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21104 “Churreria” with Expansion through developed Franchise Formula - Province Alicante



This unique opportunity concerns a CHURRERIA where Spain’s best known and most renowned sweet for breakfast or afternoon snack is served.

In Spain, some “Churrerias” opens at 5 or 6 am to serve nightly breakfast to youngster after visiting a disco.

The official description of a “churro” : a Spanish pastry made from deep-fried unsweetened dough and sprinkled with sugar

In Spain, churros can either be thin (and sometimes knotted) or long and thick, where they are known as porras They are normally eaten for breakfast dipped in hot chocolate or café con leche. (coffee latte) Cinnamon sugar is often sprinkled on top.

Churros are fried until they become crunchy and may be sprinkled with sugar. The surface of a churro is ridged due to having been piped from a churrera, a syringe-like tool with a star-shaped nozzle. Churros may be straight, curled or spirally twisted.

The dough is a mixture of flour, water and salt.


This business is located in the province of Alicante, in the middle of the Costa Blanca, Alicante is one most important tourist destinations in the Spanish east coast. The many golf courses, along with the tranquil waters of the Mediterranean Sea, are part of the appeal of this beautiful harbor city, which sits at the foot of the Castle of Santa Barbara, a silent witness to the numerous civilizations to have settled here.

Alicante became a dream destination for numerous international residents who have chosen this beautiful sunny area as their ( semi) permanent home.


This exciting project launched in 2012.

The workshop features 100% artisanal processes using only the best quality of raw material. Together with an exclusive formula developed and contrasted over the years this “Churreria” became a way of life among its clients.

Including an incredible forecast of expansion throughout the national territory in the coming years with use of  a fully developed Franchise Formula.

From the beginning, their mission has always been the same; Not only providing great quality churros, chocolate and coffee, but also providing superior service customers can always rely on.

The actual owners started this small “Churreria” from scratch.

Therefore, they learned how important the value of a meaningful connection between customers and local suppliers of raw ingredients is.


Due to the unbridled success of this “Churreria” and the high degree of customer satisfaction thanks to the quality and the product know-how, the plan was conceived to Franchise this activity.

It must be taken into account that such a Franchise model (Churreria ) does NOT yet exist, neither in Spain nor elsewhere.

The current owner had an extensive dossier and profit forecast developed by one of the most prestigious national law firms  specialized in advising / assisting future Franchise chains during their foundation and growth.

Serious candidates can gain insight into this extensive file and can also determine the future profits from this particular expansion possibility not only in Spain but in many countries all over the world.



This “Churreria” is located in one of the most emblematic cities of the province of Alicante, a few km away from the golden beaches that characterize this province.

It is a family business in which chocolate and churros have always been of key importance at their table. Therefore, offering customers the traditional way of making chocolate and churros is their ultimate goal.

The owners created this business to offer exquisite and traditional breakfast, such as a hot chocolate with churros. In order to achieve their goal they use the best raw materials, the most modern machinery, properly treated water, and all their experience and know-how.

In addition, they serve many other top brand specialties so that breakfast or lunch is a unique moment.





This establishment has following qualifications:

  • Among the 10 best churrerias in all of Spain
  • Among the 7 best churrerias where you can eat churros
  • Quality seal SICTED
  • 20000 keywords hits on Google/month
  • 350 reviews by Google of which 98% more than 4 stars


  • WHY

In their workshop, the churro dough is subjected to tremendously demanding fermentation processes, developed and innovated over the years.

To elaborate a perfect mass of Churros, it is necessary to have a perfect execution plan.

Within this execution plan, the importance of a good strength flour is primordial, therefore they have the best national supplier of this prime ingredient.

At the same time, the right choice of oil and its temperature must be surveyed carefully, as it affects the quality of the final product/churro.

Therefore, they only use quality raw material provided by the most reputable national brands that carry out rigorous quality control and ensure the satisfaction of their professional customers


Not only the secret formula of the dough but also the special chocolate harbor a combination of flavor and quality, which differentiate in every possible way from the competition.


The traditional and “homemade” factor is their seal of quality and differentiation. They are unique in Spain. This “Churrería” transmits an undoubted feeling of authenticity in all its flavors, aromas and textures, thus creating a different gastronomic experience.


An exquisite service to customers is based on the special impetus in the training of employees, since it is considered essential to offer a service of the highest quality.


The Churreria has chosen leading brands within their respective segments. Brands that have a recognized prestige and a long history within the restaurant sector.

To produce the flagship product “El Churro” flour without additives is used to make the doughs resulting into exquisite flavor and traditional shapes that has become the attraction of customers.

In the same way, oils are a fundamental part of the final result of the product. Only top brand oils are used to maintain the original flavor of the product.

In addition, this establishment offer a wide variety of pastries, sandwiches, toasts, salads and ice creams that allow to cover a wide range of client’s needs.



Considering this “Churreria” is only open from 7 am to 1 pm, it achieves an excellent turnover with very low overhead costs realizing an EBITDA of 60%

Ideal for an “ex- Pat” family, looking for a better life under the sun OR for an entrepreneur/investor looking for a challenging Franchise opportunity.

The actual owner is willing to stay all the time needed to assist in this Franchise business opportunity.


This very successful “Churreria” with unlimited expansion possibility by applying the Franchise formula is for sale at:

598.000 euros Including FULL PROPERTY of commercial premises

  •  know -how and secret formulas
  •  professional equipment
  •  trained staff members
  •  opening licenses
  •  Full Franchise Formula approved  Dossier by prominent Legal Advisors
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