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200026 Sales and Renting Camper Vans C° – Autonomous region of Valencia/Spain


This successful company is located in a coastal city of the Valencian Autonomous Region.

This beautiful region is a dream come true for expats who are looking for a relaxed life style and an easy -to-run business enjoying a “holiday -feeling “ every day of the year.

It is no secret that actually this type of business is booming due to the Covid19 crisis and the fear of many families to travel by plain or train.

Even staying in an hotel is a no-no to many travelers, searching for a safe traveling method.

The company is specialized in selling and renting Camper Vans and is official dealer of two different prestigious brands.

Their core business is renting and selling new and second hand Camper Vans, realizing an excellent turn over of 1.400.000 euro/year, which can easily increase by marketing and focusing on the large expat community of the Valencian Region.

It is based in a “rented” industrial premise of 550 m2 with large exterior fenced show-room plot.

Monthly rent premises at 1.150 Euro

Due to family reasons this successful company is offered at the price of

580.000 euro including various own rental campers and stock of accessories

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