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21090.2 Specialist in lacquering & special coatings on metal structures – Northern Spain



This company unites seriousness and commitment to a job well done, by having qualified personnel for this, the necessary technology and infrastructures that allow them to offer answers to each and every one of its clients by adapting to the challenges of an increasingly demanding and competitive market.

They are committed to innovation and the constant improvement of their systems and processes, by offering a comprehensive and personalized service. In their facilities they have a state-of-the-art production line where the parts are prepared to be lacquered and pre-treated. Thereafter, they are  lacquered and cured without intermediate handling.

Quality and professionalism are their best guarantee.



The actual owner bought this company in 2014 in a bad situation, but they were able to restructure and invest in new machinery. Now everything is going fabulously.

Thanks to the annual increase in turnover, the company now owns an industrial building of more than 4,000 m2 fully equipped to the highest production standards and up to date machinery.



Ourense is the city and capital of the homonymous province/autonomous community of Galicia, northwestern Spain. It is on the Portuguese Way path of Camino de Santiago, and is crossed by the Miño, Barbaña, Loña and Barbañica rivers. It is also just 900 km away from France.

The economy in the city of Ourense is marked by a predominance of service sector, the city has the largest shopping and leisure in the province, and administrative services (Xunta delegation, central and provincial government offices), educational (campus of the University of Vigo) and health (Ourense Hospital Complex) of reference. Construction industry is also important (Copasa, one of the biggest Galician construction companies, has its headquarters in the city).

Ourense is a well-known producer of European chestnuts (Castanea sativa).



The industrial building has 4.000M2 built on a plot of 6.000m2 situated on a large Industrial Park in the area. Their offices have a surface of 150M2. A big part of the machinery was renewed between 2017 and 2019.


Regarding the personnel structure, there are 2 Technicians (Responsible for Production and Quality R. Engineers), 1 Accountant, 1 Administrative, 1 Auxiliary quality technician, 1 truck driver, 1 van driver, 10 workers.



They hold one of the most advanced plants in treatment and lacquering of metal surfaces.

For immersion treatments they have 10 large tanks that allow them to treat iron and aluminum independently. In the case of aluminum, they perform a previous degreasing of the surface, followed by a chrome treatment, in which a surface layer is created that increases adhesion and minimizes the risks of corrosion. For iron, the surface is degreased and phosphate.

For the lacquering of the material they have a quick-change automatic painting booth equipped with 20 guns on both sides, which are in charge of injecting and fixing the powder paint on the surface by electrodeposition, as well as an oven  9.0 m long, 3.50 m high, and 0.70 m wide with a capacity per frame of 500 kg. For the treatment of large pieces they have a 3.0 m long, 2.1 m high and 2.0 m wide static oven fitted with its corresponding painting equipment.




  1. Lacquered on Aluminum

For the treatment of aluminum (qualicoat certification), a chemical pretreatment is carried out by immersion in tanks each with a capacity of 40.000 liters and consists of 5 stages.

Once the material has passed through the different treatment tanks it is ready to apply the powder paint. All their paints have the Qualicoat certificate, as well as all the other chemical products used in the immersion tanks.

  1. Lacquered on Steel

Spray treatment of steel (with qualisteelcoat certification).

In this process line they have a spray washing tunnel for washing steel parts, which is equipped with a continuous conveyor for hanging the parts to be treated. The cleaning action is carried out in 3 stages by spraying chemicals and water under pressure (1.0-1.5 kg) from a tank containing a solution and which, through a conduction system, projected through nozzles, reaches the metal. This treatment consists of 4 stages:


  1. Colors and finishing touches

In this business they offer their clients a wide variety of finishes; RAL chart colors or specific finishes such as embossed, metallic, textured, varnish …

  1. Special coatings

They have a wide range of special coatings, offering the most appropriate to the needs of each client. Among others the most requested:

  • Anticorrosive
  • Plastisolado
  • Photoluminescent
  • Anticaloric
  • Acid resistant
  • Antigraffiti
  1. Lacquered RAL chart colors in different gloss categories: matt, satin and glossy.
  2. Delivery and collection

In order to offer a comprehensive service to their clients, they provide a collection and delivery service. Also, custom packaging on demand.



Thanks to the wide range of different finishes and the specialization of their lacquering and treatment lines, they provide lacquering and coating services for all kinds of serving sectors such as automotive, food-hospital, decoration, construction and urban, naval, furniture, industrial or restoration.

One of its most loyal clients are INDITEX with all its stores such as ZARA, Pull and Bear, Massimo Dutti, Bershka, Stradivarius, Oysho, Zara Home and Uterqüe)



In this company they take care of the entire process, from the reception of the material to its delivery. They firmly believe in the quality of their products and their greatest challenge is to achieve it with the least possible environmental impact. They are committed to the environment and for this they use respectful technology.

  • Qualicoat
  • ISO 9001
  • E 411



Thanks to the highly professional products and services, this company has built an indisputable reputation. Because of that they have reached an annual turnover of approximately 1.100.000 euros.


Due to future retirement, this full installed company with all official permits and quality control certificates is on the market for

2.989.000 euro INCLUDED FULL PROPERTY of the impressive modern premises on a plot of 6.000 m2 and a new building of 4.000 m2

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