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21087 Manufacturer of recyclable plastic and recycled polymers & engineering- North Spain Burgos



This business was born in 2011 and realizes a steady and annual growth of around 15-20%.

As a company associated with a clear environmental work, their first profile is to be a service company to solve the problems of Polymer Transformation.

It has two main activities:

  • Waste management. For this activity it holds the appropriate licenses of Non-hazardous waste manager, or final manager.
  • Second activity as a Plastic reclaimer. Although it also has a license for the management and treatment of cardboard and wood.

On the other hand, in order to optimize customer service, it should also be noted that – in addition to offer recycled plastic products – the company does trading, which represents a significant volume of sales.



What is plastic? Where is it used? Is it recycled?

A study published by APME (Association of European plastic manufacturers) reveals that chemical recycling and energy recovery favors the improvement of this material. This process benefits the environment.



This firm was founded by a couple of entrepreneurs, starting in a 500 m2 warehouse becoming too small in 3 years, so they decided to move to the current one.

The staff structure has also grown by two other employees, one for the plant and the other for offices.

They have grown exponentially for several years, and despite the current situation, they continue to grow around 15-20% pro year. One of the reasons being that they sell various of their products under different brands.



Advantages for export they are located in a large city, 250 km from Madrid, and the same distance from France.

Burgos is a city of Spain located in the autonomous community of Castile and León. It is the capital and most populated municipality of the province of Burgos. Burgos is a rich city, with a GDP above the Spain average. It is an important trade and tourist center with some manufacturing. Burgos is a very industrial city, with a secondary sector widely developed.

The city has the biggest industrial park of north Spain, called Villalonquéjar and is the headquarters of Grupo Antolin, designer and manufacturer of interior automotive components. It is also the headquarters for south Europe Benteler International.

It employs the bigger percentage in the city and is represented by the public sector (production, delivery and allocation of goods and services), due to the capital status.



The company is located on the main industrial park of the city of Burgos. The excellent geographical location of their facilities allows them to be more competitive.

Their facilities are housed in a large industrial warehouse and feature the latest technology.

In addition to the industrial area, they have a large office where they develop the technical part of the projects.

The surface of the property where the activity is carried out has about 1,000 m2 between the factory and the office, it also has a fenced backyard of approximately 300 m2, and an open front patio for parking spaces and accesses.

These premises are rented at 1.200 euro/month.



The company offers a wide range of products that covers practically all plastics called “Commodities” and different technical plastics they specialized in.

Due to their excellent human team and the fact that they have fully updated facilities, they can offer a very competitive service at the level of transformation and distribution of plastic material, as well as developing services at engineering level.

For this reason, the company is at the technological forefront, carrying out different projects by offering comprehensive coverage in polymer transformation, always characterized by having an open dialogue with the client. In this way, they can provide the service that their clients expect and meet their needs.

They have the entire wide range of materials and applications for injection and extrusion.

They have two lines of business …

  1. Waste management: as a collector they value plastic waste among others. They also offer parts destruction services
  2. Marketing of plastic raw materials.

Some of their products :

  1. Blow of P.E.T

Their manufacture preforms molds and blow molds for different sectors. They have machines for up to 4,000 bottles per hour.

They customize the bottle, offering the entire assembly line. Turnkey Project

  1. Sequential injection

They have different software to calculate the final piece.

Door panel injected in high fluidity polypropylene, with sequential injection. Simulation of part filling, hot runner and cooling circuit. Cycle time approx. 52 seconds.


  1. Replacement of metal part for plastic.

Special calculation software, to replace a Zamak casting with Polyamide with 50% Fiberglass.

As a result, 30% savings in manufacturing costs and 20% in weight.



From the minimum container for the pharmaceutical sector, to the industrial drum or the largest deposit.

They have the appropriate material and machinery for each project.


  1. Carbon fiber

They have a wide range of Conductive materials, based on carbon black, carbon fiber, steel fibers and nano fibers.

They can compose a material on demand, depending on the degree of conductivity desired. And much more.


  • Their objective is to be present in multiple projects of the different sectors, so that clients rely on them when selecting a material, from the beginning of the idea.
  • The products offered by this manufacturer respond to a wide spectrum of industrial sectors through the distribution of MATERIAL that covers the most demanding quality standards.
  • The company wishes in the future to be a benchmark for the transformer, in the Sale and Distribution of Machinery, Peripheral equipment and Materials, providing comprehensive coverage in the transformation of polymers. Distinguishing thus, from a simple commercial.



Quality, management certifications or specific licenses awarded by public administrations, both at the regional level of Castilla y Leon (GRNP licenses) and the opening license/environmental license at the municipal level.

Waste manager licenses and their transport obtained (This type of licenses gives an added value to the company due to its difficulty and cost at present when obtaining them.)


The organizational structure of the company and its main managers (General Manager, Financial Department, Commercial Department, Technical Department, etc.)

They are a direct structure of four workers, with an indirect structure of three commercials in different areas of Spain.

Commercial Freelance are three people, distributed by zones or geographic areas:

  • North Zone
  • Centre
  • South Zone



Technical plastics. Given the breadth and diversity of this market, the company adapts to the different needs of customers from all sectors and industrial fields through a wide portfolio of products (Polyamides, Polypropylenes, ABS, Acetal resins, Blends …) and a large versatility to respond to any type of demand.

Its scope of action covers broad industrial sectors such as the automotive, electrical and electronic sectors, the household appliance sector, etc.

Clients are diversified by sector and zone, as they have clients that are from the automotive sector, in the Navarra, Cateilla Y Leon, or Galicia areas.

They have clients from the construction sector in the central or southern areas, and clients from the industrial sector very widely distributed throughout Spain and some in Portugal.



The Research of new, lighter and more resistant materials in development/industrialization processes plays an important role in improving their clients’ projects, in terms of quality, safety, cost reduction and respect for the environment.

With the aim of providing technological support in these materials to companies in the different sectors of Injection, Extrusion and Blowing.

It has strengthened lines of specialization in:

  • Development of new plastic materials and their transformation processes.
  • Distribution and sale of Technologies and tools for production processes, machinery, peripherals and work lines, complete for the transformation and recovery of material.
  • Aspect related to the environment, adapted, Ecodesign, replacement of metals by plastic, plastics with different degrees of conductivity, wood fibers, etc.

Also works in advanced lines of Research, Development and Innovation, aimed at responding to the development and commercial needs of builders and manufacturers of systems, components and machinery. Offering complete advice on Mold Design, thus closing the production cycle.

All this from a global user-oriented perspective.



As an Engineering company dedicated to plastics, it puts all its experience and capabilities available to companies in the plastics sector to advise, develop and market their products (raw materials, machinery and peripherals), working together between suppliers and customers.
In the future this company aims to be a benchmark for the transformer, in the Sale and Distribution of Machinery, Peripheral equipment and Materials, providing comprehensive coverage in polymer transformation. Thus distinguishing from simple commercial activities.

In polymer transformation, research, development and innovation are essential. They are the necessary tools to ensure the competitiveness of a company and its presence in the markets.

Technological improvements are quickly incorporated into new projects in the form of new applications, or into processes in the form of new means of production.

This business makes its resources, capabilities and know-how available to plastics transforming companies in order to reinforce their R & D & I activity, whether for new products, new processes or through existing reengineering.

It has the capacity, knowledge and experience to work in any technical area, production process or sector of the Plastics industry, offering the client complete advice when choosing a machine, robot, material, etc.

It offers the possibility of taking charge from the management of the global project as well as being a development partner.

At the same time, it has defined its own lines of research, seeking to anticipate the needs of the market and offer a better service to its Clients.

Commercial and Marketing Plan

Sales are highly diversified by material or sector individually, therefore they do not depend only on the automotive sector, or the construction sector, or the electrical sector, or household or industrial, but as indicated their clientele is  very diversified. Projects and volumes are increasing.

They also have a Waste Management activity, which undoubtedly gives them some growth as regulations are increasingly demanding with producers, so in some way they also benefit.

Of course, they have a Product Catalog, or presentations, as well as technical sheets of the products that they manufacture and sell.

 Online presence

Their business is online, but orders do not enter through the web, they are treated individually or by project. In other words, the same product can have a different price depending on the volume of purchase or point of destination.


Future strategy

To date, growth has been exponential. And although during 2020 the situation has changed, they have continued to make benefits.

The growth is based on the commercial network and the constant demand of companies and sectors that are looking for recycled polymers.



Thanks to the steady stream of professional customers and the low permanent staff costs, this company manages to achieve an annual turnover of around 300,000 euros with a nice profit margin.

This turnover increases annually by 20%, mainly due to the fact that recycling is regulated more and more strictly by European Regulations.


Due to personal issues, this highly professional company fully installed, with great future perspective and holding all official recycling permits is on the market for the price of

697.500 euro Premises are rented at 1.200 euro/month

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