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Price: 1.785.000€

20052 National transport company with 38 trucks_Madrid



Road transport company located in the Community of Madrid.

The company was established in 1999 and specializes in transporting palletized parcels nationwide.

The main value of the goodwill is the client base and the large accounts that the company has maintained practically since the year of its constitution.

The company has a fleet of 38 trucks and 58 platforms (trailers).

All this leads to a stable and growing annual turnover of more than 4.2 million euros,

This year the company had to reinforce the workforce to attain a possible growth scenario.

The company’s offices are located in a rented suite.

Trucks park in leased spaces on the routes or directly on customer’s lots.

Reason for sale

Although this year they have already had to increase their workforce for the increase in work, the generational replacement has no ambition / ability to lead and guide the company and continue to grow.

However, if necessary, they could continue as administrative or operational management.

Conclusion and Pricing

Due to personal reasons this very successful company is on the market for

1.785.000 euro


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