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21113 Rural Hotel with 9 rooms + Suite & Swimming Pool & Sports Room – Seville-South Spain



This beautiful rural hotel is situated about thirty minutes from Seville, where the Vega Alta, meets with the Guadalquivir River.  In a landscape of contrast and special beauty, at the first foothills of Sierra Morena one will discover this elegant rural hotel equipped with indoor pool and sports amenities.

Surrounded by orange trees, olive, and fruit trees, it offers a panoramic view of the Vega that opens up before your eyes and invites you to relax.

An ideal environment for horse riding, hiking and a wide variety of activities while enjoying nature and countryside.


The location of the property is very strategic, on the outskirts of a typical village at 42 km form Seville. It is situated in the countryside where one can develop tourism of any kind, whether cultural, sporting, gastronomic, and much more.

For city – trip lovers :

  • the distance to Cordoba is about 90Kms.
  • the distance to Seville, about 40 kms,
  • about 20 kms to Carmona
  • proximity of the Sierra Morena of Seville which includes the surrounding villages, Villanueva del Rio y Minas, El Pedroso, Cazalla de la Sierra etc.
  • the fabulous beaches of both Huelva and Cádiz are at just over an hour away

The region is typical of the Guadalquivir valley, where one can enjoy good and mild temperatures all year round, including winter. The area enjoys a microclimate that has a temperature difference with respect to the rest of the valley of about 10ºC. less.


Seville, along with Córdoba and Granada is one of the three most famous cities in Andalucia. Visiting Seville means discovering a very rich architectural and historical legacy, but also diving in Spanish culture, with tapas, sangria, and flamenco.

Seville stands out as one of the cities with one of the world’s historical heritages. With three monuments declared as World Heritage by UNESCO, the Real Alcázar, the Cathedral of Seville and the Archivo de Indias, Seville can boast of the beauty of its most important monuments.

In addition to these monuments, in the city of Seville one will find a multitude of museums, churches, palaces and other beauties leaving every visitor impressed during his visit to the capital of Andalucia.



The city of Cordoba is known as the “sultana of Andalusia”, it was known for its great splendor in past centuries and is a good example of the three cultures in the past, Christian, Muslim and Jewish. Just by walking through its streets one will feel like in past times with a lot of charm.

Although the Mosque-Cathedral is the most visited monument (almost 2,000,000 visits a year), there are many other monuments full of history that one can visit.



Due to its excellent situation, next to the Guadalquivir River, visitors can enjoy fishing and hunting, as there is a wide variety of hunting grounds in the area, both for small and big game. On the other hand, the horse-riding routes in the area are not to be missed. The hotel organizes a horse- ride journey into the foothills of the Sierra Morena to the hermitage of the patron saint, where one will be surprised by an unusual landscape.

From the Cerro de los Aralejos there is a beautiful panoramic view, which includes Tocina, Los Rosales, Cantillana, Villanueva del Río, Alcolea, Guadajoz and Carmona.

The route runs through rockroses, thyme, and native scrubland, until it reaches the stream El Galapagar, whose course will be followed until reaching the hotel, where the stream flows into the Guadalquivir River. They also organize visits to the archaeological site of Munigüa, a paradigmatic Roman sanctuary.


The building has been part of the family heritage for four generations, and the necessary renovations have been carried out to adapt it to tourism when the business was opened on the first of March -2000.


The land of the property, 2 hectares (20.000 square meter) , is completely fenced with a mesh fence of more than two meters high and at the same time compartmentalized which allows it to be isolated by zones. Actually, it is divided into three levels.

  • The first level, closest to the Galapagar stream, a tributary of the Guadalquivir River some 500m below, is flat and allows for growing various irrigated crops, as well as for sporting activities such as horse riding.
  • It is followed by a hillside, filled with orange trees offering a particular scenery, and when blooming will spread a delicious scent.
  • In the central part the main building and adjoining buildings arise, including storage, annexed cottage, multi-purpose room and heated swimming pool.
  • Between both buildings is the main house, as well as covered parking.
  • The third level is located next to the main house, which is surrounded by olive trees, providing privacy and intimacy.

This hotel has been environmentally friendly from the beginning. Therefore, solar panels were installed to supply sanitary water as well as heated water for the  swimming pool. This reduces by two thirds the fuel consumption of two boilers, one for sanitary water and the other for the swimming pool water supply. The installation is completed by two hot water accumulators, the first with a capacity of thousand liters and the second of one thousand five hundred, which cover all hot water consumption needed.



  • A large multipurpose room, formerly a gymnasium, features a ping-pong table and treadmill. This room is suitable to take yoga classes and natural therapies, as well as any other group activity.
  • Adjacent is a massage room and office
  • A heated swimming pool, ideal for relaxing and practicing sport all year round.
  • To relieve stress or muscular pains, the hotel offers physiotherapy/therapeutic massage and chiromassage service.


  • The property has three wells therefore, in case of drought, they can provide the full establishment. Given its abundance it is distributed in various sections. One where the animal and horse drink, located in the old stables of the farm.


  • Another is equipped with an electric motor to water the flowers, the fountain and the general cleaning of the terrace. The third, duly legalized, is used to irrigate the entire estate, for which it is fully equipped with a drip irrigation system and an electric motor specifically installed for this purpose.


  • In addition to all this, the hotel is equipped with drinking water from the public mains, although it could also be self-sufficient.

Description of the building by floor plan + Description of the land

According to the plan, the main building consists of two floors: ground floor and first floor.

On the ground floor there are 6 rooms equipped with air conditioning hot/cold, TV, complete bathroom with shower, living room of approx. 70 m2, dining room, kitchen and a room for the service or also for the business depending on its focus.

On the first floor there is 1 equipped room and the complete suite, also equipped like the ones below, except for the two-room suite which has a hydro-massage bath and shower.





All rooms have individual air conditioning for hot and cold, allowing to enjoy the temperature of choice in both winter and summer. Each room has a different style without losing the warmth and comfort of a second home, fully equipped with its own bathroom, television, wifi.

  • Guest Room

It has a 70 m2 lounge on the ground floor with a wood-burning fireplace and marble decoration, where guests can enjoy a pleasant chat or read a good book.


Attached cottage, which can be offered as a hotel or as a holiday rental property, contains two bedrooms with three beds each, wardrobe, living room, fully equipped kitchen and two toilets.


For the catering service there is a fully equipped kitchen with service and utensils for 30 people.


The terrace consists of a raised platform on the second level of the property which allows a view of the horizon, with a Doric colonnade and fountain protected by a classical balustrade at the front which prevents children from falling, with a traditional vine, and a solarium.




  • swimming pool
  • heated swimming pool, ideal for relaxing and practicing sport all year round, without overcrowding or stress. If clients suffer from stress or muscular pains, they offer physiotherapy/therapeutic massage and chiromassage service.
  • the toilets located in the center of the building have two functions, on the one hand they serve the swimming pool and on the other hand, they can serve the multi-purpose room, as they are equipped with doors that can be closed and opened as required.
  • Special activities such as: Spa, Yoga Retreats, Cooking Workshop, etc.

everything requested by the client, can be organized.


Apart of advertising through their own website, the hotel is present and advertise on ALL booking and tourism portals, mainly for the Spanish market.


Prívate tourists generated through their website or other portals.

National and international clients, mainly from Germany, France, England and Holland, médium to high standard.


  • The company could grow if it should use the natural, heritage and high quality gastronomic resources that the area has to offer.
  • Possibility to market a high quality product such as using the resources of the Camino de Santiago de la Frontera in all its aspects, religious, patrimonial, gastronomic, sporting, etc…:
  • As an extension of the business, building lodges or even a “glamping” could be installed among the olive trees or among the orange trees.
  • The old stables could be modified into holiday flats.
  • In all cases these extensions can be delimited by separate areas without interference between them or with the main hotel building.
  • Also the possibility of reinstall restaurant service. ( closed for the moment)
  • Extend the marketing by advertising on international multilingual rural hotels or B&B sites
  • Offering wedding celebrations


Due to COVID crisis, and severe illness of the actual owner, this extraordinary property/hotel is closed for the moment.

Therefore it is offered under the net value of the soil, building and amenities, recently expertised at 1.200.000 euro.

NOW Offered at

1.090.000 euro

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