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20064 Vacational Lodges on 100.000m2 natural land– Cáceres -Extremadura



This lovely 3star establishment on 10 ha (100.000 m2 !!)  natural land consists of 7 wooden lodges all of exclusive and original designs and decorated with Asian furniture that infuse the complex with its serene beauty. The lodges are built on a natural site where the client can relax and admire the design while enjoying the environment. There are also two warehouses, one of them is a slate house built by the shepherds who took care of the cattle on this beautiful farm. All this is located on an approximately 10 ha farm, in the heart of the “UNESCO Villuercas Ibores Jara World Geopark” with incredible views over the valley and the most characteristic points of the area. In this charming corner of Cáceres various geosites and water areas, such as the “cancho del fresno “dam as well as the highest peak of the “geopark” (Pico Villuercas 1601 m.) can be visited.


This beautiful complex was built 6 years ago. Since then, they have participated in numerous events throughout the area and in all kinds of fairs both gastronomic and bird watching, events related to geology, self-sustainability, astrology, sports, spiritual retreats, live show cooking with renowned chefs of the area.

They also exhibited their resort at the stand of the “UNESCO Villuercas Ibores Jara World Geopark “for 4 years in a row and thanks to this opportunity some renowned magazines have included this vacation resort in their articles (Ana Rosa, El Mundo, La Razón, El País, Glamor, Aire Free, The Hedonist, etc.)


The resort is situated near Caceres, a city in the western Spanish region of Extremadura. As said earlier the more specific location is of the “UNESCO Villuercas Ibores Jara World Geopark” where each visitor will be awed by the beauty of the “Castañar de Ibor Caves” or can admire how a window between two worlds opens from the Peña Amarilla Strait while discovering  the strength of the earth’s crust in the Calabazas Chorrera. In addition, it is the ideal destination for animal lovers because its mountains inhabit wild boars, deer, roe deer, griffon vultures, golden eagles …

Besides that, if the visitor would rather take a walk on a more urban environment, they can visit the neighboring city, where cobbled streets and buildings of traditional architecture house monuments such as the Monastery of Our Lady of Guadalupe, declared a World Heritage Site. Another option is to walk along churches, castles and manor houses in nearby Trujillo.


The actual owners provide lots of activities to keep the client moving such as hiking, horseback riding and biking in order to admire the surroundings. For the more adventurous ones they can go kayaking, canoeing and go ride a motorcycle. Finally, they have ornithological tourism activities.

The resort is also a collaborating company of La Ruta del Queso, La Ruta del Vino, Discover Extremadura, Geodisea, etc.


This establishment, as previously said, has 7 private lodges with different personalities. They all include heating, Plasma TV, air conditioning, a fireplace, a fully equipped electric kitchen, bathroom. Roomservice and breakfast are available (not during COVID-19 regulations)


  1. Casa Verde (green house)

The unmistakable smell of mint, pennyroyal and rosemary make this 80m2 and 2 room house special. The client can relax sipping at a cup of tea.

It has 2 bedrooms, one with a 1.35 m wide bed and the other with two 1.05 beds with a double sofa bed in the living room and a total capacity of 4 to 6 people.

Advantages: late check out


  1. Casa Naranja (orange house)

The distinguishing touch of this house is the persimmon that accompanies it. In December it will bear fruit and it will be the original Christmas tree with its particular orange balls to match the shutters of the 2 rooms of the house.

It has 2 bedrooms, one with a 1.35 m wide bed and the other with two 1.05 beds with a double sofa bed in the living room and a total capacity of 4 to 6 people.

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  1. Casa Azul (blue house)

Porch pansies and violets welcome the client to this pretty two-bedroom, 80-square-foot home.

In addition, this house is equipped with all the necessary services for people with physical disabilities since the rooms have wide doors, turning angles and the furniture has special heights.

It has 2 bedrooms, one with a 1.35 m wide bamboo bed and the other with two 1.05 beds with a double sofa bed in the living room and a total capacity of 4 to 6 people.

Advantages: late check out


  1. Casa Roja (red house)

Poppies and roses stain this 60-square-meter, one-bedroom home red. Looking out the window is like enjoying the best landscape painting in the most renowned museum.

It has 1 bedroom with a 1.50 m wide double bed and a double sofa bed. Total capacity for 2 to 4 pax.

Advantages: late check out


  1. Casa Blanca (white house)

The white of the seasonal lilies and the coves of the porch fill this 60-meter, one-bedroom house with peace and calm.

It has 1 bedroom with a 1.50 m wide double bed and a double sofa bed for 2 to 4 pax.

Advantages: late check out


  6.Casa Violeta (violet house)

Lavenders and thyme add smell and color to this cozy 60-square-meter house that consists of one bedroom. The ideal space to enjoy alone or with a partner.

It has 1 room with two 1.05 m wide bamboo beds and a double sofa bed.
Total capacity from 2 to 4 pax

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  1. Casa Amarilla (yellow house)

Margaritas, margaritas and more margaritas. Yellow owns this 80 square meter house with 2 bedrooms. Suitable specially for lovers of this beautiful flower.

It has 2 bedrooms, one with a 1.50 m wide bed and the other with two 1.05 beds with a double sofa bed in a living room and has a capacity of 4 to 6 pax

Advantages: late check out



Their target client is generally focused on families looking for a few days of disconnection away from the hustle and bustle of large cities. Word of mouth and loyalty are their aspiration. So far, many satisfied travelers expressed their love for this establishment.

Average reservations are for stays of an average of one week. Visitors look for the tranquility and the Mediterranean climate. In addition, they tend to be fond of ornithology, geology and astronomy. The resort is in an ideal location to practice these activities since they are in the heart of the “UNESCO Villuercas Ibores Jara World Geopark”, which has a magnificent geological wealth. In addition, Extramadura skies could be classified as the cleanest in Europe, therefore it is an ideal location for stargazing.


The price per lodge varies depending on the time of year, but they tend to be around €100 / night for one-bedroom houses and €130 / night for two-bedroom houses.


The main reservation portals in which they appear are Booking, AirB & B, Tripadvisor, Escapada Rural,, Wonderbox, Smartbox, Niumba and Homerez, among other portals. Obviously, reservations can also be made through their own website.

As the resort has a strategic position and is well connected to all the large cities in Spain, their clients, are usually families looking to escape for a long weekend or family holidays.

Of course, they also receive international clientele, mostly nature lovers.

Actually, the region of Extramadura receives 500.000 international tourists a year.

In order to increase the number of visitors the “Official Administration” of this region is carrying out a very powerful advertising campaign both nationally and internationally.

Extremadura’s stunning scenery, its cultural richness as well as its fine gastronomy are certainly worth to be explored.

The resort’s proximity to the main cultural attractions such as Guadalupe, Trujillo, Cáceres, Mérida, Plasencia, etc. are without any doubt an advantage for each tourist.


Sometimes the resort receives more reservations than they can handle. Therefore, it could be advisable to increase accommodation capacity by building more lodges, and even a small restaurant and a swimming pool.


Since the lodges are on self- catering base, this is an easy to run business.

Ideal for a family with the help of 1 housekeeping person only it will provide for comfortable monthly income.


The 10 ha (100.000 m2) land with 7 fully installed lodges + all necessary licenses is on the market for

FREEHOLD   1.489.000 euro full property


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