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Revolutionizing Vending: The Market Leader with 16% CAGR Growth


This company is a market leader in the vending machine niche, with a history
dating back to the early 90s. They specialize in the sale, repair, and
maintenance of a wide range of vending machines and vending businesses
across Spain.
Currently, the company holds a prominent position in the national market,
particularly in the 24-hour vending store segment, with over 200 installations
operating under its own registered brand.
From 2018 to 2022, an impressive CAGR of 16% has been recorded, achieving
sales of approximately €1,000,000 (machinery and maintenance only) with an
EBITDA margin of less than 10%. These figures present an immediate and
substantial improvement opportunity if acquired by a larger, more established
player in the automatic vending machine market.
The primary growth driver identified by the company is centered around
expanding its customer base, given the immense potential the market offers.
With a strong sales team, including a Sales Director and 5 Sales
Representatives, the company believes it could quadruple its revenue.
Additionally, the company is exploring international expansion opportunities,
leveraging its ideal platform to launch its brand globally.ra una adquisición estratégica.


  • A successful track record of over 20 years with a 16% CAGR from 2018 to 2022, reaching sales of €886,580.
  • Significant growth potential through expanding the customer base and implementing additional revenue strategies.
  • Exploration of international expansion opportunities supported by a strong brand platform.
  • Potential to quadruple revenues with the right sales team and marketing strategies.
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