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Production and Sales Essential Oil Relaxation Fragrances- Madrid ( can be relocated )



The compounds of this extremely professional company are 100% natural, functional and effective, ideal to reduce tension and help the whole family to relax and sleep in an optimal condition, without ingesting gel pills or capsules.

Its main product – the lotion– is the first product of a range that will be launched on the market progressively. It is a liquid / lotion made from essential oils that, vaporized before the hours of sleep, produce a relaxing effect that helps induce sleep.


The 16th Century Carmelite monks used the essential oils of certain relaxing plants to improve rest and sleep. For centuries, scientists have studied how to aid relaxation and improve rest. Achieving this naturally, without side effects, is the result of modern research.

The studies that support the formula based on Essential Oils began in 2002 and the first tests were carried out in laboratories, in Madrid.

Already in 2016, a highly competent research laboratory began the first tests of the definitive formula and after 2 years of research passed the semi-finished product to the final producer, which is the one who studies the processes of defining the degree of alcohol, the maceration, the final filtering and the bottling.

The top product of this company is a Functional Fragrance resulting from research on historical documents at the National Library in Madrid.


The formula is fully patented also, the company has all the toxicological certificates demanded by Spain and by Europe (Brussels for the Union)


This amazing company has 4 all natural and relaxing products:

  • fragrance
  • cream
  • wipes
  • Mikado air fresheners


They are the first cosmetics (fragrance, 50ml and functional cream, 30ml) on the market composed of 13 natural essential oils, recognized in botany for centuries as powerful elements of relaxation. Useful for the whole family. Discover its benefits with the functional fragrance, which you can spray on the pyjamas or on the pillow so that the oils penetrate and influence your system naturally. The Functional Cream will be absorbed directly through the skin generating an effect of calm and relaxation that will facilitate rest. Combine them as you want and start to feel their positive effects.

The company’s Functional 50ml Fragrance, and 30ml Cream, can be used at any time of the day or night to help with relaxation. You can start with 4 or 5 sprays of the Fragrance on the garments before bedtime. It can be sprayed with effective results on the pillow or on a handkerchief. If desired, some sprays can also be executed on the clothes after the shower in the afternoon or evening to rest.

With this same fragrance, derived from the 13 essential oils, there is the Mikado and the relaxing candles, especially for the bedrooms, the wipes, extremely useful when travelling, easy to carry the product in the bag and use it either in the office, on trips or when convenient.

The last two products have been evaluated and are ready to be produced, but it did not go to the production phase yet.

Every product designed by this company is a combination of 13 essential oils all proven to provide a balanced way for the following benefits:

  • serenity
  • sedation
  • relieve anxiety
  • reduce stress
  • act as an antidepressant
  • fight fatigue
  • help you fall asleep and improve relaxation while you sleep.



The company’s program was born as a result of modernizing and adapting the use of fragrances to new markets.

For this objective, the current situation of the traditional concept of “medicinal plants” and the most qualified university studies of modern molecular chemistry and medical botany have been taken into account.

Extensive research and analysis for more than 15 years has led to the extraordinary combination formula never explored until now.

There are many similar products on the market, but none of them have achieved mixing 13 essential oils in one product, for example:


* Babor, which is a product that PURSES CALM AND RELAXATION… AND REPRODUCES THE SENSATIONS FOUND IN A SPA AT HOME. The fragility of this comment is due to the fact that this product only contains LAVENDER AND MINT and it believes that it has relaxing effects, as mint is not relaxing (neutral) and only lavender is moderately relaxing (although it is very pleasant).

* Another example of spectacular oversizing of Essential Oils is the brand  L’Occitane as their composition is based exclusively on Lavender, since neither Bergamot (stimulant) nor Tangerine, or Orange or Geranium (stimulant) have to do with lasting relaxing effects, although with very pleasant fragrance effects, and therefore both act positively on the limbic system (part of the brain responsible for regulating our emotions, involuntary memory and personality). Hence, any pleasant fragrance produces positive effects.

* Diptyque states that it can be used on the pillow, then clarifies that it is has not so much of a relaxing effect but has a more “pleasant” effect. And this is so because if we study the components we see that they are all alcohols and that it is based on ROSE and IVY, elements that have nothing to do with direct relaxation, although they do have very pleasant fragrances so their impact on the limbic system is positive.

*  ´´THE BODY SHOP´´ product is currently no longer marketed. This PILLOW MIST product contained 2 relaxing Essential Oils: Lavender and Chamomile.

* The Ritual of Dao is another example of complex advertising. The fragrance of this product is very good. Its effectiveness in relaxation is only due to its great fragrance that exerts a very positive effect on the Limbic System, but its two components, the Yi-Yi and the Lotus are “very poorly” relaxing.

It should be noted that from all the ´´compared´´ products only Lavender and Chamomile are truly relaxing. None of them have Passionflower, Valerian, Melissa etc/ some contain synthetic products and also none of them have 13 essential oils.


The company makes use of two online sales strategies: influencer- and online marketing.

  1. Through influencers, they can send messages to their target audience through profiles on social networks, such as Facebook/Instagram and blogs. The desired effect is to generate credibility and prescription power. When showing a product by social networkers this will provoke a certain degree of interest among its followers.

Their online marketing strategy is not about posting on any website, but to segment the people that they are looking for by locating them.

This said, the campaign will be aimed at users interested in the following categories and context: Health, depression, sleep disorders, relaxation, well-being, sleep, anxiety, interest / awareness in health.

  1. Direct on-line sales are generated through “Amazon”, which makes this type of sales very easy.


This astounding company has a contract with ´´EL CORTE INGLÉS´´.

El Corte Inglés headquartered in Madrid and present in every Spanish city is the largest high-end department store group in Europe and ranks third worldwide. El Corte Inglés is Spain’s only remaining and high-end department store chain.


It should be emphasized that even if this company has been established since 2017, the actual sales only started at the end of 2018.

Therefore, there is a non-substantial turn over to be mentioned.

For the current owner – a professional from the financial world- this entire process to realize full-fledged product from scratch was his dream fulfilled.

Now that the entire creative design and production process has been completed and the sales tools are in place to get started, the time has come for him to vend this “hobby” and start another creative project.


This amazing opportunity is on the market for 175.000 euro.

Including: Formula patented in EU, Registered trade names, contract with Corte Inglés, Professional Website, Amazon web – shop, stock of 1.000 units.

IMPORTANT  NOTE: Actually the company is located in Madrid ( Capital) however can be easily relocated

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