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Leading Plumbing Supplies Company in Northwest Madrid for sale


Company has established itself as a prominent leader in the plumbing supplies market in the Northwest region of Madrid. Since its inception in 1983, the company has undergone exceptional growth, solidifying its position as a key player in the industry. Specializing in the sale of products related to air conditioning, plumbing, pools, and more, their catalog boasts over 12,000 references.

The move to modern facilities covering 1,950 m² in 2015 significantly contributed to a remarkable 38% growth since 2018. In financial terms, MacroTubo demonstrates robust health, surpassing €3.5 million in revenue and an EBITDA exceeding 5%. These indicators reflect the company’s financial strength and efficient management, presenting an attractive acquisition opportunity in the sector.


  • prominent leader in plumbing supplies in Madrid.
  • Exceptional growth since 1983, with a catalog of over 12,000 references.
  • Modern facilities of 1,950 m² since 2015, contributing to a 38% growth since 2018.
  • Financial strength with revenue surpassing €3.5 million and EBITDA exceeding 5%. Attractive acquisition opportunity in the sector.
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