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20065 Timber Wholesaler & Production Design Beach Bars- Malaga



This company is a family-owned business, dedicated to the design, production and sale of wooden structures and houses, furniture and accessories.

Sale of hardware accessories and materials. Manufacture and sale of pellets.

They are also timber wholesalers with a loyal clientele of construction companies and interior design companies offering a wide variety of different types of wood.

In recent years, the company has specialized and has managed to give a new vision to the concept of traditional wooden beach bar.


The wood company’s inception in 1981 was born as a family business located in Malaga, Andalusia (Spain) with the fundamental mission of transforming this noble and natural raw material.

Since then, it has not given up on its main mission and task: to provide the best solutions to its customers, to use the most innovative techniques, to use materials with the highest quality and respect for the environment.

In recent years, the company has specialized and has managed to give a new vision to the concept of traditional wooden beach bar, offering the customer totally customized designs that make this type of construction unique.


This company is located in the Province of Malaga part of the Autonomous community of Andalusia. It is located about 33 km west of the provincial capital and about 30 km north of Marbella. The region is known for its sunshine all year round, its beautiful beaches and dramatic scenery.

Over the years the Costa del Sol has become the ideal destination for upscale travelers and permanent residents.

Traditional “chiringuitos” (simple wood construction used as beach bar/restaurant) have made way for sophisticated beach restaurants featuring oriental design with luxurious “Bali – sun beds”, wooden decking, wooden ornaments, elegant tables and chairs  and comfortable lounge furniture.


Currently, the company has three business lines:

Exterior and / or modular carpentry, a DIY or rough wood whole sales center, and custom traditional carpentry.


Below we list the products of this company:

  1. Beach bars and kiosks. They are specialists in the design and construction of custom wooden bars with all the necessary equipment.
  2. They are a lumberyard in Malaga where the (professional) client can find a large selection of varieties with a wide range of sections and sizes to carry out all kinds of projects, from furniture to constructions. In addition, they have a large workshop where they can provide the client with cut-outs or wood custom cuts, a service that can be hired by consulting a counter at the time of creating the budget.
  3. Wooden modules. The company has in-house specialists for the construction of prefabricated wooden modules suitable for various uses. They are characterized by their durability by using the best materials for the most demanding environments, as well as by their flexibility, as they can be fully customized, fully adapting to the client’s needs.
  4. They have a wide variety of pergolas built to the lengths of their more than 40 years of experience in the sector.
  5. Wooden houses: They are specialists in the design and construction of wooden houses. The company has three lines within their section of wooden houses, each one focused on different needs of the clients in terms of complexity, versatility and costs: prefabricated wooden houses, Traditional wooden houses and mobile homes or on wheels.
  6. Wooden urban furniture: Their wooden urban furniture is characterized by its design and durability, always taking care of the choice of materials to obtain the best performance in the most demanding climates.


They are mainly present on the entire Mediterranean coast, especially the Valencian Community, and on the Andalusian coast, as well as in the Balearic Islands.


They have 4 registered trademarks.


Most of their clients reach out to this company to provide wood for hotels, golf courses, beach bars, hospitality service etc.  A total of 44 percent of the clientele need their services for public administrations and the rest of the clients are private businesses.


They are situated in an extremely modern building, located on the Costa del Sol (Malaga), on a total of 6.000 m2 rented at 15000 euro/month.

It features separate office units, storage and a fully equipped manufacturing unit.

Currently, the company counts with 20staff members.


A side from the regular licenses owned by this kind of companies, they self-regulate to reach the highest level possible in customer satisfaction and respect for the environment. This company declares itself committed to the quality of the products and services offered, with the efficiency and punctuality and with the fulfillment of the legal requirements and other requirements regarding the provision of customer service and respect for the environment.


They own 3 quality certifications:

ISO 9001

ISO 14000

PE FC – Chain of Custody Certification, as a guarantee of Sustainable Forest Management

in forests around the world that, through the timber industry, reaches the consumer final.


No wonder this extremely successful and diversified company reaches a turnover of around 3.000.000 euro even during difficult “Covid times”.


Due to retirement age this very profitably company is on the market for

6.600.000 euros LEASEHOLD. Premises are rented at 15.000 euro/month.

Assets in place for over 3.000.000 euros and interesting EBITDA.

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