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21101 Lodge Style Restaurant & Vacation Housing in Natural Park- Mountain setting Asturias



Founded in 1993 in the heart of the “bear path”, this restaurant is a charming place to eat, dedicated to homemade and Asturian cuisine with a personal touch and a familiar treatment.

They have a cozy dining room with 12 tables and a large terrace on the banks of the river away from the crowded world, where the client can enjoy a quiet and pleasant moment.

The restaurant is in a small town, the heart of the bear path. The owner made it successful with great sacrifice and extreme enthusiasm.

This business provides the ideal occasion. Situated in a unique enclave, in the heart of the bear path, surrounded by nature, peace and tranquility. The versatility of this property is another incentive since it contains a studio and apartment as vacation housing above the restaurant, ready to be used.

The Restaurant is apt to continue operating without the need for investment, as it has been performing successfully for many years.

In addition to this building, they also have a Chalet 6 km from the location of the restaurant for sale.


On March 3, 1993 this Restaurant in Asturias opened its doors. Housed in a building of 70 years old, a construction made of stone perimeter and load-bearing walls with horizontal wood framework and  gabled roof. Refurbishment works have been carried out in the property in the year 2.017 affecting the structure in which the slab that serves as a roof to the building as well as the pillars have been replaced, also reinforcing the existing foundation for we understand that the structure has been totally renovated.

The owner`s great milestone was when he arrived to this town when the area was still in tourist expansion. With all the loving work in the world he created a restaurant so famous that nowadays it operates by previous reservations only.

A new owner will generate benefits from day one !!!!


This restaurant is located in the heart of the “senda del oso” ( the bear´s path), it is the most travelled green path in Spain. It consists of 29km of cycling path in an incomparable framework.

There are numerous active tourism companies in the area, which are an important encouragement for tourism.

All year round the region gains visitors from the province (Asturias) itself and in high season people from all of Spain and international visitors enjoy the breath-taking scenery. Attracted by the landscape, the innumerable hiking routes throughout the entire valley, the gastronomy, bear sightings …. sports fishing …. hunting. … . The valley is crossed by several affluents of the Truvia river accompanying the path in an unforgettable walk.

In one word Asturias is a natural paradise.

Tourists can also enjoy a visit to the prehistory museum at only 15km from the restaurant. This is an original and unpublished project in Europe, a cultural facility that aims to display the art of the upper palaeolithic known in Europe.

Many trips by car can also be undertaken such as :

  • At 28km is Oviedo, capital of the principality of Asturias and headquarters of the princess of Asturias awards (world-renowned).
  • A half hour by car is the Cantabria sea with a wide range of beaches to choose from.



The property consists of 2 floors,

·       on the ground floor is the charming stone and wood restaurant with a rustic decoration according to the area, which has been operating for 27 years thanks to a large and loyal clientele that made them grow over the years.

·       The restaurant holds 12 tables inside

·       and 11 on a discreet and quiet terrace facing the river and the mountains. It has a very high roof brick roof that gives it a special effect. Both the dining room and the terrace consist of a sound installation.

·        Before the pandemic they used to organise dinner concerts with Blues, Country or Folklore music, therefore the installation is prepared for two guitars and two microphones.

·       There is also a beautiful and spacious terrace, off the road and facing the river,

·       A beautiful orange tree and a treated vertical garden is a great place for customers to take awesome pictures.

They work with a extended menu in three languages, and de average price is of 20/25 euros.

The capacity inside the restaurant is of about 59 people.


Vacation Apartment and studio

On the first and second floor of the same building an apartment and the loft are accommodated.

The third floor is still to be accommodated into a full apartment.

These would be a good return on capital for rural tourism or housing since it is an area with a high demand for rural tourism accommodation.

  • On the first floor there are, completely renovated, a two-bedroom apartment, fully equipped, and a
  • studio with a hydromassage bath;
  • both, apartment and study, are equipped with gas heating.
  • These two spaces could be used as the owner´s home or
  • exploited as tourist accommodation, highly sought after by in this valley.

Many families – specially in these pandemic situation – are considering to get out of the cities and the stress of their daily work situation.

This business provides an ideal occasion.


In addition to the restaurant, the apartment and studio in the same building, they also have for sale a villa 6 km from the location of the restaurant.

This chalet is on two floors.

* On the ground floor is the entrance, which is a beautiful gallery with mountain views, and has a huge wooden table to enjoy a good meal. In the background there are ideal armchairs for reading and relaxing.

* The rest of the floor is open, where the kitchen and living room with fireplace meet.

* There is also a bathroom on the ground floor and

* garage.

* On the first floor are the two bedrooms with built-in wardrobe and a

*  huge bathroom with lots of light.

* It also has a large sunny terrace and impressive views.

Besides, there is a garden in front of the house and another with a lot of privacy on the back of the villa.

Some utility buildings, with a workshop, a boiler room, a deposit and storage area.


They`ve received the “Q” of quality license for several years now, and also the distinction of gastronomic pearl by the principality of Asturias.


Although they are very well valued on the internet, their main marketing strategy is word of mouth and advertising their menu on the local paper.


All year around they have local clients from the nearby capital of Cáceres. Although in high season and holidays they receive many tourists.

Expansion and Growth

  • the three houses are ready to be exploited for rural tourism highly in demand around this area.
  • the restaurant can expand by opening more hours and advertise actively on social networks.


Actually, the restaurant opens only from Tuesday till Sunday midday.

However, it realizes a nice yearly turnover around 350. 000 € with very low overhead costs.

Considering the holiday homes are not yet under development one can assume that the turnover

could easily rise to 500.000 € yearly.

A unique opportunity for a family to work surrounded by nature.

Conclusion and pricing

This unique Hospitality business is on the market including

  • Fully operating restaurant
  • Apartment in same building
  • Studio in same building
  • Third floor yet to be accommodated into a full apartment

At the price of 412.500 euro FREEHOLD -FULL PROPERTY

  • A 2 bed –1 bath Villa with garden at 6 km form restaurant

At the price of 198.000 euro FREEHOLD -FULL PROPERTY



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