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21099 Medium –Size- Garden Centre with shop and services– Canary Islands



This business is a well-known medium-size Garden Centre with dedicated nursery, located on the Canary Islands on a plot of 24.580 square meter.

Specialized in buying, selling and propagating self-grown plants as well as importing other species from abroad.

They use high quality substrate, which they import from Holland both for own use in their nursery as well as for selling in the garden shop.

Their collection of exclusive terracotta pots are imported from Vietnam.


In 2002 the company set up with the initiative to produce Aloe vera gel for export means. Planting thousands of plants, implicating irrigation system etc. In 2005 the actual owner decided to transform part of the land into garden centre (10.000m2), simply because the Aloe gel needed more time and more investment. This meant that in the year when the world crisis started (2008), she had to choose between the two activities.

By then the Garden Center was getting well on it’s feet.

The choice was therefore easy made. By then she had invested around €170.000,00 privately in irrigation systems, plants, sheds, gardening machinery, equipment and so on.

In 2009 the owner contracted a highly experienced “botanist”. Since they have been investigating and growing plants more intensively. Thanks to the knowledge of this “botanist” with over 40-year experience growing plants from all over the world, sharing his botanical secrets, the Garden Center is getting close to the perfection of producing plants.

They find different species, grow them in the nursery and for a year they survey if the plants can survive in this specific environment conditions of time, land and water.

If so, they start growing the plants to offer them to the public over the year to come.

It is a long process, but it is the only way to ensure strong species.


The Garden Centre is located in the centre of Fuerteventura just outside a small village at 300 meters of the main road. The actual owner invested hard on setting up multiple ways of publicity as well as marketing on social media so clients can find their way easily.

The company is listed on Google maps, they operate a dedicated internet site, a corporate Facebook site and a Google business site.

The first years they advertised on muliple local publicity means such as radio channels, magazines and newspapers.

Recently they have stopped all local publicity simply because the business earned a very good reputation and experience. They are convinced that word to mouth is the best publicity any business can have.


This company is, as said before, situated in Fuerteventura is, which is  most famous for its miles of white sandy beaches: it boasts over 150km of stunning white and golden sands. Despite Tourism arriving relatively recently on the island, there’s a well-developed infrastructure with Marinas, Golf Courses, a Zoo, a Water Park and an expanding motorway system. The island caters especially well to those seeking an active holiday and is famous for its great SurfingWindsurfing and Kitesurfing as well as Big Game Fishing, Whale Watching and Diving.

The island is located less than 100km off the coast of the Sahara Desert on Africa’s North-west coast (near the border of Western Sahara and Morocco). It enjoys a dry subtropical climate with average daily maximum temperatures ranging from 20°C in January to 28°C in August (often higher in the South). The island receives an average of just 141mm of rain per year and here’s the best bit: approximately 300 days of sunshine per year.


The economic evolution

The economy of Fuerteventura in the coming years is considered very positive, not only due to a growth in tourism as a result of greater demand, but also due to the increase in European people who are choosing the island as a place of residence, both for work or to spend retirement years in a European environment (with all its guarantees) while  enjoying a very pleasant climate.

Great tax appeal

In addition, the Canary Islands have a great tax advantage for new business owners since there are several tax credits for new companies desiring to invest and grow in the Canary Islands, even more so in the agricultural production sector.


This Garden Center carries out its activity in a rustic farm located on the outskirts of a town not far from the capital of the island of Fuerteventura.

It began its career developing an agricultural activity and in 2015 it expanded its corporate purpose with the retail trade of seeds, fertilizers, flowers and plants. Now, this firm is dedicated to both the production and the commercialization of ornamental plants and related products.

Counting on the inscription in the Registry of Suppliers Seeds and Nursery Plants of the Government of the Canary Islands.


The operation runs with the actual Owner/ Manager and 4 workers, Although they hire some extra staff in high season.


The only building on the land is an implement room with a bathroom attached to it. Yet there are multiple tents and Woodsheds, all for their own purpose.

A 30 m2 Mobile Home has been placed on the land in 2018, with large 25 m2 terrace roof, which is connected to all services.  At the  moment there is an employee living on site.

There is also a porto cabin of 12m2, connected to all services, used as storage room. Another wooden cabin of 16m2, connected to electricity, used for storage or office.
The land measures a total of 24.580 m2, this land is in full property of the corporation.


Their top clients are mainly private homeowners of multiple nationalities, business owners, local councils and 2 other garden centers from the nearby island of Lanzarote. All these clients include local residence, holiday villa owners, pensioners retired on Canary Islands and multiple large villa owners who have special needs.


Their aim is offering a good and honest service as well as supplying the best quality plants (palms, trees, cacti, shrubs, fruiting plants etc) substrates and pots.


  1. Plant advice

With great pleasure the Garden Centre can advise to find the right plants for the client´s house. Even if it´s a garden near the sea or further inland on the island or helping by the right choice of ornamental pots around the pool or terrace areas.

  1. Garden advice

Some plants have a very aggressive root system, grow slow or fast, need shade or direct sun, etc. Together with the client they are going to make a plan of the garden, which gives them the possibility to put favourite plants in their best place creating an exquisite area. With the purchase of plants this service will be free of charge.

  1. Transport

Client´s purchase does not fit in the car? They will deliver merchandise for free within a 60 km radius, spending a certain amount in the shop.


There are multiple future expansion ideas, as there are large areas on the plot which are not in use yet.

This extra land can be transformed into

*More work space,

* Various production areas,

* sales areas

* Growing Aloe Vera to produce “bio-gel” for export means etc.

* Including the construction of a warehouse/shop/ annex cafeteria for visitors.

* Another profitable future idea is to include a gardening service. Up till now they have been working with self-employed gardeners.
Due to personal (health) reasons the actual owner decided to pass on this great Garden- Centre idea, although she is willing to hand over her knowledge to a new owner.


From 2008 to 2015, the Garden Centre started to enjoy a good name on the island. Slowly but surely the Garden Centre gained name recognition and loyal clientele from all over the island. The last year they dropped all local advertisement because word of mouth has become their best advertisement.



For the valuation of the Company’s goodwill we must consider several aspects:

  • having a wide portfolio of clients,
  • the estimation of the brand for over 15 years,
  • The business know-how,
  • the transfer of the pertinent and necessary permits for the development of the activity
  • the increase in turnover between 2018 and 2020 amounts to 24%.
  • Expansion possibilities



This medium -size- Garden Center with dedicated nursery is an ideal business for a family in search for a more relaxed lifestyle under the sun, while generating a comfortable monthly income.

Due to severe health issues the business is on the market for

450.000 euros FULL PROPERTY land 24.580 m2 with nursery, storage rooms, know how, licenses, expansion.

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