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20046 Authentic B&B in Traditional Moroccan “Riad” style- Tangier MOROCCO



This charming “ Maison d’ Hôtes” is located in the heart of the “ Medina” in a lovely coastal town just 45 minutes from the dynamic Tangier.  Its construction is inspired by the Arab Andalusi architecture and all materials used for the construction and decoration have been hand made by local craftsmen. This establishment has been created to welcome and pamper their visitors. It holds the “ Maison d’Hôtes” category which in the Moroccan tourism enjoys a tradition of recognition. “Maison d’Hôtes” is a French concept that implements the idea of “staying with friends” down to the smallest detail.


This Charming Hotel maintains the spirit of Moroccan hospitality which is part of the country’s social culture. It was created to offer rest and relaxation surrounded by traditional interiors and sublime rooms. During each stay the owner and staff will gladly promote and share the Moroccans rich culture and interesting history. Following the same philosophy the staff was trained to show respect offering quality care and utmost personalized attention.


The hotel is situated in the “ Medina” of a peaceful fortified town on the northern coast of Morocco, it is a tranquil and beautiful destination on the Atlantic Coast.  Offering a refuge from the nearby bustling cities of Tangier and Tetouan, it features deserted, quiet beaches of great beauty and a relaxing atmosphere.  About 45 kilometers south of Tangier, surrounded by endless beaches, the quiet town hangs its 15th century Portuguese wall on the edge of the Atlantic. Unlike Tangier, this is a pampered village that sleeps until the arrival of tourists and students from its summer university. Although they call it the white city, many facades show full-color murals by the artists who attend the Culturel International every year. In July and August, this festival programs film, music and dance cycles, conferences and creative workshops that are held in the Palace or in the modern Library, with an auditorium of more than 600 seats. Many corners of this charming town have the flavor of certain Andalusian villages: the tiled floor, the lime and indigo light on its walls, the freshness of the sea that runs through the neatness of beautifully restored streets. From the Main  Square, dominated by a huge square tower , the terraces of the tearooms and bars are sheltered in the shades of the walkway.

In the ancient tower, at dusk, musicians dressed in traditional costumes and beads offer improvised concerts while tourists capture with their cameras the ochre flashes on the sea and the facades. In hot weather, some reckless young people jump into the water from here, brushing the edge of the cliffs with open arms, as if they wanted to hug the entire ocean with them.

Every Thursday morning, a lively and colored souk ( market) is installed at the foot of the fortified walls. With their clothes and wide hats, men and women of the countryside display here the products of their land, which are piled up in large wicker baskets.

The economic activity of this authentic town is based on tourism. In front of the port we’ll find a choice of famous fish restaurants , some run by Europeans.  Many houses in its medina are in the hands of foreigners or are dedicated to rent for holidays.



This  region is known as “ Lime and sea triangle”. Popular excursions are visits to the RIF region. The road to the east crosses a green landscape of mountains and cork oak trees , ravines and forest trees.  At the end of this road the city of Chauen will arise between two hills like a false white spot on the landscape, because inside this medieval town, the last bastion of the Spanish protectorate in Morocco, is all blue. Chauen (Chefchaouen) is considered a holy city shielded from foreigners until not long ago. 

Another favorite destination is the city Tangier.  Lover of bohemians, exiles, aristocrats and spies in the last century.  But here life still revolves around the traditional elements of the Arab city: the fountain, the bread oven, the hammam, the school, the mosque.. From the top of the stairs that go down to Rue d’Italie, one can see the towers and domes of the temples that coexist in Tangier: the Mosques of Mohamed V and the Great Souk, the Spanish cathedral, the church St. Andrews Anglican and Jewish Synagogue. And beyond the Plaza 9 de Abril, the icons of cosmopolitan Tangier languish: the “Des Colonnes” bookstore that the interwar intelligentia frequented; the Café Paris, with its snitches and spies; the Minzah Hotel, where Rita Hayworth or Churchill were staying; Cafe Hafa, where Burroughs and Bowles smoked and drank their whisky both staring at the horizon. Although some emblems of that splendor, such as the Cervantes theater, are today in ruins as Tangier nowadays displays a ravishing and worn beauty.



The establishment offers a taxi service which will pick up and take the client back to the airport, or port. They also take care of organizing visits to cities or interesting places, such as  Larache, Ksar El Kibir, Molay Boussalham, Tetuán , Xef Chauen, Tangier, Rabat and the Hercules Caves, the Sunday market in Had El Gaharabia, and the Cape Espartel. Also offering contacts and agreements with different guides, and restaurants in different cities to ensure that the service and quality of the places are of the satisfaction of the clients. This “ Maison d’Hôtes”  is a reference point of all types of guests. It even hosted famous writers, painters and photographers in search for a unique experience in this authentic environment.



The old house, which was bought in 2004, took 3 years to rebuild. However  with extreme care they were able to maintain the authentic Moroccan style and feeling. All materials used for construction and services, electricity, water, gas, were chosen with great care in terms of quality, and durability. The finishing and decorative materials such as wrought iron, ceramics, wood and even the floors were handcrafted by local  artisans. The furniture, fabrics and decor were designed and created specifically for each space and room.



The “ Maison d’Hôtes” features an idyllic and authentic inner courtyard  with lush plants  and a central fountain.  A large arch in the hall forms the central courtyard, whose luminous gallery overlooks the different rooms and the large Moroccan living room. Like most moroccan houses, we also find a roof terrace from where one can observe the roofs and terraces of neighboring  “Riad” houses.

Five elegant rooms ( 4 on the first floor and one on the main floor)  are named after delicate flowers:

  • The Lilac room: double bed, wardrobe, bathroom with sink and shower.
  • The Rose room: Is the largest room in the house, two beds joined, and one chaise longue that can be an extra bed, wardrobe, bathroom with sink and shower.
  • The Orange Blossom room: two beds, one bathroom with sink and bathtub, wardrobe and a desk.
  • The Mimosa room: two beds, one bathroom with shower, closet in the room and a desk.
  • The Jasmine room ( on the main floor) : with a double bed, bathroom with sink and shower and a closet in the room.

On the main floor, under the staircase there is a fountain, which is an authentic element in Morrocan “ Riad” townhouses, the soft sound of continuously circulating water creates a feeling of relaxation. The interior patio, houses, the reception space and the large entrance to the house are decorated with stunning handcrafted furniture. Next to the fountain is the great Moroccan hall, equipped with a majestic fireplace that provides a cozy warmth during the cold winter evenings. We also find a long table where breakfast is served as well as smaller crafted tables that are used to serve dinner and will accommodate up to 11 guests. The full hotel is equipped with central heating on Propane gas. At the same time, an air pump system is installed in each room that gives heat and cold. In one area of the terrace is a space dedicated for resting and relaxation which features a Berber-style haima that is said to be the most esteemed corner of the terrace. On the other side we find a large covered pergola used regularly for meetings and gatherings but also to rest and perform some writing.



Being a “Maison d’Hôtes” basically only breakfast is served, however and  only sporadically on demand, dinners are prepared, this mostly happens when the establishment is being occupied by a group, or a family, celebrating a special event. Obviously it should be possible to offer daily dinner parties following the French tradition of “table d’hôtes” , this will also increase the turnover of this business.



Client profile is varied and arriving from all over the world, yet also national clientele from Rabbat and other main cities are welcomed regularly. In general, medium to high class, couples, families, and groups of up to 11 people or single people who come to rest or work. The average stay is  between 2/7 days.



The “Maison d’Hôtes” is present on different portals on the Internet. The platforms are linked and managed by an internal Extranet, a specific system for hotels named Channel Manager.

The image and services of this hospitality business are recognized and consolidated also in Morocco, enjoying an important clientele through the Marrakech agencies, Rabat, Casablanca and the South.

On top of that it must be said that the word of mouth recommendation has led them to consolidate an image of trust among their clients.



The activity remains over 100% during the months of June, July August and September. Easter and Christmas. The average price of the room on these dates is € 70, breakfast included. The rest of the year, the occupancy is  roughly at 85%. The average price of the room the rest of the year is € 50/60.



The actual turnover could easily be increased by

  • offering daily dinners
  • organizing art-workshops ( painting, writing, photograph) in cooperation with local international artists
  • organizing yoga, meditation classes


The staff consists of 4 members with an ancienity of 6 to 16 years. They would be able to continue working if so desired. In this sense, the person responsible in the absence of the owner knows perfectly well the job, the hospitality sector, the management of the staff, and the service towards the clients.
His professional level is unquestionable, proven effectively in the 16 loyal years. He speaks 4 languages and knows the Country and the clientele at perfection.


This charming and authentic “Maison d’Hôtes” is a perfect opportunity for those in quest of  a quiet life yet enjoying a comfortable monthly income (average of over 10.000 euro/month) savouring the delights of an exotic country, named “Land of the Setting Sun” or “El Maghreb el Aqsa” yet still close to Europe. A country of powerful extremes, where the traditional and the modern thrive are side by side, and the lifeblood of the country is a vibrant intermingling of dozens of cultural and social elements.  

Due to the retirement age of the actual owner of this flourishing  “Riad” “Maison d’ Hôtes” is listed at 

FREEHOLD : 465.000 euro this includes the property deed.

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