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21094 Wholesaler + Online shop pharmacy and health products - Castile and Leon



This company has a long career in the field of distribution for Pharmacy and Health products towards professional pharmacists. They have been in this sector for more than 25 years.


Since their founding in 1993, They have changed, adapted and improved in all their facets, and they have always done it hand in hand with the pharmacy. This firm has been trusted by many pharmacies.

This company was born by and for the pharmacy, founded and expanded  by extremely committed professionals.

Their technological equipment division offers any pharmacy the latest technology to equip their business. They also offer the best product lines and the most current trends. They do this by only working with the best laboratories and distributions.



Palencia is one of the 50 provinces of Spain, belonging to the autonomous community of Castilla y León, in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula. Its capital is the city of Palencia. The province of Palencia is characterized by having disparate landscapes throughout its territory.



BRANDS Cooperation

As said before they work with many contribution brands, such as:

Trind Nail Care, Drasanvi, Fun Mask, Secolino, Alma Fit, Senscience by Shiseido, NUA Biological, Anabox by Anmed, Farmabijoux, Womake, Physiorelax, VCS Farma, Uresim, Beter Pharmacy, Álvarez Gómez.




They sell equipment for the design of the pharmacies:

SafePay Cash Control

Solutions for the cash management of your business, scalable solutions for all profiles.

Beyond Guardian Air

Aerospace technology to keep the air and surfaces of pharmacy shops clean and disinfected.

LED Screens and Signage

High definition LED screens for indoor and outdoor, exploit all the possibilities for pharmacies.

Shift Management – E10 System

Manage your business ranks easily and quickly, effectively redirecting your customers.

Pharmacy scales

Scales of the highest quality, multiple models and functionalities.

Crosses and signage

Crosses and LED signs of the highest quality and with the best designs.


The company counts with numerous loyal and professional clientele nationwide all over Spain


RETAIL ONLINE SHOP (via a separate corporate company – S.L / Ltd / BV/ )

An additional company with an online shop to enter the private market. This shop offers an extensive range of products for the hygiene, health, nutritional supplements, orthopedics/special footwear and beauty products.

See list of brands:



This extremely successful company realizes a turnover of 2.700.000 euros

Conclusion and Pricing

Due to personal circumstances, this successful wholesale company is on the market

+ 50% of the company running the online shop for

1.650.000 euros

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