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21117   Luxury Residence for the Elderly with swimming pool, gym – Murcia Southern Spain



This is a private owned Residence for the elderly. A social-health and family support service that cares for people affected by different degrees of dependency, promoting their autonomy and well-being.

The care of the elderly must cover all their needs both physical and mental well-being

The Residence offers these exclusive services and counting with a group of qualified professionals it contributes to the integral well-being of elderly people.

The Residence offers two types of attention:

  • Full “Residence” with 25 places

The small number of residents makes it possible to offer an individualized attention and a familiar and quiet environment in which elders and staff enjoy a close, warm and affectionate relationship.

  • “Day Center” with 11 places

The Day Center, where elderly persons come during the week, from Monday to Friday, and spend the day at the Residence to return to their homes at the end of the day.



The Residence is located in the coastal area of the community of Murcia. In a municipality in the north of the Mar Menor, a privileged area due to the beauty of its surroundings and the excellent weather conditions.

This area is ideal to reach the desired objectives and providing service to residents of many countries who have their homes in neighboring towns.



This Residence developed a new concept, an exclusive “Health and Wellbeing Center”, with dedicated services offering clients a therapeutic alternative, as natural as possible, in a non-sanitary environment.

A welcoming and warm environment with integrative therapy focused on rebalancing both physical and psycho-emotional factors by changing certain life habits, such as diet.

The limited number of places, twenty-five in the Resident modality and eleven in the Day Center, allows them to enjoy a family atmosphere in which closeness and warmth in relationships are a fundamental part of the attention to their clients. In the daily coexistence, in the stimulation activities, in the cinema sessions, in the hours of social gatherings on the porch … they form a great family.

The Residence features two differentiating and exclusive elements that outstand in current markets.

  • The first element is the pool with sea water, holding a salinity level like that of the Dead Sea (about 300gr. Of salt / liter). Besides it contains a very high level of mineral richness in its composition, which is important for health benefits, especially in rheumatological, skin and stress problems.
  • Second, a multidisciplinary team, including a doctor, psychologist, physiotherapist, and nutritionist.

These two elements contribute to offer an integrative therapy, aimed at rebalancing the body.

Therefore, the home can contribute considerably to improve the quality of life of their clients, while making this improvement as stable as possible over time.


The center enjoys an environment that meets the conditions of tranquility, beauty and contact with nature which are optimal for their clients and residents to relax.

It has different open spaces in which residents can enjoy a natural environment:

* Garden area (4000 square meters),

* Pergola,

* Cactus garden,

* Trees of different types (palm trees, olive trees, citrus fruits, etc.)

* Many outdoor spaces designed to provide the elderly a stimulating contact with their environment.

Besides the residence is near to all the necessary infrastructures for the optimal development of the needs of their activity: Medical Centers, Los Arcos del Mar Menor University Hospital, Shopping Centers and Commercial Establishments of all kinds, connection with the main roads (AP7, Autovía del Mediterráneo), railway station, taxi and bus services, proximity to the port of Cartagena … etc.


The building has a totally different view than the usual retirement home. It is built in an elegant villa style with pastel colors common to the region of Murcia

On a 5.500 m2 plot, the residence currently has

  • 25 beds divided into
  • seven single rooms and
  • nine double rooms,

The rooms, which have private bathrooms, are oriented to capture the brightness of the environment and are equipped with everything necessary for the care and well-being of the resident: articulated beds, heating, television, emergency caller, … and to attend the specific needs of people with different degrees of disability: railings, shower chairs, special mattresses, … Some rooms have a terrace.

Furthermore there is:

  • management office,
  • elevator
  • medical consultation,
  • dining room,
  • kitchen, laundry,
  • TV room,
  • activity room,
  • outdoor porch,
  • swimming pool, and
  • large gardens.
  • With a maximum quality in materials, bathrooms, and furniture.

The residence is far from the typical image of a residence for the elderly.

Its architecture, its well-kept gardens, and the quality and warmth of its services, lead to an absolutely homelike environment, highlighting the therapeutic aspect of this concept.


In both the Residency and Day Center modalities, residents have all the services necessary for their well-being: permanent attention with qualified personnel: Doctor, A.T.S., Nursing Assistants, Physiotherapist, Podiatry service, Hairdresser …

Both residents and users of the Day Center enjoy the activities the Residence offers. These activities have the common objective of maintaining and improving functions and skills and providing the elderly with a stimulating environment in which they not only see their basic personal needs met, but also find satisfaction of their socio-cultural needs.

Among these activities, which take place every day from Monday to Friday in the morning and afternoon:

  • Performing daily exercise
  • Press reading carried out in a group
  • Playing games, board, bingo, petanque…..
  • Film sessions weekly
  • Manual activities such as painting or ceramics
  • Music therapy



The Residence has qualified personnel for Direct Attention to residents. Clinic Assistants, Nurse, Doctor, Physiotherapist, Social Worker, Kitchen and Cleaning Staff … all of them work as a team to assist users in their needs, not only physical but also affective and emotional, fulfilling the integral well-being of their residents and day visitors.

Currently there are 14 employees as well as independent consultants such as doctors, psychologists, physiotherapist, and nutritionist.


As the permits allow 25% more building capacity on the existing ground surface there is still a possibility to build a large extension, which would lead to a supplementary capacity of seventy beds.


This beautiful and well-equipped Residency set in one of the best regions of Spain is on the market for

2.200.000-euro FULL PROPERTY

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