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Price: 1.500.000€
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Slaughterhouse for bovine and ovine products for export.


This slaughterhouse commenced operations in 1987, founded by approximately 15 partners from the meat industry, including butchers and wholesalers involved in the purchase and sale of ovine and bovine livestock.

In 2002, the company underwent a restructuring, and following a Management Buyout (MBO), the current ownership holds 100% of the company.

The company primarily provides livestock slaughter services, with ovine accounting for 87% of the business and additional services for bovine and equine. A significant portion of the production is exported to France, Italy, and Greece.

The primary driver for growth lies in meticulous customer retention, the continuous improvement and evolution of service quality, and the provision of personalized service to the extent possible.

Substantial opportunities for operational enhancement exist, including improved procurement (prices, terms, and payment methods), price revision, negotiation of credit and payment terms, cost analysis and control, and the potential for integration into other aspects of the value chain.


  • Well-established company
  • Own facilities with modern equipment
  • Efficient operational procedures and certifications
  • Loyal customer base
  • Experienced and skilled team
  •  Potential for relatively rapid growth
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