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20058 Metallurgic Factory dedicated machining parts, the assembly of machinery and sub- assemblies- Girona



This metallurgic company was founded in 1982, and is dedicated to machining parts, the assembly of machinery and sub-assemblies, as well as mechanical welding.

Their production capacity enables them to specialize in the manufacture of unitary parts and small to medium series, and to adapt to the specific needs of their clients through the versatility of their machinery and the technical support they can offer.


This metallurgical company is located in the “Autonomous region of Catalonia”. The main activity is the construction of machinery in general, as well as the mechanization of parts both in conventional machines and in CNC machines as well as the manufacture of pieces in small and large series.

The products manufactured by this company have a wide potential market, from the aluminum industry, PVC, the furniture industry, etc. Reaching different national and international geographic markets. Additionally, it has developed its own products such as vertical warehouses with great potential.


Its facilities enjoy an excellent location as it is a few kilometers from the AP-7 motorway that connects Spain with France.


The company is based in a 1100m2 warehouse dedicated exclusively to the mechanization of pieces in small and medium series by means of conventional machines equipped with the highest technology as well as all kinds of CNC machinery.

Additionally, it has an 800m2 warehouse dedicated to mechanic welding, where all kinds of benches, metal structures, previously machined and welded parts, protections, etc. can be built.

Finally, it counts with another space of 500m2 dedicated to the assembly of interior design parts for the railway industry, as well as sets of parts or entire machines. The company owns the most modern machinery such as shears, folding machines and various other machinery to weld iron, aluminum, stainless steel.

It also counts on highly trained and experienced personnel that allow to manufacture all kinds of parts quickly and of high quality.


In addition to manufacturing and in full coordination the company can count on its own dedicated technical office with highly qualified professionals who are in charge of developing different projects. They own the most modern computer tools such as CAD as well as a specific CAD-CAM support to assist the own CNC machines.


Their technical office employs qualified and experienced professionals who can design and develop any type of project producing the blueprints that are required.

Using CAD and CAD-CAM programming to support CNC machinery. The continuous training of their staff provides them with the know-how for manufacturing both own parts as manufacturing tools.


They have a 1100 m2 warehouse exclusively devoted to parts machining in short to mid-length series using CNC and conventional machinery.


Autogenous welding with large bottles and cutting nozzle.


In order to ensure the quality of their work, the company counts on a specific department for the systematic control of their products. An area of 50m2 has been devoted solely to parts verification. This department is equipped with instruments that provide with complete quality assurance. Their measurement and calibration tools are certified by external laboratories and agencies recognized by ENAC (Spanish National AccreditationBody).

In 2011, the company implemented the ISO 9001 quality system, a standard that provides with an integrated management system to ensure the quality of their products and the ongoing improvement of their organization.


500m2 of their premises is specifically devoted to the assembly of units and sub-assemblies, as well as machines and their parts.

The professional team is highly trained in order to ensure the best results in machine and part assembly procedures.


With a total space of 4.000 m2 and depending on state-of the art equipment the team can perform highly specialized production processes.


Since 2011 the company has been recognized by ISO 9001, an international standard that certifies commitment to quality and continuous improvement. The quality policy covers the entire operation of the company and allows to ensure the quality of their products and services delivering products that meet the requirements of the client as well as the regulations that are applicable to the industry.

The team of welders has a new approval in welding of railway vehicles and components according to the EN 15085-2 standard.

Since 01/10/2018-They received approval and quality sign by the company TÜV Rheinlandgroup.


For more than 35 years, the company has offered its experience to numerous clients such as Comexi, Nexus, Ros Roca and Girbau, among many other nationals and foreigners.


After more than 30 years of activity, the company has established itself as a benchmark in the machining sector due to its commitment to develop high-quality parts and innovative solutions. This fact has allowed to successfully overcome the economic crisis of recent years. Without any doubt, it can be said that this company has emerged stronger within the sector and for almost two years it has been consolidating a notable increase in sales.


Due to retirement age this highly professional and successful manufacturer is offered at 2.369.000 euro including full property industrial premises over 4.000 m2

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