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21145-B- Engineering Firm specialized in Industrial Safety and Risk Assessments - Barcelona



This company counts with a team of passionate people whose goal is to improve everyone’s life through disruptive products. They build great products to solve any business problems. Their products are designed for small to medium size companies willing to optimize their performance.


They are experts in automation and electromechanical engineering, as well as in the design of PTI projects, its execution and installation. They carry out “turnkey” projects providing a comprehensive solution. With an experience of more than 16 years operating in the industrial sector.


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With numerous recreational areas;

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                             SERVICES OFFERED


In this first department the company is developing security system projects for the industry, necessary for the correct and optimal operation of machines and production lines, thus complying with the necessary security measures to work safely. They supply and implement the necessary safety devices, through electrical and electronic circuits, backup and protection systems and devices, as well as their connection to the control system or other elements.

They also analyze industrial safety globally, checking all aspects related to the possible risks that may generate a safety problem in machines or production lines.

  • Industrial Safety Engineering.
  • Perimeter Security Protection for machines or production lines.
  • Automation of Security Systems.
  • Mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering.
  • Adaptation of machines and production lines to RD 1215, RD 1644 and CE Marking.
  • Installation and execution of projects.


The company has a wide range of services covering the different areas of “Industrial Safety” as well as the application of the “European Directives” in machines, production lines and equipment. By implementing the necessary security measures of the industry, they manage to preserve the physical integrity of the clients´ organizational staff, equipment and facilities.

Their projects are based on current legislation and regulations, taking into account the severe technical requirements of these industrial production systems. Their purpose is to provide the necessary services and security systems, to achieve completely safe and legal equipment, machinery, and production lines, always maintaining the highest productivity.

Carrying out a complete “Risk Assessment” is an essential requirement for compliance with CE Directives and an essential tool for the certification of machines, production lines and work equipment.

  • Adaptation of the machinery park to RD 1215.
  • Machinery Directive RD 1644.
  • Technical file for CE Marking.
  • Certification and compliance with European Directives.
  • Risk analysis EN ISO 12100.


Secondly, the same company is a manufacturer of “Perimeter Security Fences” specialized in the protection of machines and production lines of the industrial sector. They advise and design a project for the correct protection through mesh panels, steel sheet, stainless steel system, polycarbonate plates or other materials and the inclusion of swing, sliding or special door systems. They can incorporate all complementary security systems into their fencing to create an optimal security system.

Here they offer a robust product, with CE marking and a quick and easy assembly system, obtaining savings of up to 30% in its installation compared to other fencing systems. On top, they offer the possibility to assemble complemented perimeter security by installing additional fencing and security elements.

External security enclosures for high security and high resistance applications. Non-removable gates are highly resistant to vandalism with high rigidity that prevents deformation due to pressure or impact. High-security grilles with wiring for electronic systems integrated into the frame. The exterior security fences are designed for application in airports, prisons, power plants, people control, military areas, warehouses and factories, train stations, industrial warehouses, and, in general, areas to protect their perimeter to prevent access to their interior.


Especially for logistic companies they developed an “Anti-fall” mesh system and grids for pallet racking to allow the safe use of space by preventing products from falling. Resulting in the protection from damage and loss of clients ‘equipment and facilities as well as full physical protection of their staff.

Robust and safe industrial enclosures for the division of spaces within industrial buildings. Their fencing system for industrial enclosures offers a quick and easy assembly, saving time in the same way, which affects the final costs of the installation.

  • Anti-fall protections.
  • Meshes for rack-type shelves.
  • Meshes for manual loading picking racks.
  • Grids for pallet racking.
  • Enclosures and division of warehouses.
  • Automation of logistics warehouses.
  • Fast mounting fastening systems.


Applying security solutions for the protection of people against possible accidents due to falls.

Individual and collective fall protection systems, whose main function is to protect people from the danger of a possible fall to a different level.

Installation and development of :

  • lifelines
  • fall arrest rails
  • vertical fall arrest systems
  • anchor points
  • collective protection
  • SCP systems.


Protection elements for industrial safety, safety of people, machines, and production assets.


  1. Steel mesh panel
  2. Polycarbonate panel
  3. Stainless panel
  4. Fixing System
  5. Pole systems
  6. Door systems
  7. Accessories


This high technological specialized company services clients in every sector:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Laboratories,
  • Chemicals,
  • Food industry,
  • Process industry,
  • Manufacturers of machinery

And a long list to go!! Because every industrial company; large, medium-size or humble will need at least one of the above-mentioned products and services.


First of all, we have to point out that this business segment specialization of “Industrial Safety Products and Services2” needs a lot of attention and stand-by not only in personal focus but moreover by large financial means and back up.

As it is almost impossible to keep up with the speed of the “Safety business developments”, as technical changes and new inventions happen every day.

Due to the company´s “Medium size Family business” structure, this quantum leap is almost impossible to assume.

Actually, they are reaching a satisfactory turnover of 650.000 euro/year.

No doubt this company could reach several multiples of this turnover if they should have larger capitals at their disposal.

Since rapid product developments in the market require a major investment in stock. Or in the case of self-manufacturing huge investments are required through the installation of completely new production lines.

Unfortunately, the Covid situation has delayed their economic resources due to the delay of acceptance and realization of several large projects that had to be finished and invoiced in 2021.

An average of 70% of these substantial works will be finished and invoiced in 2022.

                        CONCLUSION – PRICING

It is clear that this conjunction of businesses and activities holds incredible potentials

Such as :

* Expanding geographically  first in own region, than into the province, the autonomous region and last nationally.

This is possible:

  • With own resources such as delegations, agencies etc
  • Or through a more modest investment via the franchise formula

Therefore, it is a unique opportunity for a “younger ” still dynamic person or group to turn this hidden gem into an incredible success story

After years of hard work, the current owner is unable to take on such tasks and now hopes to enjoy the small things of life.
He is therefore offering this hidden gem at  315.000 euros


Premises are rented at 1.048 euro/ month although possible to acquire the full property for 195.000 euro if so required




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