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21112 Master Franchise Opportunity for Spain Existing Chain with 6 Hairdresser & Beauty Salons – Registered Brand dedicated Vegan Hair Products – Central Spain



This company leans on a long experience in the hairdressing and beauty sector.

Over the years they developed their own brand of hair products such as moisturizers, hair masks and shampoos.

Their core business is specialized in Japanese straightening and Californian highlights as well as the use and the commercialization of vegan hair products, which is a growing niche.

The company wishes to expand fast and therefore offers to grant the expansion license for Spain, including the 6 existing salons to the right investor


The company was founded in 2013 and due to its high performances and dedicated service towards their clients they achieved a solid reputation.

In 2019 the actual owners decided that their brand and exclusive services were ready to start a FRANCHISE FORMULA.

Following the International Law on Franchise, they had their commercial Brand and Products registered, the “Franchise Bible” /Operational Manual edited, and a full Expansion Franchise Dossier elaborated by a highly renown Firm of Lawyers.

In no time they were able to open 6 different Salons in Central Spain.

Due to this expansion, opportunities arose such as creating their own product line and a solid franchise plan.

All the existing salons are working successfully and utmost profitable by offering an exclusive range of vegan products highly in demand by their loyal customers.

Their success is mainly due to:

  • Average PRICES in line with the market.
  • SERVICES OFFERED: Colour, cut, manicure and aesthetics.
  • EXCLUSIVE PRODUCTS: Vegan based hair products





This Franchise Organization stands out from other franchisors, for its professional work, dedication, and real training. A Franchise Organization that is committed to the present and the future always developing new products and services.


The new Master Franchisee can easily open a 40 à 50 new salons in Spain in a period of 3 years earning significant benefits on these deals.

These new locations can be launched either by the Master Franchisee or by a third-party franchisee.




Each new medium-sized salon (around 50-80m2) will be located in areas with high pedestrian traffic (street level) and a minimum façade between four and six meters where specialized products are sold and a totally personalized service is offered, by highly trained professionals.

The interior design and decoration must show the different elements of the brand’s identity.

It is a very visual and attractive model in which the main protagonist is the customer.

To achieve this, the company has created a business model in which light plays a fundamental role with a mix of classic and avant-garde styles,

Textured decorated paper mixed with bright colours and modular lighting, makes customer as comfortable as possible.

Each Franchisee salon has a very low maintenance cost and management is very simple, as it is supported by a central management program always connected with the head office.


In order to ensure the success of each franchisee the company will

  • Support and assist from the first moment of the relationship.
  • They will offer a wide range of support, advice, and collaboration before, during and after the opening of the new hairdresser salon.
  • They offer the security of working with a solid brand, an unbeatable situation for the success of a new Franchisee in one of the sectors that grows the most each year.
  • It is proven that the hairdressing industry, is one of the sectors in Spain with the highest annual growth.
  • The company provides the franchisee with the know-how of a high profitable business within an ensign that belongs to a Business Group with more than thirty years of experience in the beauty and personal care sector.
  • They offer the widest selection of professional products with registered brand.
  • Each product has been carefully selected, bearing in mind the tastes of consumers, market trends and the professionalism and experience of an existing brand.
First Steps for each new Franchisee
  • Assistance: In the search for and advice on the processing of possible public subsidies, selection of the premises, negotiation of the lease conditions, etc.
  • Development of the showroom project, the development of the floor plan and the distribution of services by zones.
  • Management of Municipal Licenses
  • Selection of suppliers
  • Delivery of the “Operational manual”
  • The delivery of the operational manual is simultaneous to a complete training program based on the experience accumulated by the manager and staff of the Franchise Organization.
  • Through this program, the franchisee acquires the necessary knowledge to manage the salon in an optimal and independent way,
Product training.
  • sales and customer service.
  • staff management.
  • management centralized program.
  • marketing and commercial management.
  • support: by the implementation of the hairdressing salon by a highly qualified team.
Follow up
  • During the first days of operation, the Franchise Organization’s Staff will support the franchisee by helping him/her to solve all those questions and unexpected and unforeseen events that may arise.
  • Periodically and continuously, staff from the head office will visit the franchisee to support him/her in various management aspects and to help in the resolution of contingencies. At the same time the head office will propose possible local commercial actions that will allow the Franchisee to strengthen their activity.
  • They will support in the commercial management of the establishment, continuous support in stock control and placing purchase orders for better control of consumption.
  • The head office will also organize training days to present seasonal campaigns and new products to be launched on the market.
  • Extensive training in both physical media and new technologies, using social networks and viral marketing.
  • Possibility of creating local marketing campaigns at no additional cost to the franchisee.


Continuous assistance.
  • Support in commercial action, assisting in the preparation of business plans, continuous training in product and sales techniques, sales analysis and monitoring, customer profitability analysis, commercial risk analysis and regular visits.
  • The Organization is fully integrated in the sector’s value chain; it counts on its own development and innovation team.
  • Weekly product replenishments, product availability consultation through the computer system, product delivery, delivery of perfectly packaged and labelled products, transport of the product to the showroom and the use of a computer system that allows for total system, a total monitoring and control of orders.
  • Coordination of advertising campaigns, web page (and development of digital marketing actions), design of marketing actions), design of merchandising material and signage, sales support tools (sales dossiers sales support tools (company and product presentation dossiers) and the supply of centralized corporate material.



The Franchise Organization was born from the necessity to create a new category of salons with added value and vegan products.

This new concept of a hairdressing salon responds to the demand of the current customer for whom professionalism and high-quality natural care products are the main requirements.

With actual presence in various economical strong Central Spanish cities and soon in North Spain, and Costa Blanca, the organization consolidates a business strategy by opening new-style hairdresser salons where quality and professionalism are of paramount importance making the difference from a conventional salon.

At present the Organization has a commercial chain of 6 active salons. New projects  are signed and are in the process of opening soon.

The expansion on Spanish territory is in full bloom.


This Company/Franchisor/Franchise Organization is offering the MASTER FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITY for the SPANISH TERRITORY.

Franchising is bounded to Severe International and European Laws.

The binding contracts are complying with these laws and usually drafted by Professional Lawyers specialized in this Industry.

Please read following article on “What is Master Franchise “

Price of 600.000 euro for Master Franchise License including the management of the existing salons which reach a compound annual turn-over of 1.200.000€

Important Note: The actual owner is looking for a financially strong individual who, independently from the Master Franchise Contract, will invest in the expansion of the Spanish chain. Obviously, returns will be contractually determined in relation to the investment made.

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