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20031Dosimetry & Radiation control for Nuclear Plants and Laboratories C°- Madrid-Spain


This ISO9001 certified company is completely dedicated to the area of Radiological Protection, being present in all Spanish Nuclear Power Plants, both with its own equipment, and with those of other manufacturers that represents in Spain in the technical and commercial area.

These exclusive distribution agreements with recognized brands within the radiation protection and dosimetry industry allow for rapid expansion in Spain & worldwide

The company also manufactures equipment on demand and has standard designs, but is characterized by the ability to modify designs to meet customer requirements.

A unique business niche with many benefits such as stability, resilience as well as low overhead & profitable margins.

The industry it operates is obliged by regulation to use the products & services this company offers, therefore the company has enjoyed an increasing revenue, even during the recent pandemic.

Customer satisfaction & retention is key and one of the main values of this company.

History :

The company has over 50 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of nuclear detection equipment in various countries of the world.

The company has clients in more than 7 countries and continues its international expansion fostered by a large network of contacts and dealers created in the last two years.

Main milestones :

The company currently has equipment that has been operating for more than 30 years without interruption in the USA, and almost 20 years in Spain.
and counts with 100% of the market share of a specific category of products

In the last 2 years, the company has grown from selling exclusively in Spain, to having sales in 7 countries.

It has opened a new business line related to waste treatment and in the first year it has won engineering and manufacturing contracts related to this business line outside of Spain .


  • The company has grown in the last 2 years from operating in 2 countries, to distributing and servicing 7 international markets.
    Costa Rica:
    Expected sales coming soon in Kuwait, Mexico, etc.

Contracting obligation :

As stated, this company operates in a regulated niche.
Nuclear power plants must have an obligation contracted by the service equipment maintenance.
This main business line provides a fixed revenue and therefore covers all fixed expenses guaranteeing the stability of the company year after year as soon as the year begins.

The company has gone through a financial restructuring during the last 2 years and now enjoys a healthy EBITDA of approx. 20-25% with a growing annual turn-over within the 500K to 1MM € range.

With only 2 full-time employees and a rented warehouse, the company has a lightweight financial structure. All other costs and resources are variable.

Conclusion :
The company is perfect for a person who wants to receive a secure income spending little time managing a business.
Due to the sector´s requirements Income is assured and technicians are self-employed allowing for a lightweight financial structure.
The fiscal year begins break-even thanks to the insured contracts. The better part of sales are made at the direct request of the existing clients, so there is no need to carry out an exhaustive commercial activity.
The exclusivity of certain products produces good margins and assured sales. A gem for anyone who wants to live in peace through a safe investment.

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This remarkable company is for sale at 899.000 euro
The warehouse rented at just 1.100 €/month

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