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20037.Luxury Design Hotel nestled in Famous Wineries- La Rioja Wine County /Spain


This luxuriously designed “Boutique hotel” is newly an fully renovated to high end European standards recently opened in 2020.

It is located in a small town and housed in an historic building from the end of the 17th century, a typical 1.000 square meter manor house located opposite the church next to the main square.


La Rioja is the smallest region in Spain, but in its territory it hides landscapes and corners typical of an entire continent vast plains and snow topped mountains in winter.

Although, the most important scenery and “eno touristic” attraction is the vast landscape of lush green gorgeous vineyards.

The hotel is located on the “Camino de Santiago” **, very close to the wine route and the Valle Ezcaray ski slopes.

These are without any doubt, the most intimate experiences that clients and guests can live.


The philosophy of the owners is to create a unique environment, a summum of hospitality in this La Rioja region. They envisioned a one of a kind “Designer Boutique Hotel” , a fully licensed 4-star establishment, oriented to a medium/high clientele in quest of quality and personal service.

Although 4* standard hotels can be found in La Rioja, they mainly situate in the city of Logroño, missing the charm and uniqueness of the vineyards and the wisdom of the “ Camino de Santiago”


Wine tourism continues to grow with a total of 860.000 visitors in 2019. There are very famous winemakers in the hotel area that attract foreign tourism (mostly American). Tourists are fascinated by the world of wine and its characteristic landscape.

However, these winemakers do not find an attractive and lush hotel offer for their demanding clientele.

This Boutique hotel provides a quality stay for this booming tourism.

The region has top-quality wineries recognized worldwide such as “La Rioja Alta” (in the top 10), “La Bodega de Haro” etc

Both reaching an important position in the American market .


The town where the hotel is located is an ancient town crossed by the “Camino de Santiago” where tourists will find peace and tranquility. This town attracts a lot of tourism, both national and international.

The “Camino de Santiago” has led pilgrims to the sanctuary of the Apostle Santiago for over a thousand years.

His grave would be the foundation stone of a Cathedral and of a city that, since then, attracts the footprints of those in quest of peace and serenity becoming a favorite destination for many European .

Every time a pelgrim sets out on the old paths of the “Camino de Santiago”, an ancient search mechanism -common to all humanity – is set in motion.The deeply human experience, the discovery of “the self”. A unique experience either for those searching a religious purpose as for others with a deep desire for adventure.


The little village where this Hotel is located, does not have any elegant hotel or restaurant, although the village counts with some “Youth Hostels” and “Pilgrims Hostels” on the Camino de Santiago.

Throughout the “Rioja Alta” we find other hotels, although they are all 3-star hotels, none of them luxurious nor featuring quality interior design.


Market studies prove that the mentality of the traveler has changed.

We note that tourists of a higher economic level are more demanding and currently looking for a better offer in modern and high end 4-star hotels.

They not only demand traditional surroundings but are actually in search of quantitative attributes such as reviews in (interior design) magazines or social media and the prestige of a famous designer’s trade mark.

In this particular case the whole of interior design has been overhauled by a very famous designer-influenced by minimalism, linked to craftsmanship inherited from family history- he is articulating all his work around the spatial order and geometric proportion.

The Hotel project is that of an 11-room “Boutique Hotel”, located in a small town in the “Rioja Alta” region.

The establishment is settled in a 17th century building, a typical mid-century manor house located in front of the church, next to the Plaza Mayor.
Certainly a perfect location for this type of business.

On the official blueprints  it has 15.5 m. of facade by 18.5 meters deep. The north main facade is on two floors, on the south facade there is one more floor

We are in the center of a small town, with a fairy tale aesthetic.

It is also a quiet, safe and very pleasant place to walk.

Even parents can park their vehicle quietly, open the doors and children can get out of the car without any danger.

Another advantage is that it is the first hotel and the first restaurant in town.


* ground floor: constructed area of 297m2. Here are the reception, the reading room, the multipurpose rest room for hotel guests, the elevator, some bathrooms and the 70m2 Restaurant dining room. Plus a 50m2 patio and a terrace outside the Hotel in Plaza de Ávila.

first floor: built area of 297m2. Here we locate 5 rooms.

second floor: built area of 260m2. Here we locate 6 rooms.

third floor under cover: built area of 40m2. Used as warehouse.

TOTAL construction of the 980 square meter  with 11 double rooms, 22 to 42 square meter and 2 junior suites.

It is a design hotel that will bring both eno – tourists and “Camino de Santiago” hikers to this fairy tale village.

Quality has become a competitive strategy for the hotel industry.

Therefor their main objective is that the quality of the design and the efficiency of the building must lead to the satisfaction of customer requirements.

In order to get loyal customers, and therefore a sustainable market share, it is necessary to focus on customer satisfaction, offering products and quality services that exceed expectations, continually improving business processes to produce products and services at lower cost.

The design of the hotel and the restaurant is carried out by a renowned interior designer and industrial designer betting on an exceptional and wonderful design project in that town.

The designer’s influence and reputation opens the town to greater popularity, the media dissemination of the project, both nationally and internationally, will make it a hotel known throughout the world and visited by many of its followers.


The hotel has an elegant restaurant, with a terrace open to the town square, which caters to hotel guests as well to the inhabitants of the town

and the visitors and pilgrims who pass by regularly.

The idea of ​​offering a quality restaurant service was agreed with the city council itself, since it is a market necessity!!

The town did not have any hospitality business until now!!


In this way, it will be possible to provide a service to the locals as to perform baptisms, communions and all kinds of family reunions and conventions with area associations.

At the same time this Hotel will be able to hire young labor from the village so that they do not march towards a large city as currently happens.


Not only hiking, riding bicycle, horse riding but also water sports on the many rivers or taking advantage of the offers in the Rasillo Yacht Club.

In winter time the famous  ski slopes are closeby.

Furthermore Riojan rivers are a paradise for fishing and its forests for hunting fanatics. Golf lovers are very close to the Cirueña golf course , located in the heart of La Rioja Alta; with more than one million square meters , and a PAR 72 18- hole cours..

The activity that aroused the most interest in La Rioja in 2017 is “Multi-day routes between vineyards and villages, on foot, by bike or on horseback”.

The proposed activity consists of a route of several days between vineyards and villages.
Participants either on foot, by bike or on horseback, will obtain at the end a certificate of having traveled the route (wine credential).

The certificate is given to those who meet certain characteristics, for example, to those who have stamps that show that they have walked at least 15 km between towns and have visited 3 wineries, wine shops, bars or restaurants, have carried out tastings or have entered the wine culture.


The products and services are aimed at a wide sector couples, or families who want to stay in a small and quiet fairy tale like town

Children will be very well received in the hotel restaurant and cafeteria. They have children’s menus, although perhaps some of them prefer to experiment with some La Rioja flavors, very suitable for the palates of small gourmets.

Their special attention goes towards “ gluten free” (children) menus as this seems to bee a gap in the market in the “La Rioja” region..

Their effort is known by the various “gluten free” associations of the different autonomous communities, advertising their services in specialized magazines, websites, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin …


Considering that the hotel opened a few months ago – just before the confinement of COVID 19 – no balances are available.

Yet, there is a business plan considering aspects such as; competition, tourist influx, growth of “wine tourism”, influx of pilgrims from the “Camino de Compostela” etc.

Thus, an average occupation of about 55% per year has been foreseen.

The room prices ranges between 125 euro and 165 euro / night without breakfast (according to the opinion of our professional Business Broker Firm) and given the luxury of the interior design, these can easily be increased with 10 to 15%

Direct benefit margin on hotel room invoicing should be  of 72%

Adding and taking into account an occupation of 55% (advertising the hotel in several languages ​​and on international portals, this average can be easily increased)

The annual billing will be about 359.370 euro


The Turnover of the Restaurant + Cafeteria evaluated at 32.000 euros / month, being € 384,000 / year

This business can achieve a total turnover of 743.370 euro

NOT counting the EVENTS that can be organized per year


It is an ideal business to take in the family, since it has very few fixed costs !!

The location is ideal for both a family with children ** as a (middle-aged) couple wanting to lead a life without hustle in a charming town.

** Schools: There is a renown bilingual school (Spanish / English) 8 km from the hotel

Due to family circumstances, the current owners are obliged to move to another Autonomous Community in Spain offering this splendid “Boutique Hotel” at cost price:

acquisition of the building +

technical reforms, rehabilitation +

interior design +

specific facilities of hotel,

restaurant, cafeteria +



2.950.000 euro

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