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21089.1 Manufacturer of Coated steel products – Northern Spain



This successful family business was founded by the “Pater Familias” in 2010.

A Specialized Metal Lacquering Plant for third parties aiming at highly diversified industrial clients was born.

The corporation managed to experience constant growth resulting in steady expansion over the years.

In 2019, a separate plant was set up for a new vitrified ceramic coating process, and in 2020 the innovative activity of a stripping process focused on the automotive sector was also started.


They are situated in Pontevedra, a Galician city in the north-west of the Iberian Peninsula. It is the capital of both the Comarca (County) and Province of Pontevedra, and of the Rias Baixas in Galicia. It is also the capital of its own municipality which is, in fact, often considered as an extension of the actual city.

The city is best known for its urban planning, the charm of its old town with many areas for the use of pedestrians only. In recent years, it has been awarded several international awards for its urban quality and quality of life, its accessibility and urban mobility policy.

Pontevedra is well-connected by road and rail. A good network of roads and freeways efficiently connects Pontevedra with the other Galician cities, also with Portugal (55 km to the south), and inland (100 km to the eastern city of Ourense). It is also just 900 km away from France.

Pontevedra has traditionally been a trading city. In the Middle Ages, guilds thrived in the old town, giving name to streets and squares still preserved today. At that time Pontevedra was the main Galician port, providing for a very intense fishing and sea-trading activity.

Currently, the tertiary sector employs 65 per cent of the population, while industry employs 17 per cent. Tourism is increasing, with visitors coming mostly from Spain and Portugal.


This business started its lacquering activity in 2010 in a rented warehouse installed with second hand machinery. In 2015 they bought and moved to a brand-new building with state-of-the-art machinery. In 2018, a new production line was invested for a new vitrified process (Ceramic Coating). In 2019 and 2020, the billing of this new process accounted for 20% of the total turnover. This process is expected to increase the billing by 10/15% per year.


The warehouse has 4.000M2, divided into two warehouses, one of 2.200 M2 and the other of 1.800 M2 attached but independent of each other, on a plot of 7000M2. This industrial building is fully owned by the corporation.


  • Weekly lacquering program in standard colors.
  • Lacquered in Epoxy and Polyester Quality.
  • Lacquered RAL chart colors in their different gloss categories: Matte, Satin and Glossy
  • Special finishes: metallic, textured, embossed, speckled, sablé, forging, transparent, anticaloric, high thickness gummed, rilsanized, acid resistant coatings, high thickness thermoplastic coatings, electrical insulating coatings, photocatalytic coatings, retroreflective, photoluminescent, anti-graffiti…
  • Anticorrosive coatings.
  • Chemical Treatment: degreasing, phosphating, rinsing and application of nanotechnology.
  • Custom packaging.



Anticaloric: designed for use in metallic elements subjected to prolonged exposure to high temperatures, from 200ºC to 600ºC. For indoor and outdoor use.

High thickness gumming: possibility of thicknesses up to 600 microns. High corrosion and wear protection, flexible, impact and weather resistant.

Rilsanized: Non-stick coating with high protection against corrosion and friction wear. High resistance to aging, it is not affected by sunlight or the elements, including the sea, as well as a large number of chemicals. Certification of sanitary and food use.

Acid Resistant Coatings – Specially designed for application on battery holders and power backup systems.

High build thermoplastic coatings: powder coatings based on high performance polymer alloys. Maximum protection of metallic structures against corrosion, wear and chemical attack. 200 to 800 microns.

Electrical insulating coatings: for application in electrical panels and components that require it due to their utility.


Photocatalytic coatings: titanium dioxide coating to neutralize NOx (nitrogen oxides), with decontamination capacity of the elements in which it is applied, reducing the content of microorganisms or organic matter, generating a self-cleaning effect.

Retroreflective: coating that gives the surface on which it is applied the property of reflecting light towards the light source, regardless of its angle of incidence.

Photoluminescent: coating that acts in the absence of light, for all signage intended to locate firefighting elements, escape routes and emergency exits.

Anti-graffiti: specially designed to protect coated objects from acts of vandalism, such as graffiti made with aerosols and / or markers, since it allows them to be cleaned with commonly used solvents without degrading the coating.

Anticorrosive coatings: surface treatment in accordance with the UNE-EN ISO 12944 standard for categories C3, C4 and C5 using monolayer or duplex treatments.

Duplex Coatings: anti-corrosion protection by combining metallic and organic coatings to improve anti-corrosion protection and obtain a better finish.


  • Automotive: the company has all kinds of colors, application of special coatings, flexible and resistant to impacts and battery acids.
  • Domestic: bed bases, table structures, doors, blinds, frames, …
  • Food / Hospital: trolleys, cutting rooms, hospital grip handles, handrails, frames, …
  • Construction and urban furniture: lampposts, benches, bins, signage, sports facilities, …
  • Naval / Industry: winches, partition panels, doors, chains, handrails, both in aluminum and steel, using duplex treatments.
  • Restoration: restoration of all kinds of metal parts, from garden lamps, railings, sewing machines, … to motorcycle and car parts.


In this company they take care of the entire process, from the reception of the material to its delivery. They firmly believe in the quality of their products and their greatest challenge is to achieve it with the least possible environmental impact. They are committed to the environment and for this they use respectful technology.

  1. ISO 9001
  2. E 411
  3. Plimsoll certificate.(imagen1)


Regarding the personnel structure, there are 11 permanent operators + 9 temporary ones and 1 Administrative.


This firm specialized in TREATMENT OF METAL SURFACES THROUGH LACQUERING AND VITRIFIED, has the permanent objective of offering the highest quality to their clients.

The purpose of continuous improvement, implementation and maintenance of the Quality Management System is to comply with the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard, the client’s needs and the operational requirements of this business.

The effectiveness of the Quality Management System is evaluated to detect negative aspects that may affect their service, clients, staff and other interested parties. The risks and opportunities are determined and evaluated, taking into account the context and the strategic direction of the company, that may affect the provision of an adequate service in accordance with the requirements of their clients.

Above all, they intend to be a company that ensures the control and improvement of their processes seeking the satisfaction of their customers, since a satisfied customer allows growth and expansion at all levels of their organization.


This successful company with solid reputation achieved a turnover of 1.900.000 euros in 2020

With an EBITDA of 23%


As the current owner has come of age to experience a quieter lifestyle he decided to list his business for :

1) 3.320.000 euros including all machines, installations and licenses BUT WITHOUT the PROPERTY In this case the 4.000 m2 building can be rented at 11.000 euros / month


2) 5.295.000 euros INCLUDING the full ownership of 4.000 m2 of industrial building

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