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21081 Cold Storage and Distribution Company - Northern Spain



This company is dedicated to the conservation of fresh and frozen products. Due to the lack of this type of services in the area it counts with numerous corporate clients. Over the years they renew, modified and modernized their facilities.

Now they operate with several warehouses ready for storage of all kinds of fresh/frozen products and merchandise.

The company freezes and deep-freezes various goods and stores them in cold storage rooms. Some of the goods that are stored in the cold rooms are fishes like mackerel and tuna, dairy, and meat. In addition, this company also features dry storage facilities.


The company was founded in 1980 in Northern Spain, with a select location and proximity to fishing ports and highways. The company is situated in the province of Lugo.

It started its activities with a focus on growing shellfish in the nearby towns of Ría del Eo (Lugo) and in Paderne (La Coruña).

Within a few years, the company made a strategic investment to expand its activities to become a cold storage business for third parties. Today, the company freezes and deep-freezes various goods and stores them in cold storage rooms.

Some of the goods in the cold rooms are fishes like mackerel and tuna, dairy, and meat. In addition, they also offer dry storage facilities.

The current facilities were renovated and expanded in 2002 to improve the production process and reduce production costs.

The expansion project consisted of the rehabilitation of the main warehouse, which is 1.800 square meters and where the refrigeration facilities are located.

They acquired adjacent property to build new office space.


This company is located in Galicia, which is an autonomous community in Northwest of  Spain,  a region with abundant vegetation and large coastline on the Atlantic. The cathedral of the regional capital Santiago de Compostela is the supposed place where the remains of the Apostle Santiago el Mayor are preserved. It is a favorite destination for those who undertake a pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago. The western cliffs of Cape Finisterre were considered by the Romans as the end of the known world.

The Atlantic Coast is known for excellent fish and shellfish products which are shipped all over the Spanish territory and even abroad.

In this community, the fishing season occupies the spring and part of the summer. In fact, being a place known and recognized for this activity, the beginning of the season has a date and celebration (with its corresponding regulations modified annually). This usually occurs around mid – March. The season usually ends during the month of July, although it is not a closed date.

It is obvious that many fishing businesses are located in the area all in need of cooling and freezing chambers as offered by this company.


  1. Cold storage facilities and loading & unloading area. There are five cold storage rooms and a freezing tunnel. The distribution of the storage rooms and their capacity are as follows: Cold storage rooms #1, #2, and #3 have a capacity of 300 pallets. Cold storage room #4 has a capacity of 180 pallets. Cold storage room #5 has a capacity of 500 pallets. The freezing tunnel can freeze 40.000 kilos every 12 hours. The company has three forklifts to carry and move the pallets. The loading area is also equipped with a scale to weigh the goods


  1. Machinery room:


The machinery room includes three Maycom machines, which can operate independently of each other. Weighbridge & Large parking Lot & Loading and unloading area


  1. Office Space

In this building there is a director’s office with its own private bathroom; an office for the office personal; a studio apartment; and a locker room that can be used by the employees when they work long or night shifts.

  1. Warehouses

These two buildings are available to store goods.


* Cold Storage

freezing, ultra freezing  and cold storage for third parties . all kind of products

* Storage

They offer storage facilities in their 2000 tons capacity warehouses

* Manipulation & Distribution of (fresh)goods

They also manipulate and distribute all kind of fresh goods by their highly trained staff


Mainly all the companies – mainly wholesalers- based in and around this company specialized in fish /shellfish products.


The company has grown due to the greater demand for fishery products.

This is due to the fact that the consume of “blue fish “ is in rising demand for its healthy levels of Omega 3, known for reducing cholesterol.

As demand grows, production need to follow as well as the need to freeze and process the fresh products.

Opening larger consumer markets is a reason why this sector will grow in the following years.


This highly profitable company reached a 2019 turnover of 550.000 euro with an EBITDA of 40 % !!!!!!!!!

This is the result of very low overhead costs, only 2 full time operators.

During high season they can count on 10 á 15 temporal operators.



Due to health issues the actual owner is in need for quick sale, listing this highly profitable company at the very interesting price of

2.989.000 euro including FREEHOLD – full ownership of the PREMISES.*

* Recent estimation report of the naked property only (without installation and commercial activity) shows an asset/premises value of 2.663.556,34 euro.


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