Fire Protection Systems Expert with a Strong Client Portfolio and Expansion Potential


A company specializing in the setup and upkeep of fire protection systems. With its dedicated facilities, skilled workforce, comprehensive materials, streamlined processes, and all requisite certifications, it ensures top-notch quality in fire protection system installations and maintenance. Its extensive client base includes globally renowned clients, and it boasts a longstanding history with many (over 15 years).

This presents an excellent opportunity for sector-established companies seeking to fortify their foothold, scale up, and leverage economies of scale. Equally, it offers a prospect for private investment to elevate this company to new heights. While national and international expansion, alongside operational enhancements, stand as potent growth catalysts, they’re not the sole ones.


  • Company with more than 15 years of experience,well established
  • Efficient operating procedures and certifications
  • Diversified and powerful client portfolio (multinational clients)
  • Qualified and experienced team
  •  Relatively fast growth potential


Property Features