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Diversified Energy Services Company with Strong Market Position Offers Lucrative Expansion Opportunity


A company specializing in energy services, gas installation, electricity, pressure equipment, heating, air conditioning, and DHW (Domestic Hot Water). They also serve as manufacturers of pressure equipment and provide engineering services for gas and pressure equipment installations.

With a strong strategic positioning, they offer highly sought-after services and products (pressure equipment) in a growing market. They maintain a diversified and robust client portfolio and offer a wide range of services and products.

This presents an excellent opportunity for established companies in the same sector or related sectors seeking to expand their client base, capacity, services, products, and/or geographical presence.

National and international expansion is one of the key growth drivers, but not the only one.


  • Appropriate licenses and certifications.
  • -Strong positioning in a growing market.
  •  A diversified client portfolio with 14 years of history.
  • Competitive range of services and products.
  •  Attractive and expanding EBITDA margins.
  •  Significant growth potential.
  •  Modern equipment.
  •  A qualified workforce and proven operational processes
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