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20032 Rural Hotel + Restaurant & Astronomical Observatory -Province Teruel Spain


This typical hospitality business is a perfect opportunity for anyone who is tired of hectic life, endless traffic jams and large crowds in busy cities.

Anyone who dreams of “back to nature”, surrounded by a picturesque environment, authentic villages breathing the ancient history of Spain inhabited by friendly neighbors.

This is a truthful description of the Province of Teruel in the “ Autonomous Aragon region” (located between Madrid and Valencia)


The province of Teruel is situated in the “Autonomous Region of Aragon” central Spain.

The province is characterized by a mountainous geography and a particularly dry climate.

The economy mainly consists of the cultivation of cereals and tourism. Moreover, the sale of raw ham “Jamon Serrano” is also important, with its own “denominación de origen” (designation of origin).

To promote the quality of this product, a 7-day Festival is held every September in Teruel, which is all about the ham with DO designation of origin. Everywhere in the city you will find tapas prepared with ham, festivities, shows and competitions.

There are also two well-known ski centers in the same province.

In response to the mostly unknowns of this beautiful region, a large publicity campaign «Teruel Existe» was started, mainly to revive the province by stimulating tourism.

Teruel has a very interesting historical past.

The city is closer to Valencia than the northern Zaragoza.  Teruel is of Iberian origin, destroyed by the Romans. From the 8th century and during many centuries Teruel was under the rule of the Moors. The last Moorish mosque was not closed until 1502. Fortunately, the beautiful Mudéjar towers have survived the years. The special atmosphere in the city is evoked by the numerous Mudéjar-style buildings and towers from the Moorish period. The towers (and the Cathedral) have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site


The Rural Hotel is located in a city close to” Reserva natural dirigida de la Laguna de Gallocanta”.

It is located in the Jiloca region. This “ Natural Reserve” is very popular by ornithologist, hikers and nature lovers. Visitors are attended by educators from the “Natural Network of the Aragón Region” to offer information about the “Reserve” , showing the best hiking paths and excursions, observatories such as practical information to get closer to the birds without disturbing them in their feeding and resting areas.

The “Reserve” features an audiovisual and a permanent exhibition on cranes, aquatic birds, information on the influence of salt and other aspects of nature in this important peninsular wetland located in Aragon. The “Reserve” also features an observatory with binoculars and spyglasses.

The crane is the most representative species that one can find in the Gallocanta Lagoon, establishing itself as a symbol of this wetland. In mid-October of each year, the Gallocanta Lagoon waits impatiently for the arrival of the cranes, knowing that its customary tranquility will be abruptly altered by the arrival of hundreds of groups of thunderous cranes, which will cram and fill their domains with life. If you go to Gallocanta from October to March, you will be able to enjoy this magnificent natural spectacle.

Therefore the region receives a 800.000 visitors/year.

Official statistics show that this number increases every year by 20 %.

Obviously this area is visited by national and international nature -loving-tourists all year round, who appreciate lodging in a  typical hospitality establishment.


Opened on August First, 2015 and thanks to the enthusiasm of its actual owners, the old grain silo has been converted into a hospitality establishment with elements that make it, by far, one of the most attractive tourist offers in Aragon for all types of visitors.

The Hotel is equipped with a magnificent viewpoint facing the Gallocanta lagoon and located more than 25 meters high.

In addition, it has an astronomical observatory equipped with a telescope, installed in the dome and entirely at the disposal of their clients.

Their belvedere is an exceptional enclave where amateurs and professionals of ornithology can contemplate the birds of the Gallocanta lagoon.

Located in a privileged environment, this small city is a perfect destination for those who want to explore the routes through the Gallocanta lagoon, both on foot and by bicycle. Or to visite the many  tourist attractions such as the Monasterio de Piedra or the nearby medieval castles, such as that of Molina de Aragon, Zafra or Peracense.

The hotel is housed in an old silo converted into accommodation space with magnificent views of the Laguna de Galloganta Natural Reserve.

The hotel has 20 totally new, spacious and comfortable rooms, equipped with complete bathroom, heating, air conditioning and internet, several of them adapted for people with reduced mobility. Decorated with current and antique furniture elements, creating a special charm.

There are also 4 “ family or friends rooms” with a total of 16 beds. These rooms have been designed to guarantee excellent quality accommodation for groups and gatherings.

Conference rooms and a large meeting room are available for companies, associations and any other type of group in order to organize meetings, coaching sessions, etc.

Next to the hotel one finds swimming pools and the municipal pavilion, as well as an outdoor pediment with a playground that will delight the little ones.


The establishment offers a complete cafeteria and restaurant service, where one can taste typical dishes of the area enjoying both indoors and on outdoor terrace.

In the bar-cafeteria they offer an extensive menu of sandwiches, hamburgers, typical dishes and tapas, as well as takeaway menus and picnics.

The restaurant has a capacity for 65 diners.

Offering the possibility of a daily menu, à la carte and closed banquet menus.

It is open to the public and not only to hotel guests.


The astronomical observatory is a differentiated cultural offer of the hotel to its guests, aiming at both professional scientific work and the knowledge of astronomy to all audiences.

The facilities consist of a meeting room with a projector, an exhibition hall, an observation room with a dome and annexed services such as accommodation, a gazebo, an office, a bar-restaurant, etc.

The actual management carries out guided tours for groups, even for those who do not have astronomy knowledge.

In addition, they offer the possibility of individual booking for professionals.


The hotel has a magnificent viewpoint facing the Gallocanta lagoon.

It is built on an elevated spot at 25 meters above the lagoon.

From here the visitor can contemplate the migratory passage of the storks and the wonderful spectacle that the cranes offer, as well as impressive views over the lagoon.


The establishment features large and beautiful spaces that can be rented to organize a wide variety of exhibitions ( paintings, arts, crafts) and activities (meetings, sports activities, events, etc.)


This unique hospitality business reaches a turnover of 300.000 euro/year , with very little overhead costs.


  • Attracting more clientele for “ business events” “coaching events” “ meditation workshops” “yoga workshops”      astronomy initiation workshops” and so one
  • Marketing towards international clientele
  • Publicity in specialized magazines  or via social media, both national and international, to attract more professionals in ornithology and astronomy


Due to family issues this typical hotel is on the market at

749.000 euro including full property – FREEHOLD

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