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21096 _Company offering technical advice, solutions and accessories to architects, installers of Flat glassworks- Tenerife



This business was born in 2009, as an innovative concept for the glass market; offering technical advice and solutions to architects, installers, glass works and in general to the entire flat glass sector, which demanded these services, until now non-existent.

Consequently, this firm has the representation for the Canary Islands and West Africa for the leading international brands in the glass sector such as Saheco, Trivel, Dormakaba, Quilosa, Loxeal and so on.

Their technical team has a high level of preparation to offer adapted solutions, thanks to the close collaboration that they maintain with the glass industry at an international level, with Associations of Architects, Surveyors and Construction Professionals.


They are located in Tenerife and in Gran Canaria. Both of these locations are part of the Canary Islands, which are a Spanish archipelago off the northwest coast of Africa. These are rugged volcanic islands known for their white and black sand beaches. Tenerife being the largest island.

It is important to know that the Canary Islands enjoy special tax benefits.


This company was created from scratch in 2012-

2012-2015 they gained the achievement of the first exclusives in distribution.

In 2015 this firm opened their first physical location (approx 800m2 warehouse) to maintain a stock of products in the Canary Islands

2017 they opened an office in the province of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

2018 they obtained an extension of their exclusive contracts with the brands, for Senegal, Mauritania, Morocco and Cape Verde. They started with the export channel to North Africa, which today represents 6/7% of the company’s turnover.

Lastly in 2019/2020 they started selling online, directly through their website and markets places.

Today, currently 2% comes from online sales.



They own two warehouses one in Tenerife and the other in Gran Canaria:

  • TENERIFE: warehouse of 800M2, lease. Commercial warehouse on the most important industrial estate of the province and with the most comfortable distribution network. Oriented to storage and distribution, with a small space of 60m2 for commercial action and sale (offices).
  • GRAN CANARIA: 60M2 space of 50m2 for commercial action and sale, this facility lacks large warehouse. The stock value at this facility is only aimed at commercial service. It is situated in a shopping center at street level.



Glass accessories

Small accessories for the installation of glass in showcases; hinges, locks, staples, etc. All the small tools necessary for the installation of glass in furniture in all its forms.

Facade-in-glass-and-steel: Glass fittings

Hardware for tempered glass, with need for notches or machining; hinges, locks, handles, anti-panics, canopies, etc. All installations that require machining on the glass.

Bathrooms-in-stainless-steel: Bathrooms and screens

All the necessary hardware for the creation and installation of the most varied bathroom screens. Including weatherstripping or sealing gaskets for the screens. Reinforcing bars.

Facilities and air guides

Hardware for the installation of sliding doors, fixed glass, spacers and buttons, railings, clips, legs, etc. Including other hardware such as paddle tennis courts, or sanitary cabins.

Protection and security

Safety clothing for glass using the most advanced technologies and materials. Everything necessary for the protection and safety of the glassworker. Wide range of PPE.


Non-portable, fixed or transportable machinery with a crane. Here one can find the largest catalogue of machinery aimed at improving production processes for glass manufacturing.


The company has a complete range of tools for portable glass handling, manufacturing, gluing or measuring tools.


Consumables used for machinery involved in the glass cutting, polishing and machining process and diamond tools for cutting or polishing glass.



They have exclusive contracts with the main European manufacturers. Saheco, Trivel, Dormakaba, Klein, Q-Railimng, Olive, Quilosa, or Loxeal, among others.

Their clients are all glass-related installers and manufacturers:

  • Glassware, manufacturers or installers
  • Aluminist
  • Metal locksmiths
  • Wood carpentry, furniture factories
  • Construction companies
  • Maintenance companies

Currently, in the 80/20 of this company’s customers, 80% of the Invoicing is made by approximately 75 clients, with whom they have a solid and stable business history.


The company is divided into 3 parts, at the head of which there is a person in charge, who in turn has a junior in charge of the department.


Santa Cruz de Tenerife Province Delegation

Province Delegation of Gran Canaria


The head of administration has a more qualified role and exercises as CEO.


1 Employee relationship

All employees are permanent, full time.

They offer a stable employment, and the staff is very committed to the company and the brand. Seniority ranges from 8 to 2 years.

Certifications / Licenses

By company philosophy, 100% of the company’s clients are B2B business clients.

They do not have any clients from public administrations.


Registered name for 15 years with oficina de “Marcas y Patentes”


The expansion focuses on:

  • Sales growth in the Maghreb (Senegal, Mauritania, Cape Verde, Morocco) with the exclusive contracts signed in 2018. They already make periodic visits to the countries where they work. This firm enjoys the unquestionable support of the Tenerife Chamber of Commerce, which has designed a commercial plan of action and supports them consolably in the destination country, they receive support in bureaucratic procedures, as well as financial support in the destination.
  • Online sales growth

o They work in the peninsular market (Iberian Spain) with a strategy designed by the company                   and Hubspot application, for sales growth in Spain. Mocanweb

o They work with the company NK solutions for the expansion of online sales in the Maghreb,                    through the RRSS and the Markets places. (aliexpress, amazon, etc)

  • Referring to the expansion plan. Maintenance of off-line turnover in the Canary Islands and expansion through online marketing and expansion to the Maghreb countries.



This successful company realizes a turnover of 1.000.000 euros / year.


Due to personal issues the actual owner decided to list the fully working company for 1.399.000 euro.

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