Leading Central Spain-Based Transport Company in Temperature-Controlled Logistics.


This road transport company, based in central Spain, specializes in temperature-controlled logistics and provides services in both national and international markets. While their primary focus is on food transport, they have the capability to transport a wide range of products.

Their adept asset management and cost efficiency have resulted in consistently high-profit margins, outperforming competitors. Over the past five years, they have maintained a steady growth trend. They boast a robust portfolio of high-value recurring clients, and strategic investments have been made to support and ensure the ongoing success of their operations at a competitive level.

This presents an excellent opportunity for well-established companies in the industry looking to expand geographically, diversify product transport types and clientele, and leverage economies of scale through a versatile and well-structured team.


  • Outstanding Cost Management and Profitable Assets:
  • This company excels in managing its cost structure and owns cutting-edge logistics facilities and modern vehicle fleets.
  • With a long-standing industry presence, they enjoy a strong market position.
  • Their diverse and extensive client base, which includes influential and repeat customers, contributes to their appealing growth potential and EBITDA.


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