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Price: 1.398.000€

20021 Two Companies Geothermal Installations High Profit – Northern Spain


These companies were founded in 2007 and have achieved good results ever since. Mainly because of the great service and the accompanying word of mouth publicity.

One company specializes in geothermal installations, whether or not accompanied by photovoltaic systems.

The other company acts as a wholesaler for heat pumps.

Both companies together achieve a turnover of 1.200.000 euros with an EBITA of 9.80%.


Generally the soil temperature -at a depth of about 100 m -is about 15 º C.

Perforations can be executed up to 150 m deep. Through the installation of a heat pump it is possible to raise this soil temperature in order to supply a family home with the heating they need.

The generated heath will be distributed by various systems such as

underfloor heating (the most efficient and comfortable option), radiators or fan coil (by air).

The performance of this geothermal system is approximately 450%.

But in this particular case it will still be necessary to consume network electricity in order to supply the heat pumps with energy.

On the other hand, photovoltaic energy generates electricity thanks to the sun, therefore it is the perfect companion for geothermal energy. If installed together, geothermal energy does not consume network electricity for the heat pump.

It is 100% clean, with no CO2 emission into the atmosphere.

In 2012, the installed power worldwide reached 6.2 GW thermal and it is expected that for

2030 the figure increases to 40.8 GW, this represents an annual increase of 11%.


In 2016, this company had a market share of 23% in Northern Spain

In 2019 the market share raised up to 45%.


Is registered with valid registration number in Spain


Targeting Customers from 30 to 50 years old with a medium-high economic level, who are concerned about heating consumption and / or the environment


Actually this company has a production capacity of about 20 geothermal installations for single-family (simple facilities) per year. Right now about 30-35 are in order.

Due to high demand the company starts to install photovoltaic systems, such adapting to new market requirements.


The company counts with a staff of 6 people.

Owner (Heater title).

CEO (Geologist, with a Master in Energy Engineering).

Project manager (Renewable Energy Engineering).

Engineer (Renewable Energy Engineering).

2 installers (Basic Installer Title).

External staff.

Installer (Basic installer title).

Technical Service (Heater title).


  • Quality Consolidation Brand
  • Wide network of contacts
  • Low suppliers price
  • Same growth as the market
  • Carrying out an energy study
  • Superior performances
  • Exclusively the best provider of low consume heating


Open the market throughout Spain: Aragon, La Rioja, Navarra, Castilla y León and Cantabria and the Autonomous Region of Madrid

In the next 10 years heating will still be needed

Though many customers are caring for the environment and sustainability, of the environment. Most people are aware of the global warming problem. Therefore geothermal heating and cooling will become more and more popular.


  • Growing market
  • Boom of photovoltaic
  • Climatology in Spain
  • Government involved
  • Aware of society
  • Greater number of millionaires
  • Demography in our favor

Due to personal circumstances these two companies are on the market for

1.398.000 euro

including know -how, licenses, registered trade mark, stock, fleet of 5 vehicles

Note : rent of industrial premise at 1.050 euro /month

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