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Price: 550.000€



An exceptional meat processing industry opportunity located in the area of Seville.

This is a stable and established Spanish meat processing company found in a beautiful location near Seville.

The company is open and functioning well since 1997, for more than 20 years. The factory is well established and has been regularly supplying local and province supermarket chains.

The factory produces Spanish processed meat delicacies such as Chorizo, Panceta, Carne Mechada, and others. All meats that are a favorite in the Spanish culture, and area of Seville. The factory also has a high potential for growth in terms of production and clientele.


The established meat processing factory is located in a beautiful place in the area of Seville. It’s a well-known and stable company that produces processed Spanish meats. They deliver the goods to local and province Supermarkets and Supermarket chains.

Description of the company activity

  • Established Spanish Meat Processing Company for Sale in the area of Seville – 550,000€ FREEHOLD

Open in 1997, the company has been functioning in a stable manner ever since. Despite the amazing potential for growth, the owners have not been able to expand it due to age and health issues. The factory is already well equipped and the premises offer space for more machinery to be added.

The already existing machinery has the capacity for triple production (3 turns).

At the moment the factory is running on 1 turn alone – 8 working hours with a turnover of 180.000€. The company produces a variety of processed Spanish meat delicacies such as Carne Mechada, Sausages, Chorizo, and other Spanish specialties.

The potential for the growth of the company isn’t only in terms of production and working turns. The owners have the knowledge and contacts to expand their client’s list to include prominent supermarkets such as Carrefour and Corte Ingles. Also, the list of meats produced can expand to other types of meats and BIO / no additives products. The premises of the factory cover 890m2. The company is fully legal, debt-free and all licenses (e.g. sanitation) are up to date. The factory machinery is included in the price. The factory is ready for immediate sale and will offer the buyer an incredible opportunity in the meat processing industry.

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