More than just a Business Broker

Gychar International Business Brokers rely on over 20-years of professional experience selling Spanish companies to an international clientele.

Our Founder and Directors – Belgian residents in Spain for more than 35 years – gained this professionalism through their role as CEO in various European companies as well as in-depth knowledge of the Spanish corporate environment.

Gychar International Business Brokers specializes at offering exclusive and profitable Spanish Small and Medium Large companies.

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In addition to the mere intermediary services of the business transaction, we offer our International buyers a complete “guidance and personal assistance beyond acquisition”.

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With a thorough knowledge of various business industries ranging from Hospitality, Fashion, Health, Beauty to the most High-Tec Wholesale or Manufacturing companies, Gychar International Business Brokers is a solid advisor for all its potential buyers.

Who are our BUYERS ??


  • EU companies desiring to invest in or expand to Spain
  • EU companies that want to start production and / or product distribution in Spain
  • EU companies that wish to diversify by acquiring a company in Spain
  • Companies outside the EU wishing to be part and to benefit of the EU advantages by acquiring a company WITHIN the European community, namely Spain


  • Families dreaming of a life under the sun.
  • Families wishing a better quality of life
  • Families envisioning a life without stress, less contamination and less traffic jams
  • Families longing for a life closer to nature
  • Families wishing to give their children a better future in a fabulous country
  • Families who want an independent existence – being their own boss – but at the same time earning a good income with an exclusive business
(Spain has 16 National Parks on a surface of 505.990 m2 with a population density of 91 inhabitants/km2 versus UK 269/km2 ) 	


More than a pleasant climate

Spain has a history of “ family businesses”. Still 89 % of all Spanish business are family owned. (mostly small and mid – size)
They are the sound base of Spanish economy!

Therefore, Spanish government has a broad understanding concerning the needs of small and middle sizes companies (they not only support the needs of multinationals)

  • advantageous fiscal climate for companies/ approved business expenses/ cost management
  • advantageous climate towards foreign investors, less patronizing regulations
  • advantageous conditions related to employment contracts and salary
  • Spain delivers high quality products and services within every industry (agricultural, hospitality, technology etc) recognized throughout the world
  • Spanish companies and businesses yet protected by European Community stability

Our greatest asset !!!! …


Undoubtedly we are the only International Business Broker defending the buyer’s interests , negotiating the best possible acquisition price .

Gychar International Brokers go beyond selling alone, beyond bringing two parties together, beyond signing the transfers at the notary.

What do we do for our buyers. Every acquisition will be concluded at the Notary’s by a registered Contract – Escritura Notarial after total check by a solicitor of your choice.

For EU and non-EU companies

  • we introduce you to renowned and established tax lawyers / accountants / legal advisers who will explain the benefits of a Spanish company for tax, accounting and HR
  • we accompany you to official services
  • we assist you through the selection of new staff members or during the possible negotiations regarding the “takeover of existing staff”
  • we assist or organize the relocation of your managers
  • we have an agreement with the current owner to guide you and to train you during the first 6 to 12 months after acquisition


  • we introduce you to reputable accountant, fiscalist
  • we accompany you through official services ( Tax number – NIE application – Social Security affiliation etc)
  • we will inform you about school opportunities for the children
  • we accompany you during the interviews with the principal
  • we assist in finding suitable housing and accompany you during these negotiations (renting or buying)
  • we inform and assist you during the process of importing your car
  • etc etc
In summary: we will help , assist and accompany you during this full immigration process ensuring your new life as effortless as possible.

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We speak Your language: Dutch, English, French, Deutch, Español

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