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Price: 685.000€

20033 Small Olive plantation with Ecological production of Olive Oil – Province of Albacete




The company was established in 2014 with the aim of managing a small olive grove

Originally it started with a small planted area of ​​3.000 square meter.

Although the total plot is 80.000 square meter ( 8 ha)


During the years the owner managed to expand the plantation up to 1.580 olive trees.

He also made a lot of improvements such as a full irrigation system, fencing the farm and installing a full production plant with proper filter installation, press systems and tanks in order to produce a high quality ecological olive oil.

The owner conceived this idea as a hobby eventually to be succeeded by one of his sons.

In 2018 he even built a modern comfortable house with tennis court, parking space and productive orchard in order order to fulfill this “dream”


This modest yet efficient plantation with its own ecological olive oil production plant is located in a quiet historic town in the southeast of the Iberian Peninsula, in the province of Albacete, within the autonomous community of Castilla-La Mancha. The municipal term limits with the Valencian Community and with the Region of Murcia. It is an unspoiled region of Spain with stunning natural scenery, plenty of Nature Parks hiding amazing cascades and winding wild rivers.

The modern city of Alicante with numerous shops, restaurants, bars, museum and sandy beaches are only 1 hour car drive away.

The plantation is nestled on the slope of a land elevation that prevents the olive trees from freezing during winter time. The soil is of limestone preventing many diseases and loss of moisture.

The plot holds approximately 80.000 square meter.-8 ha !!

Right now there are about 1.580 olive trees planted using the 7×7 method.

If decided to expand the plantation in order to higher the production, one could decide to change into an intensive agriculture method, expanding the plantation revenue by 2.


Their product owns a Registered Trade Mark and is sold as a quality product, either to “gourmet-shops” , gift shops specialized in “ gourmet and Xmas baskets” as through a proper fully owned on-line shop.

The last 5 years were the most important as for production of olives

  • 2015 at 900 kg
  • 2016 at 2295 kg
  • 2017 at 2580 kg
  • 2018 at 3580 kg
  • 2019 at 5068 kg.

The production in full performance of the same is estimated between 33.000 kg / 40.000 kg


At the moment the machinery of the plant holds 2 new tanks of 2500 liters, 1 tank with a pump, and a deposit 750-liter tank, a small bottling machine.

Everything is in place to produce this quality oil.

In 2019 this ecological plant produced a total of 1.042 liter oil.

Resulting in a 100.000 euro turn over/year with virtually no fixed costs !!!

Preview for the years to come is 7.000 liter/year.

One can increase the production dramatically buying more surrounding land and organizing an intensive plantation model.

In that case an additional plot of 10.000 square meter could produce about 11.000 liters per year, summing a total of 18.000 liter a year.


In 2018 the actual owner decided to build a modern villa on the farm ground, featuring spacious parking space, tennis court and productive orchard. If so decide, it could be possible to extend the building as the plot of 80.000 square meter can hold a larger building.


Right now this high quality ecological olive oil it is being sold in half-liter bottles at an average amount of € 5.50 per bottle.


Gourmet shops, companies specialized in selling “gift and Xmas baskets” and several of the most important restaurants in the town.

As the owner is operating this business as a “hobby” he does not have a commercial network neither can he attend the already existing own web shop.


Increasing the networking, maybe adjusting the web-shop, implementing multilingual choices and advertising on “ marketplace sites” such as “ Amazon” and others.

Finding more “gourmet shops” not only regional but national and even international.

As mentioned before one could increase the production by changing to a more intensive agriculture model and buying more land.


Although it must be said that with the existing production one can easily reach the ideal situation of a peaceful lifestyle considering that the farm holds a cosy villa offering all the modern comfort including large parking lot, tennis courts and orchard.

No extra costs for housing have to be taken in account.

If necessary the villa can be extended as the size of the plot accepts such an extension.

This business could be ideal for a ( middle-aged) couple looking for a quiet life on the country side without any hustle of big cities any more.


Due to the fact that the owner reaches his retirement age and his son changed career not being interested any more in succeeding, he decided to put this lovely humble yet efficient plantation/production site with modern villa on the market

FREEHOLD for the price of 685.000 euro

Important Note

The investments made in the farm have been the following: 2 water wells, introduction of drip to all olive trees, fencing of the main farm, brand creation, website creation,

+ OFFICIAL Sanitary Licence /registration,

+ Modern Villa with tennis court, orchard and parking place

+ the machinery and full production plant mentioned above

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