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20028 FINTECH Micro Loan platform on-line – Costa del Sol – Southern Spain



This business is a micro-loan platform that started early 2018, established in the province of Malaga/Costa del Sol


At the beginning of 2018, two market studies; simulations by the best professionals and developers of microfinance platforms were carried out.

The actual founders gone through all the anti-money laundering mechanisms and official checking, achieving the opening of bank accounts and the acquisition of virtual POS (since the change in banking regulation last September this is impossible for a new lender)

During the year 2019 loans were granted in “laboratory” mode, polishing an algorithm that is capable of generating a request in a few seconds (thanks to numerous APIS generated with the most important providers in the market and the intelligent reading of all this information).

The top-notch Fintech platform can handle an important amount of requests to be granted based on said scoring algorithms and can automatically accept or decline the loan.

They have also managed to generate positive metrics by substantially improving customer acquisition ratios (digital marketing) and optimizing delinquency rates.

Today they are in a position to make projections thanks to their experience of providing loans nationwide. Based on an extensive know-how and thanks to an exhaustive system of “operative research”, procedures essential to achieve profits at the shortest possible time in the different Spanish communities.

This is clearly shown in their annual balance sheets, CAC and TIR.


The fintech (technological finance) sector in Spain is boiling, growing at 300% annually and at the right time to take a market position at low cost and very quickly.

It is important to note that this business is exempt from VAT

Due to the crisis, strong cash advance needs are looming, including a significant percentage of customers who cannot apply to the banks because they have their places already saturated.

Their experience in the business, the versatility of the platform, the technological advancement and maturity of the microfinance market allows them to generate a robust value proposition.


The client requesting a microloan needs an immediate and efficient solution since their request is generally based on an emergency or unforeseen.

For all the above mentioned, the “raison d’être” of this venture is the immediacy of the service and the fast and intelligent analysis of credit risk through cutting-edge technology.

This company counts with a fully competitive and agile platform, in a rapidly developing market like Spanish fintech.

In the future expansion can be obtained by aiming at an international market.

Through their innovative data science department and data analysis technology, “BIG DATA”, the company was able to lower the delinquency rate during business scalability.


Estimates are granted to 10% or less of the applications that enter.

They have specialized in fraud detection (with different technological methods and through systems to detect personality substitution or counterfeits), individuals with animosity of non-payment and status of non-viability of payment.

During the years they  have managed to lower the NON-PAYMENT -PAYMENT DEFAULT rate (defaults after the collection date) from 59% to 27% and NON-COLLECTIBLES (1-year defaults) from 20% to 6%.

Today they  reach those positive numbers.

On this moment they have a total of 900.000 euros to collect during 2020


The success of the company is the cost of customer acquisition. Therefore the marketing is carried out through social networks specialists, organic SEO and paid SEM positioning; This activity requires a methodology in the digital marketing campaigns . Now they  proceeded to detail achieving a cost of the lead (person who fills out an application form) in Spain of € 1 , starting at € 2 at the start of the business.

The company also has executed  integrations with affiliate networks in the market.

This allows the platform to have the ability to start granting the amount of loans a client wants in a minimum period of time.

It is important to highlight that the company counts with a a portfolio of 20.000 registered clients. These clients have agreed to receive advertising and promotions. Free campaigns can be carried out towards all of them.

They also have a significant portfolio of active clients, such a data base is a very very expensive asset in the financial market.

The most important asset of microloan companies are recurring customers, the know how to detect fraud / non-payment intent and the ability to “work” delinquency rates.

In Spain usually, the sale of the companies in the FINTECH sector, that are proven in stable flow , is valued up to € 1.000/ per recurring client + technology + assets receivable + leads + human capital


The most important income is the interest generated by the loans, which are up to 30 days with a rate of 33% per month.


The main reasons for requesting a microloan are:

Solve debts, taxes, fines

Extra, unforeseen expenses

Vacation, travel

Medical expenses

Social events


Following commercial channels can be developed :

Pre-arranged loans with VISA/Bank  card issuance

Consumer Financing to clients of physical stores

Consumer Financing for online store customers


There are three methods that can be used to value this opportunity.


  • As stated the company has invested 18 months to polish an algorythm that can accept & decline loans with as little as 6% of default ratio – which is very low for this type of loan business.
  • Instead of quantifying the cost of operations we have been presented an estimate to personalize a Fintech platform provided by one of UK’s leading tech companies. This estimate for the implementation of a “bare-bone” platform was 1,5 million Euro.
  • In Spain usually, the sale of  companies in the FINTECH sector- that are proven in stable flow – is valued up to € 1.000/ per recurring client + technology + assets receivable + leads + human capital

Market price.

Within the micro-loan business, a form of valuation is by recurring client value + assets + technology + capital.

A recurring client means, one that has been approved for more than 1 loan, and has paid.

This value is important, since recurring clients tend to request loans continuously.

Using this rule of thumb is 1.000 € per recurring client.

Using this form of in-market valuation, taking into account the current 1.200 recurring clients.

The value of the client base is 1,2 million Euro (excluding the other tangible & intangible assets)

Discounted Cash-Flow Method

Lastly, the company can be valued using the discounted cash flow method

In this case, forecast are completely dependable on the amount of loan capital the company is willing to invest. Therefore we can only state that, for example, an initial loan capital of 500.000 will generate approximately 330% yearly AFTER costs.

This very successful company is for sale at 3.250.000€




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