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The idea of ​​this great company came from a person with extensive experience in the business world and after a study of the current situation, he decided to start a new business journey with a clear objective: to elaborate and produce the best virgin olive oil extra from the market. Now, this company is dedicated on milling olives to obtain olive oil, for sale in bulk or packaging.


The company is situated in Sierra Nevada just 1 km from Granada. Sierra Nevada is a beautiful mountainous place located in Andalucía in the province of Granada, although in its eastern part it extends to the province of Almería. It is the highest mountain massif in Western Europe, after the Alps.

In 1986 it was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO and in 1999 a large part of its territory was declared a national park for its botanical, landscape and natural values.

The traditional economic activities of the people who live around the Sierra Nevada have historically been agriculture and animal breeding. The abundance of water, especially in the western part of the massif, has given facilities to traditional agriculture.


The main product made by this company is the ‘’aceite de oliva virgen’’, which has many varieties, besides from other products such as its by-products and residues as its essentially pomace.

The main work in the oil mill is carried out in the olive harvesting campaign, which is made up of three periods.

  1. From November to mid-December, under normal conditions, the variety of extra virgin olive oil ”picual” and ”manzanilla” is obtained.
  2. From mid-December to mid-February, virgin olive oil is obtained.
  3. From mid-February to the end of the season, lampante oil is obtained.


The oil mill is located in Granada, the area of ​​the plot is about 10,000 square meters, of which 1,500 m2 are destined to the location of the main warehouse and the annexed warehouse. They have different areas such as reception area, extraction area, deposit room, bottling room, auxiliary materials warehouse, finished product warehouse, laboratory, staff toilets and changing rooms, among others. Besides, it has a direct connection to the road and good access by highway.

These premises are fully owned by the company and included in sale pricing.


The oil mill allows grinding up to 420 tons of olives daily. However, it is preferable to give a second grinding review, in order to squeeze the fruit to the maximum.

The yield of the olive goes from lowest to highest as the campaign progresses, reaching an average yield of 18% to 20%. For an estimated weight of 5.000.000 kg of olives, the yield can be up to 20%.

The mill will have a capacity to process 5.000.000 kg of olives per year, which means a production of approximately 1.000.000L. And the possibility to reach a yearly turnover of more than  3.000.000 euro !!!!!

The production process will range from the reception of the olives to obtaining the oil, as well as its packaging and marketing.

As the mill is newly built in 2018, it does not reach above mentioned full capacity yet.


The factory holds all the necessary licenses and official authorizations to produce olive oil and export outside the EU.

They also own the quality  ISO 9001 certificate.


The main emerging markets in which Spanish olive oil is being sold are: the United States, China, Austria, the Czech Republic, Brazil, Mexico, Poland, Russia and Ukraine.

The countries where more olive oil is marketed are France, the United Kingdom, Portugal and Italy.

Actually they export the finished product  to  Russia, Ucrania,  Arabia and China.


Although the mill does not produce its full capacity yet, they reach already a turnover of about 1.000.000 euro/year


Due to family reasons this  successful business with unlimited growth and export possibilities is on the market for

FREEHOLD : 1.389.000 euro including premises on 10.000 m2 fully equipped

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