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21103 Important Construction Company/ High Revenue – Mainly B2B clientele - Galicia /North Spain



This company was established as a Limited Company on June 5, 1986, with the aim to undertake all types of activity in the construction branch, preferably in the Galician Autonomous Community such as:

  • Preparation and drafting of construction projects, as well as their initiative for processing and approval.
  • Promotion and construction of homes, health centers, geriatric residences, educational centers, pavilions, sports centers, etc.
  • Management and construction of services resulting from work concessions or reform, rehabilitation/ restauration and maintenance.
  • Any activity related to public and private construction, promotion and land management.

Nowadays the company counts on a staff of professional technicians with proven ability and experience, and workers distributed among construction managers, foremen, officers, laborers, drivers and crane operators.


They are situated in Galicia, which is the Spanish autonomous community, considered a historical nationality according to its Statute of Autonomy, located in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula. It is made up of the provinces of La Coruña, Lugo, Orense and Pontevedra, which consists of three hundred and thirteen municipalities,  grouped into fifty-three regions. The capital is the city of Santiago de Compostela, while Vigo is the most populated and commercial municipality.

They are also just 1000km from the French border and 500km  from the capital, Madrid.


The human and technical team is a guarantee in the past, in the present, and much more in the future.

The growth in billing occurred as a result that 7 years ago they tendered works outside of the Autonomous Region of  Galicia, such as : Castilla-León, Madrid, Santander and Asturias:

Previously their scope was limited to the autonomous community of Galicia.

To date, they hold a portfolio of 14 and a half million euros contracted with different administrations between Galicia and Castilla.


New construction works
  • Residential buildings
  • Single family homes
  • Health centers
  • Geriatric residences
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Pavilions, sports complexes and swimming pools
  • Bridges, urbanizations and humanizations
  • Fish markets
  • Societies, Clubs
  • Court buildings


 Reforms, rehabilitation and restoration
  • Commercial Premises
  • Bank offices
  • Offices in general
  • Housing
  • Facades


Their logo and brand are known and highly appreciated in all the communities where they carry out their work, for their seriousness, meeting deadlines and good execution of the finished works.

Certifications / Licenses

They hold all licenses such as: Quality, management certifications or specific licenses awarded by public administrations.

They are in a process of renewing the CONTRACTOR CLASSIFICATION.

Furthermore, they believe that once renewed they will achieve the highest in building, then they can compete in public bidding with all the larger businesses of the sector.

They also own a ISOS 9001-9015-14001, environmental quality.


  • 2 Founding and current partners.
  • 2 solidarity administrators
  • 1 Director
  • 1 Finance department
  • 3 Technical architects, site managers
  • 1 Collaborating technical architect in Castilla-León


Works study department:

  • 1 civil engineer.
  • 1 construction technician.

Quality Department Environment / Equality

  • 1 Social graduate

Accounting department

  • 2 accountants


  • 4 managers
  • 2 crane operators
  • 4 bricklayers
  • 2 pawns


They cover the periodic needs in terms of labor in the different unions by contracting with companies in subcontracting mode.


  • Offices owned, in the city of Ourense, built 350 square meters. Warehouse and parking in the same place with approximately 250m2.
  • Premises of approximately 6,000m2, closed and urbanized, in a nearby town of (Ourense) Existing warehouse within the plot itself, with an approximate area of ​​600m2.


This very important company counts with various machines:

Tower cranes, forklift, forklift truck, small machines, scaffolding and individual and collective means of security and various tools for the necessary development of the works.

As for vehicles:

Cars, Vans, small trucks, large trucks, all of them full ownership

Cars for construction managers; BMW 320, Golf GTI, Peugeot 308, Seat Ibiza.

Manager vans: Opel Vivaro, Renault Kangoo, Peugeot Partner, two Mercedes Citan, Iveco double cab (light truck), Iveco single cab equipped with crane (light truck), 12-ton Man truck equipped with licence.


This most important construction firm operates mainly- 95 % of her turnover- with

B2B clients and Public Administration, Autonomous communities, town halls, councils and universities, for which they hold the special licenses.

The remaining 5 % is for works to private clients.


This company grew in recent years and will grow in the coming years by competing for Public Administration works of a higher budget amount,

  • Executing works in “Temporal collaboration with other construction companies”

This is an opportunity to execute larger projects such as

  • two important ones in execution
  • School of Arts of Valladolid,
  • Work of adaptation of a building for Public Administrative Centre
  • Building for “061” Public Health Services of the Xunta de Galicia ( Public Administration Public Health)


This exceptional Construction Company realized a turnover of € 10.900.000 during 2020 with extraordinary EBITDA


Due to retirement age of the owners, this major Construction Company is for sale

4.945.000 € including FULL PROPERTY

* offices in Ourense city

* industrial premises 600 m2 on 6.000m2 plot


Know how, machinery, fleet of vehicles, staff, licenses and portfolio of all the works/building sites  still in progress.

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