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Catering Company in Northern Spain Offering an Exquisite Fusion of Traditional and Modern Cuisine


A catering company with its roots dating back to 1927, based in North of Spain. The restaurant was established with the aim of serving the local population as well as national and international tourists. Additionally, it provides services for events such as weddings, corporate dinners, or festive occasions like Valentine’s Day or the Night of the Three Kings. The restaurant cuisine is built upon the harmony between traditional and modern North cuisine, with special emphasis on seasonal produce. The primary driver of growth lies in a strong focus on customer retention, maintaining and enhancing service quality, and offering personalized service whenever possible. Moreover, there are significant opportunities for operational improvements, including optimizing procurement (prices, timelines, and payment methods), price reviews, negotiation of credit and payment terms, cost structure review, and execution control. Additionally, there is the potential to expand operating hours, including evenings and nights.


  • A well-established company
  •  Own facilities equipped with modern equipment.
  •  Efficient operational procedures and certifications.
  •  Loyal clientele.
  •   A highly qualified team with extensive experience.
  •  The potential for relatively rapid growth.
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