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In their center all the specialties of dentistry are carried out: Oral Surgery and Implantology, Periodontics, Orthodontics (including Invisalign), Pediatric Dentistry, Dentistry Conservative, Endodontic, Conventional and Implant-supported prosthesis. In all cases of Aesthetics they do the Digital Smile Design (DSD) technique.

At the same time they have a Sanitary License to carry out treatments of Aesthetic Medicine such as Botox infiltration, Hyaluronic Acid, placement of tensioning threads and Mesotherapy.



The company was inaugurated in February 2004, with the installation of a single dental cabinet, over the years three cabinets were installed and it was already in the year 2010 when a large extension of the clinic was carried out with a second annexed building managing to install a total of 5 cabinets and a prosthesis laboratory for clinical use.

Subsequently, in 2014 a major reform of the entire complex was carried out and they transformed the facilities into what they are today with a specific dental office for oral surgery treatments, so that in total they have six cabinets to be able to serve all types of patients.



This clinic is located a few meters from a prestigious avenue and in the middle of an upper middle-class neighborhood, it is also accessible by public transport.



The Clinic is located on a first floor on the corner of the street and has two apartments connected to each other with a total of 150 square meters.

Their stays are the following:

– 6 dental cabinets equipped by specialties.

-A waiting room with capacity for thirteen people.

-A reception for two jobs.

-A laboratory for clinical use and a plaster room.

-An x-ray room.

-A sterilization room.

-An office.

-Two bathrooms, one for patients and the other for private use by staff.

-On the roof of the building  they have a storage room / warehouse.

-In the garage of the building they  own  two parking spaces for cars.

These premises is fully  owned by the Company and included in the sale price.


  •  conservative dentistry
  • endodontics
  • Aesthetic dentistry
  • Prosthetic dentistry
  • Oral surgery
  • Periodontics
  • Immediate load dental implants
  • Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry
  • White aesthetic
  • custom dental waxing



The entire clinic is computerized and the rooms are interconnected by internal network with a total of 9 computers.

Regarding Radiological Equipment, they have the latest generation Sirona 3D Ready panoramic and digital teleradiography equipment that can be upgraded to dental CT if desired. Intraoral x-ray equipment is available in Cabinets 1, 3 and 6 and radiographs can be viewed on all computers.

All the rooms communicate with each other and with the reception through a telephone switchboard system.

In the clinical laboratory they have a metal laboratory table with a suction system, polisher and sandblasting and trimmer of Mestra models, plaster vibrator and thermo-vacuum machine for orthodontic retainers.

They have two Intraoral Scanners: Trios Move of 3 Shape and invisible orthodontics.

To be able to carry out the work through the CadCAm system with the laboratories with great speed and high fluency in communication with the laboratory technician.

They have the Next Dent 5100 3D System 3D Printer to manufacture a wide variety of jobs in the clinic in the same day and thus save visits to patients.

The specific cabinet for Oral Surgery has a Full Led Dr Mach ceiling-mounted operating room lamp with a built-in video camera to be able to record the interventions and live videoconferences.



The clientele as of today they have 12.929 patients. The Clinic does not have any agreement with insurance companies nor the Official Social Security System.

All patients are private and cash paying clients.



They have the following Professional Team:

Internal Staff

* 5 Dental Hygienists

* 4 Receptionists

*  5 Dentists with their respective specialties, however, are all Self-Employed and certified in the National  Dentists Register.

External Personnel

* 3 Autonomous Dental Prosthetics, each one with its corresponding specialty: fixed prosthesis and over-implants and aesthetics, removable prostheses, and orthodontics.



This very successful clinic realizes a turnover of approximately 1.000.000 euros / year with significant EBITDA.



Very important to know that in Spain it is NOT necessary to be a dentist or doctor to run a dental clinic on one condition only ; to provide a Managing Director who is a certified dentists with a registered number of “dentists college”.

The Dental Clinic  Company is for sale due to professional relocation of the Owner/Doctor Dentist and is on the market for

the price of 2.789.000 euros

including all professional equipment, furnishing, contracts


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