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21115 WOOD, TIMBER Wholesaler Supplying professional BUILDERS – Navarre NORTH SPAIN



This company is specialized in buying and selling wood of any type and shape, prepared or not for direct application in carpentry – mainly construction industry- as well as frames, doors, windows, slats, jambs, beams for pergolas and roofs, rushes, for garden furniture, phenolic spacers … etc.


The business is located in a municipality of Navarra.

Navarra is an is an autonomous community and province in northern Spain, bordering the Basque Autonomous CommunityLa Rioja, and Aragon in Spain and Nouvelle-Aquitaine in France.

Navarra’s natural beauty is the region’s best emblem, but it is internationally renowned for the running of the bulls in its capital, Pamplona, during the San Fermín festival that takes place every month of July.

It is one of the wealthiest regions in Spain per capita, with a diversified economy primarily focused on the energy sectorhealthcare services and manufacturing. The gross domestic product (GDP) of the autonomous community was 20.3 billion euros in 2018, accounting for 1.7% of Spanish economic output. GDP per capita adjusted for purchasing power was 33,700 euros or 112% of the EU27 average in the same year. The GDP per employee was 109% of the EU average.[36]

The unemployment rate stood at 10.2% in 2017 and was the lowest in the country


The activity of this family run business – husband and wife -started 1989 and later in 1993, it became a “ Sociedad Limitada” Limited Company.

The company has been constantly growing. Over the years it generated enough resources to carry out all the investments made since the beginning of its activity.

It has been in continuous growth and expansion, with sufficient own resources to face the investments.

It even withstands the two economic crises – with special mention referring to the crisis of 2008 -, when the construction sector came to a standstill. It was able to adapt quickly to these new situations by expanding their product- line according to the needs of the market.

Initially its clients were carpenters, but analyzing that a carpenter has a less relevant role, the company focused on professional builders and nowadays they supply also final consumers.

The sale to the final consumer is acquiring an important boom.


The organization of the company has been the same since its inception: the husband was dedicated to commercial and logistical work and his wife to administrative work.

The company has grown progressively and consequently departments and staff grew gradually.

Initially the activity started in a rented warehouse of 180 square meters.

Later they acquired a warehouse of 1.200 square meters on a well-connected Industrial Estate.

Subsequently, they bought a plot 5.117 meters on the main road and highway of the Industrial Estate and built a 3.226 square meter warehouse.


Today the company operates with 4 directors and 10 staff members in different departments.


Total plot 5.117 square meters, of which 3.226 m2 are built and 532 m2 of canopies.

  • Warehouse number 1: 2.738 meters, 1.037 meters built, 532 meters of canopies and 833 meters of loading and unloading area.
  • Warehouse number 2: 1.218 meters of warehouse, of which 1.018 meters are built and the rest is considered an access area.
  • Warehouse number 3: 1.162.27 meters, 600 meters (300 meters of exposure), on a concrete floor of 300 meters and the rest of the gardens.


The company features all necessary machinery and equipment to fulfil its activities.

Besides it holds a fleet of 5 vehicles of which one Scania P250 truck and 4 smaller vans.

The average stock has a value € 650,000.


Most products are aimed at the construction industry such as: doors, frames, windows, beams, cleats for construction, slats, jambs, and so on.

Besides the company holds a wide catalog of doors in stock as well as on request in noble woods: oak, pine, walnut, cherry, beech, ebony, etc.


o professionals 90%

o Final consumers 10% although these sales are increasing every year


A substantial turnover reaching over 2.000.000 euro yearly resulting in an adequate EBITDA


Due to the future retirement age of the owners, this very profitable company is for sale at the price of:

4.250.000 euro INCLUDING FULL PROPERTY 5.117 m2 plot and 3.226 m2 building, stock etc

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