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Price: 947.000€

20013 Winery Ecologic Wines on 18,5 ha -Province Granada /South Spain


The winery was inaugurated in 2008 and, in its short journey, it has already harvested important
awards. Currently, it sells 5 high quality wines, cared for and pampered since the production and collection of the grapes until the last moment of their elaboration.

Both the land as well as the winery are certified to practice organic farming, these certificates are still valid.
The winery is located in the Autonomous Region of Andalucia , South Spain, in a magnificent enclave, surrounded by three natural parks, the Sierra Nevada ( also renowned ski resort) , Sierra de Huetor and Sierra de Baza, which provide a wonderful landscape.
Very important to know : the winery is less than 5 km away of a natural water spring which has a very high quality of water, classified as the second of Europe for its healing properties.
Currently, the winery produces young and aged red wines in barrels, although its facilities are also prepared for the reception and production of white wines, both young and aged.

The winery owns 18,5 ha of which currently 7 ha is used to produce grapes for their ecologic wine production. The remaining 11,5ha can be used ( certificates are in place) to expand the vineyards – and thus the yearly production of wines- or to cultivate any other crop of Ecological Agriculture.
Actually they elaborate mainly the variety Tempranillo and Merlot.
The vineyard is located a very short distance from the winery,
allowing to avoid overheating the grape, eliminating the possibility of
anomalous fermentations that could harm the later quality of the final product.

The winery was set up as a “ hobby” by a person who is involved in other type of businesses.
This is the reason why the production is rather low, as they produce only 30.000 bottle a year.
The maximum capacity (by expanding de capacity of the “ tanks ” ) could reach 913.333 bottles a year!!! On the other hand there is the possibility of buying grapes from various winegrowers in the area, from different varieties and of high quality

Nevertheless the full installation of the winery is very professional on a total surface of 752 m2.
and include:

Reception and winery facilities:
– Destemmer-crusher.
– Vintage pump.
– Pneumatic press.
– Hopper with auger for unclogging.

Fermentation facilities:
– Stainless steel tanks. fermentation w / jacket.
– Stainless steel tanks. storage
– Sulfurous dosing equipment.
– Refrigeration-stabilization equipment.
– Oak barrels.
– Sleepers for barrels.
– Semi-automatic filler-capper 6 taps.
– Self-adhesive labeler w / counter labeler.
– Stainless steel tank. Stabilizing isotherm.
– Isothermal polyester tank.
Full staff is hired periodically when required.

The winery has special natural caves where the wine can “ rest” in a constant temperature between 18º – 19 ºC.
Actually the production of their ecologic wines are sold to supermarkets and hospitality businesses in the region. Although following to be considered
Export Markets
The wines of the winery are registered as organic products in the
Chinese market.
Organic wines are currently being promoted in Latin America
There is a sales project for the Swiss, German, Swedish and Norwegian market
Due to the interest that exists in organic products in this country

Expansion possibilities on the property itself
adding a restaurant – full support of Mayor’s office is already in place
as the property owns it own well on the property one could put in place production and bottling own bottled spring water
adding Rural B&B or tourist complex/ apartments- full support of Mayor’s office is already in place-
Because : a) wine-tourism is booming b) Sierra Nevada ski resort is only 30 minutes away c) the area is renown for its great hiker’s and hunter’s possibilities d) only 4 minutes from highway e) renown natural wellness spa at 5 min f) the ALHAMBRA at 25 min g) beaches at 1 hour drive h) discotheques bars restaurant in nearest big city at 15 min

This extremely interesting projects is on the market for 947.000 euro
including 18,5 ha +industrial premises full equipped caves for “riping”+ all official certificates

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