of Gúdar Javalambre is particularly famous for its Teruel Ham and its veal and pork with a very special dressing : black truffle or Tuber Melanosporum.

There are plenty of museums to visit and the routes of El Cid Campeador to be explored, not forgetting the eco-routes of Mijares… and, before settling down for the night take time to enjoy the world’s most beautiful star-sprinkled night sky. 

As far as sports activities are concerned, there is an extensive choice of walking routes, hiking and climbing routes, skiing and every so called “ winter sports” 

Last but not least dedicated to  “nature lovers”   the region  is considered to be a mycology paradise by the abundance of its resources. The province of Teruel is the first national producer of the “black truffle”.


This charming rural hotel features a building of 500 square meters housing a 14 room- hotel, a “Gourmet”  restaurant and cafeteria, exterior and interior terraces, gardens and a children’s playground.  It also has a complete event hall of 450 square meters surrounded by its own gardens and equipped with an outdoor bar.  An outdoor covered area of 150 m2 completes this grand venue setting. For the convenience of the customers it also provides free parking space for a total of 60 vehicles, with 4 electric charge chargers (operated by an external company). Adjacent to the complex is a separate building of 150 square meters for “ski equipment rental”. 

In order to promote the “black truffle” and with the aim to involve their clientele in the process of growth and harvest, the owners decided to create a plantation of  200 micronized holm oaks on the land adjacent to the building.

The Hotel features 14 spacious and comfortable rooms all equipped with:

  • Free Wi-Fi connection 
  • 32 “digital LED television
  • 100% cotton sheets 
  • Ecological air conditioning by geothermal energy
  • Full bathroom with flat shower 
  • Hair dryer
  • Magnifying mirror 

Services offered

  •  Gastro-bar gastronomic restaurant
  •  Library Reading room
  •  Gardens 
  •  Wine bar
  •  Terraces 
  •  Outdoor playground
  •  Venue seating 300 PAX


The 40 Pax restaurant is open to the general public and is very proud to hold the prestigious “Bib Gourmand Michelin” nomination. Since 1955, the renown Michelin guide has highlighted restaurants offering “exceptionally good food at moderate prices”, a feature now called “Bib Gourmand“. It is an ideal place where every guest can taste original flavors pimped with a touch of modern cuisine. Each item on the menu is a reinterpretation of the classic Aragonese dishes. With the change of season, the menu will change, so guests will always be able to find the cravings of each season … game, mushrooms, truffles etc. At lunchtime, one can contemplate the “Sierra de Javalambre”.  On dark summer nights, it is a privilege  to contemplate the glittering stars on by far the best sky in Europe. Yet, with the arrival of winter, the lively “after dinner” conversations will be silenced by a beautiful sunset behind the mountains.  Pleasing the most delicate palates the restaurant displays a fascinating wine list, including many wines with “D.O. Aragonese” nomination, wonderful contributions from small family vineyards.


In order to organize wedding parties and other family and corporate events, the complex holds a venue seating up to 300 guests offering full “Wedding Planner Services”, garden and lounge decoration, flower arrangements on the tables, graphic design, printing menus and exclusive posters. Also taking care of protocol and rehearsals of the day of the celebration, coordination of guests and suppliers and a Hotel Wedding night in the Junior Suite.


It seems easy to expand and increase the annual revenue by:

  • marketing “ Wedding venue” on international clientele 
  • organizing one/two weeks workshops such as 
  • mycology/black truffle production
  • skiing initiation + advanced courses
  • hiking/climbing initiation courses 
  • and so on 


Obviously this hospitality business generates nice turnovers over 800.000 euro 


As mentioned earlier, this hospitality business is family run. Unfortunately both parents are of advanced age, not capable to work any more and the children embraced other professional career opportunities. This being the reason why this flourishing Hotel business is listed at the price of  3.998.000 euro FREEHOLD ( including the full  property 18.000 m2 plot + 500 m2 buildings)


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