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20066 Residence for the elderly – Province Murcia



This professional fully licensed residential center offers comprehensive care to the elderly since 1993. Their utmost personal service is adapted to each of the residents, taking in account each and every one’s personal history. Their main objective is that the residents feel at home, enjoying a warm and familiar environment which certainly improves physical and mental health. Besides, they offer a wide range of visiting hours so that everyone can spend the maximum time with their family and friends.


It is a spacious, modern residential complex with an enviable location. They are just 1 km from the urban center, surrounded by trees and houses typical of the area, as well as a church, shops and cozy bars. They are located in a municipality of the Murcia region. Located on the shore of the Mar Menor enjoying the well-known microclimate especially beneficial for rheumatism and muscle pains.

It is a friendly small town with a population of 32 489 inhabitants featuring 23 km of coastline in the Mar Menor and 16 km in the Mediterranean Sea. The General Air Academy and the facilities of the old San Javier airport are located there.


The center has 50 residential places and 2-day centers, 40% of them arranged with the Ministry of Social Policy and Family. It is recently renovated, and it has expanded its facilities. They are located less than 1Km from the closest University Hospital.

It has a 4.741 m2 plot and garden with a 1000 m2 building.

The center has a 100 % occupancy.

IMPORTANT NOTE: During the entire 2020/2021 pandemic there was NOT a single  contamination !!!

  • NOTE: All the residents + ALL of the Staff received the TWO subsequent COVID 19 vaccines dated  February 9 th 2021

The center has different units whose facilities and furniture guarantee proper operation to meet the needs of residents. The spaces are the following:


It is a wide space in a quiet place with a large garden, in which there is a geronto-gym area, a rest area, a petanque court, a miniature golf area and another golf course.

There are also many outdoors visiting and meeting areas such as the terrace that surrounds a large part of the residence.

Common zones

In some common areas, such as waiting areas for the family members, there are very, comfortable armchairs for meetings. There is a large dinner room adapted to residents, as well as a cafeteria area.

Besides, there are grab handles in al aisles and, also in all the toilets even in the visitor toilets.


The residence has 25 double rooms and 2 singles, all of them with bathrooms included and fully adapted to the needs of the residents, tv, individual closets and beds with warning devices.


The residence has an occupational therapy room as well as an infirmary, also a laundry and ironing area.
The kitchen has a reception area for orders and area for scrubbing and different pantries. They also own a few warehouses for kitchen and maintenance use.


It´s mission is to provide the best service, care and well-being for residents therefore they provide:

  • Medical Functions
  • Nursing functions
  • Nursing Assistant Functions
  • Management Functions
  • Social Care Functions
  • Sociocultural animation


The residents of the center are divided into three different social groups:

  1. Valid elderly people without any degree of dependency, who wish to live on their own although sheltered in a residential center close to the comforts and assistance that this implies.
  2. Dependent elderly people who have chronic diseases or multiple pathologies, with limited autonomy and who require specialized social health care, medical supervision, nursing care or rehabilitation.
  3. Regardless of the age of the patient, the center provides services to those who suffer from dementias that do not require continuous health care, chronic patients with pathologies that generate functional and / or cognitive problems, chronic patients with degenerative and trauma osteoarticular pathology, and people with functional sequela post-surgical intervention or accident.


The residence hall has the necessary staff to guarantee the correct care of users and adheres to what is established in this regard in Decree 69/2005, of June 3.

In this way, the human resources table would be as follows: A director, Manager, Doctor, Physiotherapist, Nurse, Occupational therapist, Social worker, Administrative, Clinic assistants, Cooks, Cleaners and an animation team to keep the residents busy with parties and games.

A total staff of 29 highly qualified professionals.


They own all the necessary certificates and licenses to run this type of business.


This residence realizes a yearly turnover of over 900.000 euro

NOTE: All the residents + ALL of the Staff received the TWO subsequent COVID 19 vaccines dated February 9th 2021


This fully licensed installed and 100 % operational Residence for the elderly is on the market for

2.429.000 euro

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