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20056.1 Catering Wedding & Events + Daily Restaurarant service large Corporations 20056.2 Factory of gourmet precooked and frozen dishes for supermarkets etc




This renowned company ( a Sociedad Limitada or Ltd) focuses on high-end catering services for events, weddings, communions, corporate gatherings, conferences, conventions and festivals.

  • as a full restaurant service established in the building of a Police Sation Headquarters as well as in the building of an important Military aircraft C°. They serve daily breakfast, lunch and dinner to the staff.

They stand out for the high quality of their meals as well as for the personalized service and excellent customer service.


Both companies were family owned and after many years of success the actual owner decided to buy these from his  relatives in order to expand the businesses.

The existing catering business mainly aimed at middle-class clients but the new owner uplifted the products and services to an exclusive and more expensive level attracting upper-middle-and high class clients. He succeeded by creating new culinary techniques. He was not only able to develop an exquisite food service but also turned each event into a thematic and visual spectacle. That successful combination gave him access to circles of upper-class customers always looking for the ultimate experience.

During the years 2014-2020 the company had a brutal growth due to its  implantation in many adjacent provinces and even in other “ Autonomous Regions”. The changed business vision aiming at the upper class clientele gave him the opportunity to higher the prices and consequently to increase PROFITABILITY.


The company was born with the aim of providing a service of classic Mediterranean haute cuisine with Andalusian essences, providing touches of flavor from other regions and cultures, without forgetting the reminiscences of the Andalusian legacy.

Since its start, 15 years ago, the catering services enjoyed great prestige both among private clients and large corporates providing tradition, elegance and quality values as their guarantee of success.



Both companies are located in the beautiful region of Sevilla. Spain’s cultural capital, home to Spain’s finest aristocracy. Here we find the most stunning and luxurious haciendas, palaces, mansions. No wonder that the “rich and famous” own their second home in this impressive region.


Official licenses: every necessar SANITARY LICENSE is active and in place included the “ food handler” license to those persons who are in contact with raw food. All staff is insured, and legally submitted to Social Security Regulations and is willing to stay with a new owner


Online presence,  social networks in a professional way on Facebook, Instagram. Advertising on professional Websites and Wedding portals. Advertising on important Events Portals and in High Society sports clubs Magazines  such as Golf, Jumping, Hunting, etc



Wedding Parties

The Wedding Planner division is specialized to secure every single aspect of the  the  ceremony such as :

  • proposing the ideal venue for the celebration ( they have contracts with     stunning venues around Sevilla)
  • discussing the right menus and wines
  • degustation of the chosen menu and bridal cake / rehearsal dinner
  • arranging every exclusive details
  • coordination of the entire event


• Ceremony car rental

• Comprehensive decoration of the event

• Personalized music (DJs, orchestras, …)

• Sound and lighting

• Party Tent assembly



Although the company does not own Celebration Halls, nor Venues ot its own, they have ongoing contracts of stunning sites in Andalusia and Extremadura:

Couples can choose from their large portfolio of:

  • majestic haciendas
  • historic palaces
  • elegant mansion
  • exclusive wineries

In addition, they can cater every event on any other location in Spain upon client’s request. Since they  have all the professional structure, necessary material and logistical means.


The first communion is the most special celebration for a child. They’ll make children’s dreams come true, a special party full of surprises and fun. Their catering proposal for communions includes a comprehensive service taking care of everything so that all attention goes to the little protagonists: Cocktails or menus designed for the family and the little ones, amazing tables of sweets a special day for everyone a guarantee to a successful celebration.

Events and congresses

Leaning on a wide experience with corporations from different sectors and countries has allowed them to improve every day and to exceed the expectations created. They establish a very simple and clear relationship with their clients, in which communication is extremely important. More than 100 companies endorse them.

Catering for companies

Business events are on many occasions essential for companies to find a new client, sign an agreement, present a new product, etc … that is why they offer a very complete catering service and a specialized presentation of different menus, coffee breaks or cocktails upon custumers preferences. Also taking care of the tablecloths, decoration, cutlery … offering an impeccable image for each business event.

They lean on a team of professional chefs, rigorously trained in a wide range of gastronomic specialties who are able to please the most demanding palates. A team of waiters specialised in events of this nature, will offer perfect treatment to all guests. Upon request they take care of renting the premises, or arranging the audiovisual coverage of the event, setting up videoconferences, taking care of photographers, filming on video, as well as  the planning of other services such as music, furniture rental, decoration of…

Celebrations of this nature can be held in very diverse locations, the business headquarters, rented meeting rooms, no matter where they can cater wherever the client wishes.

Catering for individuals

Extensive experience and a team of highly qualified professionals are prepared for the most demanding events. Their service is fully customizable, covering all areas of the event and can take place on client’s own location or in a rented celebration hall.


The new philosophy; a combination of he latest culinary techniques and creating thematic events led the renewed management to enter circles of upper-class customers always looking for the exclusive experience. Nowadays their clientele consist of 40% medium and 60% economic high level


Regarding the second  “full restaurant service” . The company holds 2 contracts in the province of Seville: one with the Directorate of the National Police and another with the Airbus Military (Aviation) company. In Policia Nacional they have set up a cafeteria-bar-social club for all the staff of Policias Headquarters. In the Military Aircraft they have installed a cafeteria, bar, restaurant, beach bar, social club and celebration room. This Military Aircraft C°  counts with a staff of 1.500 workers who attend these facilities together with their families and enjoy the services they are offering there. At least 10-20 events are also held during the year for the Airbus Company at the corporate level.


Future business can be extended to other Spanish Capitals such as Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia. Taking the leap to those capitals using the same philosophy aiming to the upper class with a spectacular quality price would open large possibilities of growth.


They are located on industrial  facilities of 2.500 square meters distributed between central kitchens and warehouses. The warehouses are rented but the interior assembly of professional machinery and others is all owned by the company. They also count with a fleet of  refrigerated vehicles.

20056.2 FACTORY Pre Cooked and Frozen Gourmet Dishes



This second company (a separate Sl- Ltd) is dedicated to the sector of  prepared and frozen meals. In the factory, which is the same as that of the Catering Business they develop different projects:

  • Manufacturing of precooked and frozen dishes for supermarket chains
  • Production and delivery of daily menus for schools, nursery schools, residencies, day centers, and company canteens .
  • A new line of business, still in its “ start-up” phase is the production and delivery to private clients of “ healthy light meals” designed by famous nutritionists with the aim of loosing weight ( cfr in France various on-line shops in this market-segment)

This company also counts with a great team of professionals capable of developing the service in an excellent way, striving every day in the search for new techniques.


Incorporation: year 2013

At first, the company focused on the catering of daily meals delivered to schools, nursery schools, residencies, business collectivities etc. Over time, they noticed that evolving in this sector would give the company greater stability, so they invest heavily in machinery to develop precooked and frozen meals for food chains and supermarkets. A sector that is booming  even during he actual COVID.


The company holds all the Official licenses and is registered at the  FOOD SANITARY REGISTRY.


Online presence: currently on social networks with Facebook, Instagram and the Web. Attendance to food forums, presence and visualization in social networks, advertising in institutions of (nursery) schools in Andalusia. They differentiate several types of clients:

– Supermarket chains Carrefour, El Jamón, Carmela,

– Daily menus for schools and high schools (private and subsidized)

  • Company canteens, La Caixa etc
  • residences, day centers
  • Nutrition Companies


Continuing with new creations of precooked and frozen dishes. Actually every nationwide supermarket chains such as Carrefour, Mercadona, Supersol , Dia etc are investing in special displays offering home quality, homemade precooked meals to their customers.

  • Expanding the new line of healthy ( losing-weight) dishes designed and endorsed  by nutritionists. Currently they have already started the sale of this line of dishes through an online store and with agreements from nutrition companies such as: Energyum Sport, Alma Sport, Nutretec and Angel de Sardi
  • Setting up healthy food vending machines in sports environment such as , sports clubs, gym, etc …?


The same premises and installations are used as in the “ Catering “ business. The production of precooked and frozen meals has  a production line divided into two shifts: one shift for food and another shift for the daily menus delivered to communities. The facilities are equipped with professional machines for the development of every line of dishes prepared with special pasteurization, packing and packaging machines. These facilities are the same as those used by Catering  but this one works another shift.

Daily Production

Daily Menus for corporates and schools : 690 daily
Production of gourmet dishes for Supermarkets : Capacity for 8000 dishes per day, according to needs and ongoing contracts.


  • Frozen meals such as : various “gourmet” dishes rice and prawns, rice and lobster, croquettes , wraps etc.
  • Pre cooked meals ready to serve pork sirloin in  different sauces, different dishes rice and seafood, tuna fish in special sauce etc.
  • And other Spanish specialties.


Healthy meals ( = new start-up line)  Currently they have already started the sale of this line of dishes through an online store and with agreements with nutrition companies such as: Energyum Sport, Alma Sport, Nutretec and Angel de Sardi. Clients can choose from a variety of 40 dishes, every order will be delivered at home.


At present Catering is dedicated to the management of events (Weddings, Congresses, Conventions and Social Events) and restaurants. They are a renowned brand and very well positioned in Andalusia. During the last 5 years they held an average of 400 events per year.

They have some of the most professional facilities in the region with the latest advances in innovation and cooking techniques. In addition, they have a structure of perfectly qualified professionals who ensure that all their services are carried out automatically and with maximum control.

Forecast for 2021 is: 200 Weddings, 15 congresses, 85 social events plus an agreement with the Concert Music Chiclana de la Frontera festival.

For the year 2021, they already have bookings for  180 Weddings, 35 Social Events, among other Congresses.

  • The average billing for a wedding is: € 19,500
  • The average billing for social events is: € 7,000
  • The average billing for festivals is € 150,000
  • Turn Over  Catering Business: minimum 3.500.000 euro / year
  • Turn Over  Factory for Precooked meals & Daily menus: minimum 750.000 year


Both companies have to be acquired together as they share the same industrial premises and installations.

On the market for  4.420.000 euro = 100 % of shares in both companies.

Note: The owner would accept associates buying a certain amount of shares in both companies.


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