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21121 Rentals & Sales E-bikes, E-skates, E- Motos with Franchise Expansion plan – Majorca & Belgium



This company is a young, dynamic and pioneering company in the world of electric vehicle mobility.

Their expansion plan includes a new type of modern Franchise Formula, committed to sustainable mobility adapted to the urban environment.

In their shops, one will discover prestigious brands of all types of electric micro mobility vehicles E-scooters, E-bikes, E-skate, E-motorcycles.

Comfortable, fun and practical!

Nowadays the world is facing a new era of electric mobility. Those looking for an electric vehicle today will find a wide variety of makes and models at different prices.

The company decided to work and align themselves with the best suppliers to provide quality, innovation, honest price and above all a good service to customers.

The stores offer: sale, rentals, excursion- tours and technical services.

They also have their own clothing line and a wide variety of accessories to connect and identify the customer with the electric vehicle community.

Their main objective is to create a modern, functional, fun and an ecological commercial concept, where the products are the main attraction, and the stores are a welcoming place for Clients!

Let’s make it accessible and easy for the public and thus achieve a     more fun and greener world.


This company is established in the Balearic Islands group. Nevertheless, the main office and Franchisor Centralized Offices can easily be transferred to another geographical area.

The largest island of the Balearic Islands Group is Majorca.

The capital of the island of Majorca, Palma, is located in the bay of the same name and enjoys an excellent climate all year round (with an average annual temperature of 17.9° C). Known for its sun and beach tourism, it also has an attractive historic quarter. Besides it enjoys numerous all year- round national and international residents.

In addition, the island counts with many tourist spots and idyllic marinas attracting international visitors.


The company is committed to sustainable urban mobility adapted to the environment.

In their stores one will discover prestigious brands of scooters, E-scooters,

E-bikes, E-skate, E-bikes.

Those looking for an electric vehicle today will find a great variety of brands, models, at different prices.

They offer different services: Sales – Advice – Rentals – Maintenance – Repair – Excursions -Activities for groups and Tours.

Their main objective and future vision aim to be present in each city in order to reduce the urban mobility problems and to encourage the population to use new technology.



In 2016 the first shop opened under a different name.

Yet, in 2018, leaning on the experience and passion of enthusiastic individuals who each have a solid knowledge and experience in the theme of motorcycles and alternative means of transport, the actual company was founded, and a new store opened.

With the evolution of higher demand, they decided to create a line of stores under the Franchise Formula offering access to this new universe.

Main milestones from its foundation to today:

*  Creation of the first Official Store in 2018 in North Majorca

*  Creation of Franchisee Shop in Majorca (major city environment)

*   Creation of a Franchisee Corner Shop in Menorca

*   Creation of an own shop in Belgium- Brussels


After performing a rigorous market research, they decided to work and ally with the

best brands, in order to guarantee quality, innovation, price and above all, a good


  • Garelli (Electric Scooter) Italy

Exclusive distribution contract for all of Spain including spare parts.


  • Armony (Electric Bicycles) Italy

Exclusivity contract in the distribution of its catalog for all of Spain including spare parts.     More than 15 different models of bicycles.


  • Meeko (Electric Skates)

Brand representation agreement.

  • Alpmars – HIKERBOY (Electric Skates)

Brand representation agreement.

  • Elwing (Electric Skates)

Brand representation agreement.

  • Ibiza foil (E-foil electric Lift).

Brand representation agreement.

  • Thousand (Helmets)

Brand representation agreement.

  • Micro (Kates for children)
    Brand representation agreement.



The company runs two shops under its own management.

1. Majorca

The main shop is situated in a relaxed and friendly port with many shops and restaurants, North of Mallorca.

The premises hold more than 120 m2, situated in the main street at 100 meters from the port (one of the most touristic cities of Europe).

It has a public space outside of 24m2 used as parking for vehicles.


  • Exhibition space with more than 12 meters display window
  • Workshop, warehouse, shower and bathroom.
  1. Belgium – Brussels

Fully equipped premises of more than 100 m2, located in Brussels, capital

of Europe, (Belgium), located 500 meters from a frequently visited interesting tourist site.


  • Exhibition space with large display windows
  • Workshop and warehouse and bathroom


Furthermore, the company has various Franchisee shops


  1. Center of Majorca

120m2 premises, located in a City Center

Services: Sale – Repair – Rentals.


  1. MENORCA (Corner Shop License)

Corner inside a store for the sale and repair of electronic items, located in

the city´s main avenue

Services: Sale – Repair.



The company aims both at permanent residents of the area as well as tourists who visit the region.

Therefore, each store must be in a strategic point of the municipality, in order to

guarantee easy and comfortable access to its customer.

Profile of the customers:

  • From 14 to 90 years old.
  • looking for another way to move.
  • living in an apartment.
  • wasting time looking for a parking spot
  • in need of advice.
  • looking for accessories for micro-mobility.
  • tourists who want a vehicle to visit the city in a different way and want to have fun.
  • in need of technical service for their vehicles.


  • The company equally provides spare parts, technical and maintenance service for all their vehicles.
  • In addition, especially for tourists and visitors, they offer thematical trips and excursions.

Three different types of excursions are offered throughout the summer with

electric bicycles.

  • “Wine tour” + – 3hs E-bikes – Visit to a winery – Wine and tapas tasting

Agreement with a local Winery.

  • “Sunset tour” + – 2h E-bikes – Ride through the Sierra Tramuntana – Jambe Course

Agreement with a Jambe teacher.

  • “Chillout tour” + – 3h E-bikes – Go swimming – Drink a cocktail.



Each shop is present in tourist offices and hotels in the area and cooperates with different tour operators.

Dedicated website with extensive information and product description.

They also encourage social networks by selecting a specific group.



The company can expand worldwide (Except for the following countries: United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia).

They offer the possibility of creating Franchisee Stores or Corners in a very simple way by supplying the candidates with:






Franchisees are due to reimburse an entrance fee as well as monthly royalties.


  • In the next 5 years, the company foresees to create more than 30 stores in 25

major cities of Spain.

  • To be a recognized point in the world of electronic vehicles (Point of sale and

B2B distribution).

  • Its clothing line recognized in the urban world.
  • Have stores in at least 10 major world capitals.
  • Create a dedicated product catalog



  • ANDORRA: Client interested in opening a complete store by 2022.
  • BILBAO: Client interested in opening a complete store by 2022.-
  • USA: Client analyzes demand in MIAMI, with intentions for 2022.
  • The company is in the process of opening in the United Kingdom market (At the

waiting for the new rules according to Brexit).

  • SWEDEN: Company with chain of bicycle shops in 10 major world capitals. Interested in starting to work with them in 2022.



Due to private issues the owners decided to list this booming company with numerous expansion possibilities

At the price of 1.320.000 euro Premises are rented

Including: Complete Franchise Dossier, new upcoming Franchisees, existing stock, know how, data base clients, agreements with suppliers etc

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