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21100 Historic 4 * Hotel - Antique Franciscan convent- Extremadura South Spain



This former Franciscan convent originally built in the 16th century, has been restored to become a magnificent 4-star hotel. The Hotel has 25 comfortable rooms (two of which are suites) and has been declared a National Historic Monument, besieged in a municipality right in the middle of the ZEPA area. It is situated at 500m from the village centre and at 25.5 km of the road that connects to larger cities of the area.

This Franciscan-style building, where the monks of this order lived, is constructed from granite stone. It features a church with large barrel vaults, embellished with a baroque-style dome with central lantern and a loggia of columns in its patios and cloisters. All of these items are in perfect condition as its reconstruction and restoration have been based on all the original plans and schemes.


The Franciscan Order of barefoot monks began its construction in the XIV century, ending in the XVI century. The building, made of robust stone in a Baroque style, was built on an initial chapel whose dome is today a review of the style suggested by the tonic of the building. Followed by an arcaded and vaulted cloister and a vegetable garden which today has been converted into beautiful gardens. The many vaulted wells are able to supply the daily needs of garden irrigation. The upper floor continues to maintain its original dimensions and the hotel rooms are accommodated in the former resting cells of the Franciscan monks.

As mentioned before, the convent was founded in 1554, belonging to an ecclesiastical congregation by the council of the town. The works began that same year, under the guidance of Pedro de Ybarra. After 3 years some religious began to live there. In the mid-18th century, the building had suffered the damage caused by the wars with Portugal. Due that cause the monks had to execute some slight reformations. After the “Demortization of Mendizabal”, the property became private property and was dedicated to agricultural and livestock exploitation, which has kept it standing, despite some damage. Finally, in 1999 this convent was transformed into a rural hotel.


Outside the walls of the municipality nestled in the Valle de la Luz its extensive plains are suitable for bird watching. Big and small hunt is possible around the Sierra de San Pedro and its extensive pastures and farms. In any case this region satisfies all round activities for all tastes at any time of the year

Within the municipality, which was declared National Heritage , one can appreciate the magnificence of its former splendour. The ancient history of the “Major Order of Alcántara” left works as important as the Santa Maria Church (declared Cathedral with its recognized altarpiece), the Church of the Holy Martyrs, as well as numerous palaces today still inhabited by existing titles of nobility. Palaces served as a lookout over a huge fortress. Numerous are also the hermitages that surround the town and that continue to be devotees of saints and municipal festivals.

This Hotel is installed in one of the most attractive locations, thanks to its ancient history, its rich artistic-cultural heritage and its beautiful natural environment. It is also very close to Cáceres, a city listed as a World Heritage Site. The municipality is declared Centre of Cultural interest. In addition to being immersed in the Sierra de San Pedro, one of the largest sites for big game hunting in Extremadura and currently a ZEPA area for ornithology lovers.


The entire enclosure is four hectares with the building of 221m per floor built 32 deep and 10m high.

There are 25 rooms in the upper part distributed in central corridors and around the courtyard of the main cloister of the building. There are also utility rooms for cleaning services and separate stairs for distribution of guests and service personnel.

The main floor has a two-storey chapel which was once a church. Today its dome, lectern and choir area remain intact, all with white marble floors. Nowadays there is underfloor heating and this space has an “event- capacity” for more than 200 people. From the Chapel we have access to the main arcaded cloister with columns and mosaics painted on the original walls with an ornamental well as the centre of this emblematic structure. Various rooms have been accommodated for the use of the clients.

The reception areas, cafeteria, dining rooms, elevators, library and leisure rooms are also located on the main floor of the building. All of them maintained the ancient structures, vaults and exterior walls as well as the floors and other figures and cavities since centuries ago.

The catacombs and basement areas on one side of the building maintain their original state without remodelling. Future project exists to install a spa and personal care rooms.

On the outside, attached to its wide and endless walls, the robustness of its construction with several porticoes draws attention, all of them with quarrying material and granite stone, forming arches and spaces for the use and enjoyment of terraces. Various wells take care of the maintenance of the gardens

The hotel complex is complemented by a swimming pool for guests, a toilet and maintenance structure for its pump and maintenance and a private parking area. A warehouse has been completely rebuilt as a hall for hunters and large-scale events, since it is located outside the walls and makes it possible to separate it from the resting areas. It is fully equipped for tasks unrelated to the hotel’s activity.

The kitchens also located on the main floor with a new construction and annexed to the building are equipped with work areas required by law.

The rest of the remaining 3 hectares are not built, leaving a space in view of the wonderful plains and natural environments in which it is located.

At present it has all the opening permits to be exploited, although the rooms and common areas are not furnished, due to the dismantling and the restauration of the buildings by the actual owner.


It has 18 double rooms, 4 family rooms + 3 exclusive suites.


Rooms with fitted wardrobes and central air-heating and mixer, complete bathrooms and currently unfurnished in the room.

Security and surveillance systems throughout the hotel.

Kitchens fully equipped with furniture, gas systems with their own tank, refrigeration and freezing chambers, office and adhesion of quality systems, control and surveillance of products and active operation.

Cafeteria and rooms adapted for specific events


Private Parking,

Outdoor Hall as a Hunting Pavilion for multiple uses,

Gardens with lighting and irrigation systems.

Pool with a room for services and furniture collection.

Terraces located inside a stone arcaded cloister and vaults,

another terrace is located at the exit of the cafeteria, also semi-arcaded with views of the surrounding plains.

Project pending of locating a spa in a low area completely made of stone, excavated in the same stone, where the area of ​​“zedas” was located in the past.

Possible on site activities

In the outdoor complex there is a swimming pool available to customers. |

Guided visits,

wildlife observation,

helicopter routes and

health and beauty programs are coordinated from the Hotel with prior reservation.


The hotel has been purchased by the current owner, yet not been put into operation

The hotel and the rooms are fully equipped as described above, they only need to be furnished.


  • Activities such as: Hiking, Horse Riding, Big and Small Hunting, Bird Watching, International river excursions between Spain and Portugal, Cycling, Fishing of native species such as Tench.
  • From the Hotel one can coordinate, guided visits, observation of wild fauna, helicopter routes as well as health and beauty programs.
  • The municipality offers a large number of monuments in the region, recreational areas in peri-urban parks equipped with excursion areas, picnics, discotheques, local shops, artisan shops, etc.


Main Chapel Capacity 190 diners, several neighbouring rooms with different capacities.


Description: Internal arcaded cloister, semi-open with a well in the centre

Exterior terrace, semi-arched with views of the region.


This hotel is ideal for larger events and weddings, it even has its own chapel.

The Wedding services and arranged events have their own kitchen, the events are adapted to the needs of each client and capacity of the main space for 180 people and several spaces adaptable to smaller groups.

They used to have over 40 weddings per year.

The rooms are fully occupied in hunting season with both national and international clients since it is 15 km from the border with Portugal and supplies international groups that occupy the bulk of the season through hunting.


Hotel License ****

All the necessary for its opening and start-up.


Social networks and all hotel- online booking portals


Strengthening ties with national and international operators, betting on exclusive tailored marketing, would create the spa as a claim for clients and sporadic outsiders, would create a golf or professional soccer field, etc.


There is no turnover as the current owner bought the estate in a dilapidated state from a financial group. He has completely restored over the past years ready for its commercial opening.


This extraordinary estate is on the market for

2.750.000 euro FULL property , fully installed ( except for the furniture ) including licenses

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